Antwerp Nightlife • A Complete Guide

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Welcome to Antwerp’s premier nightlife guide.

On this page, you’ll discover the vibrant and varied nightlife scene in Antwerp. You’ll find the perfect venue for you and your preferred night out. Whether you want to go all-out clubbing or if you’d like a more laid back dinner and drinks with a view, we’ve got your covered.


An Intro to Antwerp, Belgium

Antwerp is a city of Belgium and is the capital of Antwerp province in Flanders. It is the most populous city in Belgium and the second largest metropolitan region after Brussels.Antwerp is on the River Scheldt, linked to the North Sea by the river’s Westerschelde estuary. The city is also known for its diamond industry and trade.

Antwerp is a rising fashion city and has produced designers such as the Antwerp Six. It has served as the learning center for many Belgian fashion designers. Due to this, the city is been referred to as the fashion center. Moreover, Antwerp is one of the most popular cities in Belgium because of its world-class restaurants, attractions, and nightlife. The city has a very young population which gives it a little more energy than other European cities. There are many areas around the town with bars and nightclubs, including the historic district.

In this article, we are going to explore the nightlife of Brussels City by exploring some of the exciting activities /places to enjoy its nightlife, bars, restaurants, and nightclubs which will make your trip to Brussels highly memorable.

The Nightlife of Antwerp Belgium

You can’t just think about visiting Antwerp without having detailed information about its nightlife. Antwerp is always exciting, at any time of the day or night, and there is always something going on all the time. Any time is a good time to visit Antwerp. If you are planning to explore the city’s nightlife, then this article has some valuable tips for nightlife lovers and about all you can do things in nightlife in Antwerp.No matter whether you are a calm connoisseur, strict onlooker or boogie wonder, Antwerp’s nightlife is unfailingly vibrant. Whether you want to go for a drink with friends, enjoy a play or film or dance into the small hours, the city offers a varied nightlife, with something to enjoy for everyone. And via the Last Minute Ticket Shop, you are also in with a chance of grabbing a great deal for various shows.

People in Antwerp don’t believe in following trends there. Instead, they create them. To tease the festival-lover inside you, during your visit at Antwerp, here we have gathered some of the best nightlife activities of the City so that you can enjoy the premium nightlife entertainment:

Grote Market

The Grote Markt is the historic heart of the city. Everyone who visits Antwerp ends up walking through this stately square at some point. In the past, Grote Markt was also the epicenter of the city’s nightlife. Over time, bars and clubs moved to the districts outside the city center and the neighborhood lost its status as the favorite haunt of night owls. Fortunately, this is set is being changed thanks to a bunch of new hip pubs in and around the most photographed spot in Antwerp.



If you are a fan of classical music then Antwerp is a great city to visit. Moreover, if you want to have a more cultured evening then definitely head to a classical music concert at the “de Filharmonie”. Be sure to check their calendar to see what is on over there when you are in the city, and even if you are not a classical music buff, even it could be worth checking out for an exceptional experience.

Bourla Theatre

Antwerp is well known for its amazing theatre scenes, so you have to check out a theatre production as well while visiting the City. The Bourla Theatre is set in a beautiful neoclassical building, the interior of the theater is just as stunning as the outside is, creating the perfect atmosphere for a performance, truly it is a must visit place.

De Roma

De Roma

This venue is a cinema which also hosts dancing and various concerts, so there is sure to be something for everyone when the lights are on. It also offers film screenings too and is a great solution if you are craving some culture, in a great setting, during your trip to Antwerp.

Jazzcafe De Muze

Jazzcafe De Muze

This venue oozes coolness and hosts all manner of musicians, from beginners to established professionals. Most concerts typically start from 10 pm and can get very crowded afterward, as it is one of the most popular jazz venues in the City, so try to head there early to avoid hassles. If you decide to pay a visit to Jazzcafe De Muze, have the complete experience by ordering a Belgium beer, and then savor it while enjoying the live music.

