Trinity Seattle
VIP Table & Bottle Service Reservations

How it works:

Step 1

Contact the VIP reservations manager (click the link above)

Step 2

He/she will guide you through the reservation process, he/she will also be able to share bottle prices, menus, table maps and whatever other details you need to make the exact reservation you want. The reservation confirmation will then be sent to you with all relevant details.

We will ask for:

  • Your full name
  • Amount of people
  • Minimum spend for the reservation (not specific bottles, you choose those at the club)
  • Date of party and est. time of arrival
  • Which club and which area within the club

Step 3

Just turn up at the VIP entrance of the club, on time and within the dress code, and we will have prepared everything else.

In case you are not interested in a VIP reservation or bottle service, click the button below to see other options:

More Info. & Frequently Asked Questions

VIP Table Map:

Enquire with our VIP Reservations Manager*

Bottle Prices/Menu:

Enquire with our VIP Reservations Manager*

Useful Information

The VIP dress code, the short version:

Heres the most simple tip: Dress like you are going out! You’re dressing in one of the top clubs in a beautiful metropolis. Everyone else in the club sure will look like they tried, so I suggest you do too!

Don’t be intimidated by the dress code, it’s not that hard. If you need more info, we’ve got the full dress code on the main club page.

How to navigate the door when you have a VIP reservation:

  • The club reserves all rights to deny entry, do NOT give them a reason to
  • The club will have a separate entrance for VIP clients. No need to line up
  • The VIP hostess will have your name ready at the door. If you are unsure where to go just ask any bouncer “where is the VIP entrance?”
  • Once you find the door and leave your name they’ll have found your table, you pay at the door upon entry, cash or card
  • Once the table minimum has been paid at the door you get escorted to your table and seated
  • You’ll be presented with the menu and then you choose your drink and your mix drinks
  • The bottles will arrive shortly and the party starts!

Our most Frequently Asked Questions from our VIP Clients

Do you have the Bottle Prices and Menu?

Yes, send us a WhatsApp and we’ll give them to you. We shouldn’t publish them online for confidentiality reasons.

Do you have the Table Map?

Yes, similarly to the Bottle Menu, we pass this info via private messages. Send us a WhatsApp and we’ll give them to you.

Until when can I get in with a table reservation?

This differs for each club, for each night, whether the tables are in high demand and whether its high season or not. In any case, I recommend arriving at 1am and your table will be held until 2am for sure. If you plan on arriving later let me know beforehand. But if not your table could be given away if there is a paying client waiting for tables.

Can I choose an exact table?

We can only guarantee an exact table choice for the highest level tables where the minimum is guaranteed by the client. For Basic or VIP tables we can give a preference for Room or Area, but not specific table numbers. Rest assured we aim to always get our clients to the best locations possible for their respective spend.

How does the pricing work?

For VIP tables the pricing is always a certain minimum spend on bottles. The minimum spend varies per night and per club and also per table or area of the club. In general, table minimum spends are higher for better clubs and better locations within those clubs. Better locations mean that you have a better view, are closer to the dance floor, closer to the DJ or perhaps you are the Centrepoint of the clubs attention. Essentially the higher demand tables require a higher spend on bottles. The bottle prices themselves are the same across the entire club. The cover charge is complementary for all VIP table guests as well as the mixdrinks (such as sodas or juices) to go with the alcohol you order. You are also provided with the best service the club has to offer and you’ll have seating available at your table.

What is the difference between a VIP table reservation and a guest list?

Essentially a VIP table client is someone who is buying bottles, has access to a private area within the club, can skip the line and has hostesses. A guest list client is someone who has signed up for the club night beforehand who has better conditions when entering the club. Perhaps free entry, perhaps a discount, perhaps a free drink. However, that’s it. A guest list client will have to line up and does not have access to the VIP area in the club.

VIP Table Alternatives in Seattle: