A Brief History of the Oldest Casinos in London

London is the capital city of the United Kingdom and one of the most visited cities in the world. This city is home to many of the oldest casinos with a great entertainment scene, including gambling. Here’s a list of the oldest casinos you can still visit when you are in London.

Crockford’s Casino

Established around 1828 by a passionate gambler, Crockford’s Casino is now owned by Genting Group. First, it started as a gentlemen’s club dedicated to diplomats, politicians, and British soldiers who would spend their evenings in the company of aristocracy while serving the best drinks and finest dishes. Even though gambling was illegal then, William Crockford continued his activities and paid his fines. 

A casino with a classic vibe

After Crockford Casino was rebranded in 1920, this casino became even more popular as games such as Blackjack and Roulette were added. Its unique architecture with old-fashioned and vintage décor make this casino an iconic location for all gambling fans.

However, remember that this casino targets serious players if you want to pay a visit. Thus, a strict dress code must be followed – women must wear heels and cocktail dresses, and men need to wear a tuxedo. 

Nearby accommodation for visitors

If you are planning to see this location the next time you visit London, we have some tips on where you can stay as close as possible to this casino. There are plenty of hotels and restaurants in the area, as Crockford’s casino is located right in the Soho district. Around the casino, we recommend hotels like The Chesterfield Mayfair or COMO Metropolitan London, as these two locations have some of the best reviews. 

Hippodrome Casino

Hippodrome Casino opened in the 1900s in Westminster, and it is probably one of the most renowned casinos around the world. When it was first opened, The Hippodrome was a theatre from 1909 to 1951, and after significant redecorations, the place was turned into a high-class casino by the mayor in 2012. 

The best land-based casino 

The following year, this casino received the “best land-based casino” tag in London, and any visitor could agree. This casino houses three casinos over five floors – The Grand Casino, The Lola Casino, and The Craybourn Club. Anyone can visit this casino anytime, as you don’t need a membership.

Also, at this casino, you can find a fine dining restaurant and other bars where you can enjoy a rooftop view of the city. So, this place makes an excellent spot for visitors worldwide who want to experience an entertaining evening in the heart of London. 

What else can you do in Westminster?

Westminster is a great place in London to spend a great night out and about as there are many nightclubs such as Titanic, Heaven, and Rumba. Also, many bars around the casino are worth trying, such as Tropica and The Savage Club. 

The Empire Casino 

This casino brings the Las Vegas vibes right in the middle of Leicester Square. Designed in 1884 as a theatre and later turned into a cinema, now The Empire is a symbolic location for any gambler. Also, this casino has 55,000 square feet, making it the biggest casino in the capital of the United Kingdom. 

In 2007, it was transformed into a casino by Caesars Entertainment, housing more than 120 slot machines and over 50 table games. 

Why is The Empire so famous?

Apart from the great selection of games this casino offers, The Empire has a regal atmosphere that cannot be easily replaced. Also, this casino does not entertain only gambling adepts as it includes no less than four bars – Carlsberg Sports Bar, The Shadow Bar, Icon Balcony Bar, and Vapor and one restaurant – FuLuShou. If you want a much more vibrating experience, you can go to the VIP Dragon Lounge, a select club. 

If you want to find the right place where you can have an unforgettable Poker experience, The Empire has a room dedicated to this classic game where tournaments are organised frequently. 

Leicester Square is a must visit 

Leicester Square is one of the best entertainment centres in the heart of London, where you can find great restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. Also, if you want to get as much as possible from the Londoner atmosphere, you can book a hotel in this area, closer to all these attractive spots. 

We recommend you check out hotels such as The Londoner Hotel, Indigo Hotel, or Radisson Blu. Also, Leicester Square houses some of the best fine dining restaurants in London you should not skip – Balthazar, LSQ Rooftop, and The Stage at The Londoner

Old-fashion casinos vs. new ones 

As the world continuously adapts to the technology we depend upon, there’s no wonder some gamblers prefer online casinos over the land-based classic ones. Some old casinos started have gone online and closed their physical venues, while others maintained their reputation by sticking to the old-fashioned ways.

As for now, casino operators started to prefer releasing new online versions instead of land-based casinos as the costs are much lower and the accessibility is much higher. 

Casinos will never go out of fashion

Casinos have a long history, and it is obvious that these places will never become outdated. They are traditional places that cannot be replaced. Land-based casinos add great value to London’s entertainment scene and vibrant nightlife despite technological advances.

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