Chippies in Antwerp

Chippies in Antwerp

Chippies are a very common sight in the Antwerp street scenes at night. Antwerp has a rich Chips/French Fries culture and has so many chip shops that it is hard to see the wood for the trees. In fact, you will be astonished when you know that the Belgian chip-shop culture belongs to the country’s intangible cultural heritage . . . you can experience some of the best chippies while visiting at De Smulpaep, Fritkot Max, Frituur n°1, FrituurLescluze, FrituurLinkeroever, Frites Atelier, and Sergio Herman.

Coffee Experience

Coffee Experience

This may come as a surprise for you, but for the best coffee experience, Antwerp is the place to be for everyone. The port of Antwerp has been a major hub for coffee for several centuries: from all over the world, ships bring huge cargos of green coffee beans here. Antwerp is truly heaven for the coffee lovers, with coffee bars practically serving on every street corner. But how are they different from each other? Where to find the ultimate cuppa that suits your taste and what is the story behind it? – There is a lot to tell you on this topic, however, you can only realize the fact when you will be visiting some of the best coffee bars including over there like KolonelKoffie, Normo, Caffènation, Me & My Monkey, Cuperus, Black & Yellow Coffee Bar, and Caffe Mundi.

Best Bars in Antwerp

Belgian beers are renowned &world-famous, and Antwerp is an excellent place to improve your acquaintance with them. The De Koninck Antwerp City Brewery offers an ideal introduction to the world of beer and cocktails. Het Pakhuis and AntwerpseBrouwCompagnie are other breweries where you can taste the authentically brewed beer in the city. In addition, there are plenty of typical ‘brown cafés’ which often have dozens and in some cases hundreds of Belgian beers on the menu to stimulate your taste buds in a positive way. One beer that deserves special mention is Seefbier. This is a 19th century Antwerp beer that was sold until the 1930s but then disappeared. In 2012, it was re-launched by the AntwerpseBrouwCompagnie, and has proved a great success: the blond cloudy beer has again become very popular. Now Seefbier got a few brothers as well: Bootjesbier, Cadix, and Paterke.

For those craving a delicious cocktail and a swinging night out, Antwerp is the place to be. Known for its refreshing Seefbier and its bars regularly playing great live music, this city will not disappoint you at all. For your ease and a hassle free booze journey, here we have collated some of the best bars of Antwerp where you will find a perfect and suitable drink for your liquor thirst:

Antwerp Brewery Company

Antwerp Brewery Company

The Antwerp Brewery Company is an independent local brewery in Antwerp. The brewery is completely independent in the hands of the founders and was partly created through crowdfunding. The brewery is known for the historic Antwerp Seefbier, and also the Bootje’s Bier – a beer brewed as a homage to the Red Star Line. Since it’s inception, the brewery has won the title of “World’s Best” seven times at the World Beer Cup, Global Craft Beer Awards, Brussels Beer Challenge and World Beer Awards, among others.

Since the opening, several new beers have also been developed, such as Super Cadix (special fermentation beer of low fermentation) and Uncle Pater, a dark Qua-double. The brewery is freely accessible to visitors from Tuesday to Thursday, with a brewery cafe in the middle of the brewery hall and fermentation tanks.

‘t Pakhuis

Pakhuis is a huge brewpub that stretches over two floors of an old warehouse. The cavernous interior has bare brick walls and a parquet floor. The Spartan central bar has tiled sides with no barstools. The ground floor houses the stainless-steel brewing vessels, which rest against one wall. They have not made it hard to guess the building’s former function: it still retains all the intimacy of a warehouse. It is like drinking on a railway station concourse. Everything at ‘t Pakhuis is very trendy and modern, but it may not be the first choice of drinking location when in town.

The Hip Chatleroi

The Hip Chatleroi

This café /bar has a real vintage vibe, decorated with second hand furniture which all add to the overall cozy ambiance. If you are looking for an atmospheric bar to enjoy some delicious beer in, then this is the best place for you, and it is no wonder that it attracts a lot of locals as well as foreigners. It is also really centrally located, near to the Museum of Fine Arts, so you don’t have to go out far of your way to find it

The Oud Arsenaal

The Oud Arsenaal

This is an old fashioned pub in Downtown Antwerp, with a long established history. It is the ideal place to go if you want to taste some authentic Belgian beers, without paying the tourist price. It tends to attract a lot of locals and expats, who are a pretty friendly crowd, so it is a nice place to go and strike up a conversation with a stranger.

