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Zanzabar is a circa-1938 tavern with a wide beer list, Southern-style pub grub, vintage arcade games & live bands. There will be games, music, and refreshments in a historical setting. Zanzabar, affectionately known as Z-bar by locals, has been operating since 1938, with a few glitches here and there. But remember that every time you take a shot, you’re helping to preserve a piece of Louisville history. It boasts a classic arcade in the front, but on weekends, most people walk straight by and out into the heated terrace with free Wi-Fi or across to the neighboring concert hall to get hot on the dance floor. Z-bar has a regular assortment of beers and mixed beverages but an above-average selection of cuisine on their menu. In addition, traveling musicians perform in the adjacent arena. 

Zanzabar is home to Louisville’s only vintage arcade and notably wild weekend evenings. During the week, Zanzabar organizes a weekly pinball tournament and transforms into a Southern neighborhood bar. Zanzabar opened its doors in 1938 and has been serving it since. Check out the heated terrace for a leisurely, straightforward evening or a raucous weekend night out. Zanzabar is an ideal setting for first-rate food. Zanzabar has a national reputation as one of Louisville’s early neighborhood treasures and one of the city’s most recent casual food and live entertainment venues. It solely serves old arcade games and organizes weekly pinball competitions in Louisville. Sunday trivia evenings are exhilaratingly exciting. 

So, Zbar also serves as an award-winning, intimate live-music venue for local and widespread national and international touring performers, who grace the stage many times a week. They are ideal for a first-rate restaurant, a spacious heated terrace, and Wi-Fi inside and out. Only great things persist for a reason, and they are live proof of how it’s done—cool bar with delicious cuisine. Everything we ordered was delicious. I ordered the loaded tots, the greatest I’d ever tasted. It is very garlicky and generous in serving. Topping it off, the death star cookie is a must-try! Call ahead and secure a table for large parties since this arcade and music venue changes its stage into a massive screen on major game days. We recommend eating Glitter Totchos and playing Pinball in their arcade. So, this is one of the best and most fun bars Louisville has to offer! If you are in the city, we recommend visiting this bar!

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