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Yianni’s Tallahassee is one of the Tally Strip’s bars! Yianni’s is a renowned dance club with live DJs near FSU’s campus. This is one of the Tallahassee bars near FSU that permits those over 18 to enter. Popular dance songs and hip hop music are played, making this one of Tallahassee’s greatest dance clubs for letting free on the dance floor. Yianni’s is famous for its $10 fishbowl cocktails. Come on Saturdays for unlimited wells and natty light. The vast open area with fantastic music and beverages makes this the ideal location to chill out with friends. It’s also an excellent spot to bar hop to the other five establishments on the Tally Strip! According to internet reviews, this club is one of the best in the city. 

It’s been there since the 1990s and, while not elegant, reflects the heartbeat of Tallahassee nightlife. You may dance all night on the wooden dance floor to the latest hip-hop music played by the DJ. You may also hire their private booths for a complete VIP party experience. Of course, the drink continues to flow, and everyone takes tequila shots before hitting the dance floor. Yianni’s has been a stalwart of the Tennessee Strip since the early nineties and is known as “The place to be on Tennessee,” serving as a favorite spot for alumni on home game weekends. Yianni’s drink specials will keep a drink in your hand all night. They provide catering to the burgeoning Tallahassee EDM scene and bass-dropping Hip Hop; the DJs in Yianni’s keep the crowd jumping all night long. 

With its spacious floor design, there is plenty of space to get down or mingle with your friends. Sunday-Wednesday, Yianni’s is also available for rentals and special events. Yianni’s is on the Tennessee Strip, infamous in the world of an FSU college student. It took me forever to make it through the door here finally. I usually couldn’t stumble over there. The place is enormous, and they play good music to dance to and hang out with. It gets super crowded on Thursdays and the weekends. However, it is worth it. They usually have delicious drink specials like their Thursday Therapy Nights. Usually a younger crowd, now and then there will be that “one guy” who is creeping on everyone and everything. All the bouncers and bartenders are friendly, as long as you aren’t stupid.

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