Cafe Cabron

Cafe Carbon

The Cafe Cabron is a café /pub with live music events in the evenings. It is the perfect intimate space for listening to some great music and enjoying an alcoholic beverage. The venue is not just limited to live music, they also host other events such as standup comedyetc, so it is definitely worth checking out to see what is coming up over there.



It is truly a cool cocktail bar. This trendy cocktail bar is close to many of the main attractions in Antwerp, yet despite that, it is reasonably priced and has appeal inside. They pride themselves on having an authentic atmosphere and a variety of different beers on tap. It is truthfully a lovely place to go during the evening after visiting the main sights in Antwerp, such as the nearby Cathedral if you need to rest and relax.

Billie’s Bier Kafetaria

Billie’s is a beer café and gastro-pub named after its canine resident, “Billie” the dog. With a truly impressive beer list featuring brews from all over the world, there is something on this menu to suit every taste. They also have fantastic food served in generous portions. Pick out a dish and ask their extremely friendly staff to recommend a beer pairing, you won’t be disappointed at all.


Antwaerps Bierhuyske

This little café has more than 300 different beers to offer. The owner is a renowned beer sommelier, and the rest of the staff was hand picked for their extensive knowledge of the brews. The high level of expertise at work here shines through every step of the way, from the atmosphere and service down to the expert pouring of the beers. They also stock a decent number of whiskies and a modest food menu, so this beer lover’s haven offers something for everyone.

Bar Zar

Bar Zar

This trendy cocktail bar is planted in het Zuid, a trendy borough of Antwerp. We have called it a cocktail bar, but we could also call it a Rum Bar, as they have dozens of different rums on offer. The interior of this venue is bizarre, made up of an extremely eclectic mix of oddments. As Bar Zar acts as a sort of gallery, all of these objects are for sale, so feel free to ask if you see something you like. The tables are high, the lighting is low, and the cocktails are great, so don’t hesitate to visit this one.

Best Bar Restaurant in Antwerp

Antwerp people love eating and drinking and like to take the time to do so. In the summertime, café terraces and culinary events, therefore, set the mood. The many local specialties are evidence of the city’s rich culinary tradition. As you would expect from a world port, these regional treats are complemented by an extensive multicultural cuisine. The people of Antwerp have a long-standing reputation as connoisseurs. Thanks to the port, all kinds of foods, drinks, herbs and spices from all over the world have been introduced since as early as the 16th century, influencing the city’s gastronomy at it’s best.

Many cultures have their own cuisine in Antwerp. For instance, Antwerpen Noord is a multicultural district whose more than 100 nationalities are reflected in the many types of cuisine to be found there: Turkish, African, Japanese, Arabic and Indian restaurants and shops all make the place more colorful. Chinese restaurants and supermarkets are clustered together in Chinatown (Van Wesenbekestraat).Jewish culture also has a strong presence in Antwerp. Especially in the area around Central Station, you will find a number of Kosher restaurants.

Nowadays, Antwerp offers a broad range of European, exotic and of course Belgian eateries. Many restaurants serve French cuisine, but with Belgian touches. Most restaurants are located around the historic center, Het Zuid and Het Eilandje. Antwerp has numerous Michelin-starred restaurants few of best are being recommended here:

’t Zilte

’t Zilte

Nowhere else the city of Antwerp offers a better view of its fascinating location and impressive expanse. The river, the port, the cathedral, the Boerentoren, the Sportpaleis, and many other outstanding landmarks can be embraced with just one look while you are dining in at’tZilte. And at night ‘the sparkling lights of the river Scheldt’ make our hearts beat faster as they do in the famous song. Without a doubt, they have the perfect balance between location, service and cooking sensations.

The Jane

The Jane

Jane first opened its doors in 2014, offering a unique combination of top notch gastronomy made accessible for a broad audience – whether young or old, foodies or guests who experience gastronomy for the first time – ever since. The restaurant is set in the former chapel of the Military Hospital. The chapel, as well as the surrounding site, has been completely renovated after years of emptiness. Jane is the gastronomic restaurant set on the ground floor and all tables have a view onto the open kitchen so the audience can enjoy the experience of live cooking. There is an extensive wine list that offers both new biological wines and golden oldies of renowned wine domains. On the first floor, you can find Jane’s Upper Room Bar.

