Dancehall Clubs in London

Nightclubs in London have evolved from the typical discos that play the charts. The nightlife in the city has flavors from around the world. Dancehall nightclubs bring a fusion of dance music and reggaeton to the streets of London. You can enjoy a night of dancing, drinks and fresh music at any of the venues listed below. There are exclusive dancehall nightclubs as well as those open to the general public. These places regularly host rave nights and DJs from all over the world. Whether you’re a local or staying in London for the holidays, you should add these clubs to your plans.

We have considered all clubs in London and have come up with this top 5 shortlist of places that play dancehall music. So you don’t have to. Whichever club you want to go to, just click on the listing window to check our access options, whether you’d like discounted entry or a big bottle service night out, we have you covered. 

Without further ado:

1. Cargo


The Cargo club, located in the Shoreditch area of London, is host to some of the best artists and DJs of the world. Built in a disused railway yard, the club has everything you could possibly want to have a good time, whether you’re a local or visiting the area. Live music, BBQ on the outside terrace, a late-night restaurant with delicious cuisines, and a night club that has the best beats to dance the night away to; the Cargo club does not disappoint.

2. Oval Space

Oval Space

Oval Space is the latest addition to the underground clubbing scene in London. It is housed inside a barn like structure which gives it a rustic vibe. The venue is filled to the limit on weekends when Oval Space is hosting eclectic parties. Non-stop dancing can break out a sweat but there is a terrace overlooking the city where you can cool off with a refreshing drink.

3. Infinity


Infinity has recently opened its doors and is the newest addition to London’s dancehall scene. The club operates as a bar during the daytime hours so you know they will have a wide selection of premium spirits and exquisite cocktails. The sound system at this venue has been declared top-notch and they have a great lighting system to match. 

5.Club K

Club K

Club K is a happening nightclub that can cater to a whopping 600 people. The club is known for its dancehall, hip-hop, RnB and Afrobeats nights. They throw many themed parties every month and showcase critically acclaimed DJ’s. Their bar serves drinks at very reasonable rates. You can also book your own VIP table and get excellent table service to make your celebrations even more memorable.

In Conclusion

Well there you have it. These nightclubs are recommended for Dancehall music and they are sure to live up to your expectations. You are sure to meet many interesting people at these venues.  This is where the fusion of cultures take place, and everyone comes together to enjoy the music.

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Do you have to be 21 to go clubbing in London?

As per Council/Government law, all nightclubs guests have to be 18+.

Do London clubs have dress codes?

The dress code at most of the Nightclubs in London can be described as smart & elegant. What a club wants from you is to dress to impress and look the most beautiful you can. The secret is to stand of out from the crowd and make a good impression to the door staff.

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