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Athens Ghost Crawl, Guide & Review

5 Bars in one! Prize-winning cocktails, top quality rum tequila and gin, first-rate local wines, and an entire world of microbrewed beers. Enjoy a night full of ghost stories as it uncovers the best unseen bars of Athens! Leaves every Thursday Friday Saturday at 8 o’clock sharp from central meeting point in Kapnikarea Square. Nice prices, free shots/tasters throughout, and terrifying tales for just ten Euro a head! Seen all the antiquities and wondering what to do for the evening? Every THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY they’ll show you the best hidden hotspots and underground bars of drink-loving Athens, full up with ghost stories and corpses galore.

With such an active and lively nightlife available in Athens, a bar crawl is a superb option to discover the vibrant variety of bars downtown. Book a tour and get a preface to Athenian bar culture through Athens Bar Crawl or, if you’re more of an independent watering-hole explorer, why not tailor your own bar crawl? Whether you enjoy whiskey, beer, wine or sake, the city offers a plethora of options. The drink menu is great, there is everything the heart of nightlife. Not exactly cheap but it yummy! The visitors are all nice people, average age 25-35. It is a beautiful discovery.

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