Het Gebaar

Het Gebbar

Thanks to this restaurant – Het Gebaar the whole of Flanders has developed even more enthusiasm for patisserie. But Het Gebaar offers far more than just toothsome artistry. You can expect a lunchtime experience that represents perfection from A to Z, from the snacks to the main meals and drinks. All in all, it is certainly worth the Michelin Star it’s been awarded. The restaurant is nestled in a small oasis of peace in Antwerp’s City Center and has it’s own herb garden with a suitably fairy-tale castle, and inside it is classically  stylish.

A specific “must try” in Het Gebaar is the Komedieplaats of Antwerp. It is the chef’s signature dish, inspired by the restaurant’s location. You just can’t describe it better than it appears on the menu: “The dessert for fashionistas and sweet-tooths is a handbag made of caramel and hazelnut milk chocolate, tiramisu packed into a suitcase and a shiny court shoe of chocolate and lemon mousse.

Bij Lam & Yin

Bij Lam Yin

Bij Lam & Yin is a contemporary Michelin starred Cantonese restaurant that challenges the general reference of this style of cooking. The restaurant is situated at Reynderstraat 17 with an abstemious and warm interior. They have a state of the art ‘a la carte’ selection being prepared with the focus on authenticity and purity.

Nathan Restaurant


The restaurant is located at Lange Koepoortstraat 13 and is a Michelin Star venue. You can enjoy a culinary lunch or dinner with delicious seasonal products, best drinks and a smooth service, where you will be at the core of their superb and remarkable hospitality.

Restaurant Franq

At Restaurant FRANQ, you can enjoy contemporary French-Belgian gourmet cuisine in an elegant setting. Renowned chef Tim Meuleneire, a well-known name in the culinary world whose previous successes include his Restaurant De Koopvaardij, runs the kitchen. You will find the best wines, delicious cocktails, coffee and tea at Bar FRANQ, as well as FRANQ’s ‘Evergreens’, a range of pure and carefully selected snacks, to satisfy your cravings. Personal attention and love for the craft are a given. Your taste buds will be stimulated throughout the day. The restaurant is delighted to welcome its guests with refined, delicious dishes made from the freshest high-quality products. The restaurant is open daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.



A lot of young studying people like to go to this restaurant to eat as many pork ribs as they can. The people visiting here enjoy the ribs, the atmosphere is unique and hard to describe but we strongly recommend that you go and see for yourself. If you like meat or we can say you like a lot of meat, you should visit this restaurant. After a long day of exploring the city, you can come to fill your stomach with ribs to go at it again the day after.


Como Como

This is a nice place to visit, you just sit down on the long benches and relax while little cute dishes of tapas goes by on a belt. They have a wide assortment of tapas to choose from. Recommendations are the cod/potato tapas and the chicken drumsticks. Heads up a plan ahead because during the weekends it can be crowded. The tapas bar shares a cozy atmosphere with long benches and long tables. All troughs connected with a moving belt of tapas dishes.

Best Nightclub in Antwerp

’Antwerp by night’ starts with good food and fun, always a highlight. Chatting away hours with friends in a funky bar, night club or on the river terraces in the summer is the low key ‘night out’. For an adrenaline pumping, party night, the city is your dance floor – salsa, hard rock, disco or drum ‘n bass, the beat thumps and the dance clubs heave around the city center and along the river. Antwerp is one of the most popular cities in Belgium because of its world-class restaurants, attractions, and nightlife. There are many areas around the town with bars and nightclubs, including the historic district, few best of them are being recommended here for your ease and to mark your visit more memorable there:


Ampere Nightclub

One of the coolest clubs in town, if you are into house and techno, this is the place for you. The club is situated beneath the central station and even though, it is only been here for 2 years, it is already an institution in Belgian nightlife. They have a state of the art sound system and eco-friendly dance floor. If you are in town for a great party, we would strongly recommend Ampere. Antwerp has so many more cool clubs and places obviously, but ampere is something special. Time stands still there.

