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Bachata Fuego SRQ Sarasota, Guide & Review

Welcome to Bachata Fuego SRG. Bachata classes are a local service in Sarasota, St.Pete, and Seminole Fl.  Bachata is a low impact and full body work out. The community vibe and in person social dancing are sure to add to your social life!

Bachata Fuego SRG local services include group classes, private lessons and Latin socials. In group classes students learn patterns and techniques and practice dancing with others. Private lessons provide one with the opportunity to have one on one time with an instructor to provide customized dance training and practice. Latin Socials  exhibits events which are open to the public and everyone is welcomed to enjoy music and dancing in a safe and fun environment with the community!

Bachata has been around for quite some time and has spread around the world and is a favorite among the latin and social dancing community. Bachata Fuego is inspired by the Spanish style of Bachata. In Spain they initiated different genres of the dance including fusion, urban, and sensual Bachata. These styles are new and we are a growing community in the USA and Bachata Fuego is excited to spread the word and the movement here in this area! Local service in Sarasota, Seminole, and St.Pete

The instructor, Natasha is a Sarasota native and has traveled the world to train and become the dancer she is today. With a specialty in Ballroom dancing, she has had a competitive career and trained diligently. Partner dancing is her craft. After years of training she is known for her ability to follow any partner while dancing. During her travels she was exposed to many different dances and is now well versed in 28 different dances. Her favorite being Sensual Bachata that she first encountered in Europe in 2013! Now that this dance is in the USA she is ready to spread the word. She believes that with the right fundamentals, we can dance with any partner to any music and be able to express ourselves. She is so proud to call Sarasota her home and is excited to build the latin dance community! From social dancing to performance and choreography, this is a local service in Sarasota, St.Pete, and Seminole Fl. Welcome to Bachata Fuego SRG.

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