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100 Wardour Street London, Guide & Review

There are a lot of party lovers out there who prefer the controlled chaos that comes with an elite, sophisticated nightclub, as opposed to the nervous hustle and bustle of other popular clubs. If you are one of those people who prefer style and elegance over the mad rush of nightclubs, 100 Wardour Street is just the nightclub for you.

Since its opening in 1964, 100 Wardour Street has seen some of the biggest faces and most iconic parties in history. Now, this nightclub venue has turned into the most versatile location for business parties, after work clubbing sessions, a morning coffee, and chat, or even just a regular nightclub venue. Probably the biggest attraction about this nightclub is the fact that it oozes excellence and elegance from every angle. As soon as you enter the club, a welcoming bar and lounge wait to offer you with drinks, coffee, and nibbles. You can enjoy a little refreshment before heading on over to the amazing nightclub venue where you can dance to your heart’s content.

100 Wardour Street is a pretty neat club nestled in the belly of London’s most popular area; Soho. The club has everything you could ever want from a fun night out; food, music, drinks and just a whole lot of merriment. The club has been the center of attention for a long time since people who are looking for a great night out tend to make sure they come to 100 Wardour Street which is a place like any other.

Located on two floors, the club has amazing food which you can have while fine dining on one of the floors. But if you are someone who likes to kick off their night by partying then you need to make sure you go to the floor where the dance floor and DJ are located. The club is pretty great and you will have a great time there especially if you take a lot of friends. With doors open from Tuesday to Saturday, the club is very popular for people from all over the world who are visiting London and even local themselves who like to party it up once in every while.


The club’s location is actually pretty obvious with it’s name. Located in London’s popular Soho area, 100 Wardour Street is a great place for you to go with your friends and have an amazing night ahead of you because of everything that you can do here.

VIP Table Guide

The VIP table at 100 Wardour Street are pretty great mostly because of all the privileges they will afford you as a VIP guest at the club. If you are thinking about going to the club and getting a VIP table right there and then, then you need to know that this will never happen. VIP tables at the club are booked solid for weeks on end which is why you need to ensure that you make a reservation for a VIP table as soon as you possibly can. Surprisingly the cost for the tables is not as atrocious as other clubs in the city which is why they are even more popular and harder to come by. A standard table will cost you about 300 pounds for 3 guests and the VIP top table will cost 750 pounds for 3 guests as well. Make sure you have enough cash with you for a bottle spend as well if you want fancier drinks.

Bottle Service

The club has standard bottle service which is usual for most clubs in the city, the bottle service bill for you will entirely depend on what you purchase since every drink has a different price point and hence the bill will wary according to that.

The Dress Code

The dress code at 100 Wardour Street is very straight forward; you need to dress to impress. The club wants to make sure you are looking great so they ask for gentlemen to wear sharp dinner jackets with formal shoes. And women should be in smart dresses with heels. The club does not allow any type of casual clothing at all.

100 Wardour Street London Dress Code Guide

Bang at the heart of Soho lies this super old but super classy nightclub venue known as 100 Wardour Street. Oozing leisure, comfort, and luxury from all sides, this nightclub in London offers some of the best meals, drinks and entertainment options in town.

If you find yourself desiring to visit this elite nightclub in London, but are not really sure what the dress code is of the place, here is a short guide to tell you all you need to know about it.

Dress Code Guide for the Ladies

The dress code at 100 Wardour Street is Glam and Elegant. Of course, what else could you expect from a nightclub which exudes elegance and sophistication from every angle? As for the ladies, you would be the most comfortable in a great cocktail dress for the evening. Of course, you can always experiment with some fancy blouses, trousers or even skirts. It is best to avoid wearing shorts and t-shirts for this nightclub as it would look too casual for the occasion.

As for the shoes, opt for high heels to complete your glamorous look. Avoid wearing flip-flops and sandals at any cost, as it would completely ruin the entire look for the evening.

Your hairstyle should be elegant, beautiful and something which you are comfortable in. of course, you do not need to spend a fortune at the salon for a night out at 100 Wardour Street, but a little bit of effort never hurt anyone.

As for tattoos, if you have a few pieces of body art, you may show them off, but it is best to keep the more intimate tattoos hidden here.

Dress Code Guide for the Gents

The gents at 100 Wardour Street are all elegant and sophisticated; people who you would love to spend your evening with. This nightclub venue is the perfect after-work party spot, so if you happen to enter in your business formals, you would not feel out of place at all!

Avoid wearing t-shirts and jeans here, as the place calls for a more classy approach. Instead, opt for a great collared shirt, some trousers and a pair of great formals. This would complete your look for this club.

At all costs, avoid wearing shorts, sandals and flip-flops, hoodies or even Timberlands here. Any kind of sportswear or athletic trainers will also not be allowed here at this club.

As for your hair, well groomed, neat and classy men are the most appreciated. If you are sporting a funky hairstyle, it is best to clean it up and come well groomed for a night out at 100 Wardour Street.

With the kind of dress code policy at this club, it is quite obvious that you would not be able to show off any arm, leg or chest tattoos at this club.

Our suggestions

100 Wardour Street is the perfect place to be, whether you are looking for a late night party, a classy evening with food and drinks, or just a place to stop by after work. Follow the dress code well and visit the official website to know more about the dress code policy for this nightclub.

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