Zoosk, A Simple Review

What initially began as a simple, Silicon Valley tech startup in 2007 soon turned into a global dating app, which has over 40 million users currently. Personally, when I look for a dating app, I am looking for something with an easy sign-up process, something which won’t cost me too much, and where I can enjoy my time having conversations with interesting people. 

If you are an avid user of social media, you’ll like Zoosk’s design and system. Very deliberately, its creators have integrated social media tools into its app design so that users can enjoy a social media experience on this app. This includes features like alerts and notifications, sending virtual gifts, unlimited profile browsing, etc. 

Why Should You Choose It?

Are you looking for an app that offers much more than just a swipe and match design? Well, Zoosk has been created for all kinds of individuals- whether you are looking for a date, a one night stand, a long term relationship, or just a friend. 

The first thing you will notice about the Zoosk app is how user-friendly its design is. It features a no-fuss sign up process which takes you straight to your profile and helps you build it up slowly, over time, as you want it to look. 

One of the best things about the Zoosk app is that it has a simple weeding-out process that immediately removes all fake profiles and scammers. This means that although you will have a vast user database to browse through, you can be sure to find only genuine profiles amongst them. 

Finally, I must add that although the free message and account feature has only recently been removed, Zoosk is still very affordable. Before the app was revamped, users sent messages to each other, which was recently removed. I think it’s a good idea. It eliminates creepy, unsolicited messages ending up in your inbox and ruining your day. 

What Is Its Unique Selling Point?

Zoosk has a couple of features that are unique ‘Zoosk’ and draw a considerable number of users to its app. One of the features which impressed me was the SmartPick feature. Now, let me explain how this works.

SmartPick combines Artificial Intelligence and your tastes to create a unique, personalized matchmaking service for every user. Other dating apps typically force you to sit through a lengthy, tedious questionnaire and sign-up process. But Zoosk does no such thing. 

Instead, Zoosk monitors your behavior from the minute you sign up and watch your liking patterns and interests. Using this behavioral pattern provides you with personalized matches that you can casually browse through and find like-minded singles. 

Carousel is another feature that is quite similar to Tinder, but not entirely. Unlike Tinder, Zoosk allows you to say ‘Yes,’ ‘No,’ and ‘Maybe,’ if you’re slightly unsure about your pick. Moreover, every once in a while, it also asks if you swiped ‘No’ by mistake and if you want to undo it. 

Honestly, this is just a gimmick to get you to upgrade your account, but then again, the thought behind it is excellent. 

Although there are many other great Zoosk features I want to talk about, I’ll keep my review limited and tell you just one more. I also particularly like their Super Send feature. This feature automatically types out a flirty message that you can send to several connections simultaneously. Of course, this is a premium feature, but if you aren’t always great with your words and want a gentle push, this feature is made just for you. 

How Much Does It Cost?

Zoosk is relatively affordable, especially compared to other mainstream dating apps of its kind. Here is a breakdown of the cost: 

One month – $35 per month 

Three months – $25 per month 

Six months – $20 per month

Let me add something called ‘Coins,’ which you can use to buy premium features without a subscription plan. Typically, coins cost you something like this: 

180 coins – $0.1

480 coins – $0.8

It’s easy to run out of coins quickly. But you can always buy more. 

Making a Profile

Making a profile on Zoosk was super easy and very intuitive. Fortunately, I didn’t have to go through a long and tedious process of adding pictures, a bio, and then filling up the dreaded questionnaire.

The sign-up page was straightforward. My name, location, age, gender, and preferred gender, and finally, my location. Once this is done, I was ready to start browsing the profiles. I could send smilies, hearts and go through unlimited user profiles without restriction with the free account. But, I couldn’t send any messages. 

The subscription was pretty cheap, so I didn’t overthink before signing up for six months and starting my journey on Zoosk. 

Matching With Someone

As I mentioned earlier in my review, you can match with someone by browsing through the user profiles or going through your personalized matchmaking service (SmartPick). Of course, if you miss the beauty and simplicity of Tinder, use the Carousel feature to quickly and easily pick your potential interests. 

Once you ‘Like’ someone and they ‘Like’ you back, they will be added into your ‘Connections.’ Now, you can start chatting and see where it takes you! 

Be sure to go through the ‘Dating Insights’ feature every once in a while, as it lets you analyze your dating trends. Maybe you’ll find out a little more about yourself with this little tool. Who knows?


  1. Extremely affordable 
  2. Great features to explore
  3. User-friendly experience and navigation
  4. Can browse through unlimited user profiles with the free account
  5. Over 40 million users
  6. Used globally in over 80 countries
  7. Excellent personalized matchmaking service
  8. Easy sign-up and registration process
  9. No tedious questionnaire and quizzes 
  10. Verified profiles 


  1. Not entirely devoid of fake profiles 
  2. Somewhat minimalistic and basic profile design 

Final Verdict

I had a great time on Zoosk and ended up meeting a couple of matches. Some of them turned out to be great dates, while others remained friends I occasionally meet up with. That’s the beauty of Zoosk, I think. The fact that you can go in with an open mind and find someone without really putting in that much effort into impressive, flashy profiles. 

Since this app is so affordable, I don’t think many people would mind signing up in the long-run. Remember that a few profiles may still turn out to be fake, but come on, which dating app doesn’t have its shortcomings? 

Overall, I would give Zoosk a big thumbs up and highly recommend this to singles or those merely looking for a friend.

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