Amnesia Night Club

Amnesia Night Club

Amnesia NightClubis located in the heart of Antwerp near to the Central Station. The Place is to be for those who love erotic entertainment in all sorts of genres of music, good company, fun,it is the best option for an excellent night out with friends or a Bachelor Party.

Café d’Anvers

Café d’Anvers Nightclub

Café d’Anvers is one of the few monuments kept in the nightlife of Antwerp, which will never have to be protected because it preserves itself. It is still on top of the game, with performances and DJ-sets from the best DJ’s and producers in the world. A must when visiting Belgium and Antwerp! The Nightclub is situated in a 16th-century old church in the middle of Antwerp’s red-light district. Opened in 1989 with DJs such as Sven Väth, MaceoPlex, Nina.

Black and Gold

Black and Gold Nightclub

Black and Gold Gentlemen’s club is a unique strip club and champagne bar and is situated about 15 minutes north from the city of Antwerp. Their beautiful and attractive dancers perform exotic and erotic pole dancing shows for you. The dancers will entertain you at their U shaped bar. The location itself is extraordinary and provides full discretion. If you are caring for a bachelor party, entertain your business relations, then you must visit Black and Gold or call them for special arrangements as required by you for your special occasion.

Club Myoo

Club Myoo Nightcub

The Myoo’s Gentlemen’s Club is for all Guys & Girls. The club is located in the heart of Antwerp near the Schipperskwartier.  They have an excellent menu card, beautiful dancers, a great DJ, and approachable style. “The Club Myoo” is an outstandingvenue to enjoy a great nightlife, whether you are a tourist, looking for a night out or just want to see what a gentlemen’s club is about.

Club Silk

Club Silk Nightclub

This night club is located in the heart of Antwerp, a few steps away from renowned restaurants and bars and is one of the most stylish, fashionable and glamorous strip clubs in the City. In a Stylish atmosphere where you can relax, enjoy a few drinks and watch the finest dancers on the stage. Their dancers are considered to be the most attractive, intelligent and fun loving ladies around. They perform on stage and are happy to engage in conversations in various languages.

Dorsia Club

Dorsia Nightclub

The Dorsia Club is a place for the discerning guest, aiming to offer a pleasant and relaxing time with joyful evening entertainment. You will see the magic of gorgeous dancers with fascination bodies moving on hot rhythms and a great light show. It is a high class erotic club that is both stylish& erotic and also offers a unique relaxed atmosphere, which makes it a very popular night club in Antwerp.

Pure Love

Pure Love Nightclub

The Pure Love night club is for your intimate wishes and seductions. You will surely like a very relaxed evening, a night with friends or a stag night at this superb place. Pure Love can offer every client something special. The possibility to have discrete fun and experience the beautiful girls of this night club is right available throughout the week. We believe that your visit to this night club will be an outstanding and unforgettable experience.


Let us conclude the topic, here we had a brief introduction of The City of Antwerpalong with elaborating some of its prominent norms, culture and nightlife activities. We also went through different event, activities, and options available there to enjoy the nightlife of the City, Musical venues, Bars, Restaurants and Nightclubs as well. Such activities provide a great source of entertainment for tourists and locals. Moreover, such activities also help in understanding the true cultural norms of the region.

As already elaborated the city has a very unique and exclusive cultural background, and the nightlife activities are fairly scattered all over the city rather than on a central strip or a specific and dedicated area. In different areas of the City’s the best bars are located and satisfying the desire of thirsty visitors where you can experience the best booze with the mesmerizing architectural beauty of state of the artbars and their decors.

You don’t feel any hunger during your trip at Antwerpthat is why we also suggested some of the quality restaurants in the city that offer exotic and delicious food along with your favorite cocktails. You will truly enjoy the taste of good food along with some great drinks.

And lastly, we went through comprehensive options of Nightclubs that offers great music with some delightfully exotic choices for drinks and cocktail that will polish your overall experience of a great night out.

All of the options mentioned above / experiences will work together to make your journey indeed remarkable. A perfect and balanced blend of the above identified activities can truly boost your experience and make your trip exceptionally unforgettable for you.