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Ark Manchester, Guide & Review

The Ark club is located by the canal, on Deansgate Locks, and is among the hippest, most modern and premium venues in the city when it comes to clubbing. The club has a pub-style menu for its guests, along with some of the best cocktails and drinks you’ll find in a club, all of which are very reasonably priced.

The club stays open till 4 AM from Wednesday to Sunday, so there are plenty of opportunities for club goers to get in and experience the club. Since the club also takes bookings, you can reserve your space to make sure you can enjoy without worrying about waiting at the door.

Located on Deansgate Locks, by the canal, Ark is a premium, hip venue that takes up two floors and has three different rooms, all of which offer the visitors something unique and exciting. The club offers a pub-style menu, lots of live DJs and music events, and an overall atmosphere that will make you want to come again and again.
The club is open five days a week, until 4 in the morning, and only closes on Mondays and Tuesdays. The club has a large dance floor and a bar that serves some of the best drinks and cocktails you’ll come across in the city, that too at very reasonable prices. It has a great outdoor seating area where guests can lounge and have a nice time, particularly during the summer months.
While walk-ins are welcome, the club takes bookings as well to make sure that no guest is left waiting at the door. The huge space makes the club a perfect venue for groups, parties, and events. So, if you’re in Manchester and you want to experience the best of the nightlife the city has to offer, then you must visit the Ark club at least once.

Ark Manchester Dress Code Guide

Ark is one of the elite nightclubs in  Deansgate Locks (Manchester). If you’re up for great music, style, and sophistication, then this is the place where you should go with your girlfriend. Both of you can have a candlelit dinner in a calm and cool atmosphere while looking at the canal right in front of you.

Ark is the place where you can party for every occasion is style. The dress code is also super cool and stylish. So, all in all, it’s a great place for youngsters.

Ark Nightclub Dress Code for the Ladies

Women have more liberties and options when it comes to dressing code in nightclubs of USA and UK. They have lots of options, which they can explore at ease.

The dress code for women in Ark is upscale and chic. Short dresses are very much in trend. Girls can wear backless dresses with heels. They can even wear a tube top with a denim jacket and short skirts. Jeans and cropped t-shirts are equally popular here.

It’s better to avoid sportswear and beach attire here. You’re neither here to play football nor to swim in a pool. Avoid flip flops and sandals here. Also, avoid wearing tank tops, hats, caps, and sports shoes.

There is no rule regarding the hairstyle. You can keep it as you wish to flaunt your hair color. You can use stylish hairpins and clutch though.

If you don’t want your feet getting trampled in the nightclub, then wear heels. Buy a comfortable yet stylish heel for the party. It isn’t that you have to buy a stiletto only. You can also wear wedges. They are super comfortable and fashionable.

Ark Nightclub Dress Code for the Gents

Super dry t-shirts and Goi Goi jeans are perfectly acceptable in the Ark nightclub. If you have a fetish for fancy t-shirts, then go ahead and wear them.

Trainers are a little dicey though. Sometimes, bouncers don’t allow men to enter the nightclub wearing trainers. Last week, my friends went there to celebrate a birthday party. The bouncers told them to party in another nightclub just because all of them were wearing trainers.

Later, the manager intervened and allowed them to enter. So, it’s best to avoid wearing trainers here.

There aren’t any guidelines regarding the shoes. But to be on the safe side, it’s better to wear formal shoes here. You can wear sneakers but at your own risk.

By all means, try to avoid wearing athletic attire and shoes. This means avoid wearing jerseys, shorts, track jackets, hats, caps, hoodies, etc.

An elegant watch always elevates a man’s style. So, wear a good watch to get a complete look.

Our Suggestions

Ark is a great place to have a pub-style food, cocktails, and mocktails at a reasonable price. You can dance till 4 am from Wednesday to Sunday here. Just make sure you’re adequately dressed so that you can enjoy a beautiful night without getting harassed in front of the door.

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