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New Jersey

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Yi Noodle&Sushi Taco Bar New Jersey, Guide & Review

It can be hard to stand out in today’s competitive culinary scene, but Yi Noodle & Sushi Taco offers a truly authentic experience that keeps clients coming back for more. When this Noodles Restaurant opened its doors in 2000, San Francisco was forever changed. Their talented team works around the clock to offer a mix of fresh flavors and a delectable atmosphere.

Yi Noodle & Sushi Taco is open Monday through Sunday from Noon until 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm until 10:0 pm. Yi Noodle & Sushi Taco features delicious sushi tacos; amazing service; perfect portions, crispy pork, great taste of the broth, and great ambiance. 

Highly recommended checking out Yi Noodle & Sushi Taco for an amazing and unforgettable experience in New Jersey.

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