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Asia San Francisco, Guide & Review

Asian SF was launched in 1998, and its sole purpose was to provide support to the transgender community. Since then, it has grown and is now regarded as a first-class restaurant, Cabaret, and Nightclub. Try some of our delicious Tamarind Chicken Satays, Salmon Firecrackers, Ahi Burgers and Blackened Tuna Sashimi, etc. After a great dinner, you can rock out at our nightclub. A glass booth, fully furnished bar, dancefloor with excellent lighting and sound system are available here. The comfortable seating further enhances one’s experience.

We mostly play Latin and Top 40 music. Our place is perfect for a Bachelorette party. You can enjoy a nice dinner with your friend which comes with a red-carpet arrival, photo background, souvenirs for the bride to be, shout outs, etc. We also offer multiple club packages such as Asia SF Swag and Eden Entertain, etc. as well. You can combine our dinner and club packages for the ultimate last night experience. Our place is also capable of handling Corporate and Birthday events. We also offer Bottle service here. However, it is only available upon request.

Dinner shows are hosted from Wednesdays to Sundays. Our extraordinary meal, combined with a lively show, will give you a mind-blowing experience. Grab your friends and plan a girls/guy’s night out. You can have a fun and relaxing time here. On Wednesday nights, our customers will get a free round of shots with their Gold, Diamond, Platinum or 3-course meal packages. The Ladies of SF are the main stars of the dinner show. They perform various acts such as lip-synching and Cabaret show, etc. All of them have their own unique style. On Fridays and Saturdays, we focus on providing our customers with the ultimate Red-Carpet experience.

Good food, excellent drinks, and amazing shows await you at Asians SF. Visit us soon.

Asia San Francisco Dress Code Guide

Do you want to eat Californian veggies with an Asian twist? Do you love to treat your eyes with
the beautiful dance performances of hot girls in San Francisco? If so, then go nowhere than Asia
SF nightclub.
Its the ultimate place where you can celebrate birthdays and bachelorette parties without any
inhibition. Just make sure you make reservations in advance since it’s extremely crowded during
the weekend. And, follow the dress code to avoid any unnecessary problems.

Asia SF Nightclub Dress Code Guide for the Ladies

The dress code for women is stylish and sexy. A cocktail dress with a plunging neckline and a
slit from the mid-thigh is too good. You can wear your boldest dress here with deep necklines
because most girls flaunt their cleavage here. Otherwise, you can wear a tube top with a short
skirt and a killer stilettos.
You can choose any color you want. Golden, silver, black, red, purple, violet, maroon, and white
never go out of fashion. These are a few safe colors you can try on.
If you’re confused about makeup, then browse a few blogs on beauty, makeover, and fashion.
You’ll get tons of ideas. You can even watch Youtube videos for getting interesting ideas.

Can you wear sandals here?

When it comes to dancing in Asia SF nightclub, it’s best to discard sandals and wear heels. They
are the safest choice.

What kind of accessories can you wear? 

It’s your choice. You can wear bold and edgy accessories to give a dynamic look to yourself. But
men should avoid wearing big jewelry since it doesn’t look good on them.

Asia SF Nightclub Dress Code Guide for the Gents

Business casual is the dress code for men. Flashy shirts and snug-fitting jeans are perfect for you.
Blazers and button-downs are equally acceptable.
When it comes to shoes, wear dress shoes rather than sneakers and tennis shoes. Work shoes,
leather shoes, flip flops, and types of sports shoes should also be avoided here.
Although it’s not written anywhere, yet, it is better to avoid wearing torn or ripped jeans. They
don’t look good. Plus, you may be denied entry due to this reason. So, it’s better not to test your

Our Suggestions 

Asia SF nightclub is known for fun, frolic, and laughter. But it’s an expensive nightclub. So, you
should carry cash. The dress code is not that strict. Rather, one can say that it’s pretty casual.
Recently a friend of mine attended a birthday party at Asia SF nightclub and found that free
rainbow underwears were being distributed downstairs. So you can get an idea of the
environment from here.
When you go to Asia SF nightclub, go with an open mind because you’ll find the sexiest waitress
here. It’s a popular destination for the LGBT celebrating various occasions of their life. So you
can find them here as well.
Still, it’s better to take a few precautions so that nothing happens to ruin your birthday or
bachelorette party.  Behave cordially with the management so that everything goes in your way.

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