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Aura Seoul, Guide & Review

Looking for an amazing place to have an unforgettable experience in Seoul, Korea. Aura nightclub is the place to be. Club Aura is Super popular, super bumpin’, full of beautiful people, and lots of bass. Aura is the best electric nightclub in Seoul, Korea. 

Aura nightclub features an amazing flashing light system, high-quality sound system, and amazing music from EDM, Hip-hop, and K-pop. The EDM and Hip-hop zones are operated in two different buildings, and you can move back and forth between the zones if you have a stamp. So, choose which zone to go depending on what kind of music you’re craving that day. It’s worthwhile noting that the Hip-hop zone opens at 12am on Fridays and Saturdays. The nightclub features a wide variety of reasonably priced drinks, friendly and attentive stQ cakeshop and Contra are generally open only on Friday and Saturday nights – occasionally on other days as well when they have events. It’s a counterculture that is renowned for inviting and attracting DJ’s from all over the world. Cakeshop is an underground basement club through & through, but also features a very chill night terrace giving balance outside. 

Awesome music  strongly supported by young hip Seoulites, this club plays a wide range of underground music from many different genres, from EDM, UK bass, garage and hip hop, to R & B, and even disco.

Cakeshop Seoul features awesome renowned international and local artists. The club also puts great effort into selecting lesser-known, “undiscovered” artists as well, spacious dance floor, popular local DJs often perform here alongside guest DJs invited from overseas. Ultimately a good lineup of DJs, cool DJs, great fun filled vibes, perfect for parties and fun atmosphere. 

There’s always something happening here, so be sure to check their event schedule online before going. Cakeshop is a popular club that is attracting attention from music lovers from both Seoul and abroad. Here you can enjoy a slightly more relaxed environment while ordering from their excellent menu of cocktails and desserts.

The club is perfect if you just want to dance.

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