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Yes KTV Houston, Guide & Review

Yes KTV is the only BYOB Karaoke Club in Houston. Yes KTV in Chinatown is open daily – located on the 2nd floor of the Dun Huang Plaza shopping strip in Chinatown, this upscale karaoke bar has private rooms that you can rent for parties and over 10,000 songs in English in addition to songs in Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, and Thai. If that weren’t enough already, Yes KTV is also the only BYOB karaoke club in Houston. The biggest room can fit up to 24 people, with smaller rooms available for groups of eight or less. They also have non-alcoholic beverages and Chinese food for sale at the bar. Monday to Friday 6:30pm to 2am; Saturday 2pm to 3am; Sunday 1:30pm to 2am. Room prices vary by size of party.

It’s a full-service and upscale karaoke bar & club in Houston. The venue’s private party rooms are cozy, modern, and luxuriously designed. This is a really neat spot for karaoking if you have a group. The spot’s song selections and audio/video equipment are the best in town. So, bring your party to YES KTV and enjoy. The room itself is super fun and festive. It has lots of glowy neon lights, a huge couch, a mini bar area, and its own bathroom. The music selection is huge, and the room has 3 mics.

Yes KTV has a pretty friendly and attentive staff, chic decor, stylish interior, clean venue, and comfy seatings. The sound system is very good, and with the variety of song selections, you can bring your friend, family, and co-worker regardless of what language they speak.

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