Bali Nightlife • A Complete Guide

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Welcome to Bali’s premier nightlife guide.

On this page, you’ll discover the vibrant and varied nightlife scene in Bali. You’ll find the perfect venue for you and your preferred night out. Whether you want to go all-out clubbing or if you’d like a more laid-back dinner and drinks with a view, we’ve got your covered.


Bali is a tropical paradise on earth. In the age of social media and Instagram, Bali has become a hotspot for foreign tourists. You can find cheap deals as well as luxury experiences in this western province of Indonesia. Find the most exquisite restaurants and happening nightclubs in the party capital of South East Asia. However, the most beautiful thing about Bali is that it strikes the perfect balance between party life and traditional tourism. The hospitality is the best in the world, and local people are a delight to meet. Bali also has a vivid culture along with a vibrant nightlife. 

Some of the best areas to have a good time in Bali are listed below. These areas genuinely represent the nightlife of party-goers in Bali. 

Best Places to stay in Bali

For singles in search of party hotspots, some neighborhoods and towns are better than others. Especially beach towns are most popular with foreign tourists in Bali.  

  1. Kuta 

Located on the western coast, Kuta has more bars and nightclubs than average cities in Bali. Some of the best boutique restaurants and most popular discos are located in this coastal town. You will find the Beachwall mall and global restaurant chains hard rock café, Kitchenette, Al Dente here. Alley Cats, Crusoe’s, Vi Ai Pi are some of the best clubs to party as a foreign tourist. 

  1. Semiyak

Semiyak is the most popular among Bali visitors. It is a mere 30 mins drive from the closest airport. Semiyak has some of the most luxurious diners, hotels, villas, and nightclubs in Bali. Ninety percent of the tourist that comes to Bali stay in Semiyak. The area is studded with villas, resorts, hotels, malls, clubs, and bars. No wonder it’s such a popular choice. 

Semiyak and Kuta are a mere 30 min ride from each other, so you can also visit the neighboring city. 

  1. Canggu

Canggu might not be as busy as Semiyak, but it certainly has its plus points. Some of the main attractions on this tropical island are the Echo Beach, Berawa beach, and Tanha Lot, an ancient Hindu shrine. In addition, you will find fun activities in Finns recreation club, Splash Water Park, to enjoy during the daytime as well. There are also clubs, lounges, and nightclubs for young adults, and singletons. 

Bali has something in store for everyone. There is plenty to love and explore, so go beyond the popular spots to find hidden gems here.

Best Beach Clubs in Bali

You will find luxury resorts located right on the beach. They provide the perfect ambiance to have some drinks, relax and rejuvenate. 

  1. Tropicola beach club

This beach club has a more soothing vibe. Food is outstanding and coupled with the beach view, it’s a recipe for a good evening. The décor and color scheme are vibrant, completely Instagram-worthy. Some of the main attractions of the food menu are tropicola caesar salad, king prawn lettuce cup, and caramelized banana split. 

  1. Vue beach club

The Vue is located on the Canggu islands nestled away in a private exotic beach. It has a gorgeous infinity pool overlooking the entirety of the ocean in front. There are VIP cabanas for more privacy. The music is not too loud, but the cocktails are world class. They only serve premier quality alcohol from the best international brands. This beach club is ideal for couples and honeymooners. 

  1. Finns beach club

A few minutes from Semiyak, Finns is the beach resort to try if you wish to get the best sunset view. The lighting of the place in its warm tones brings forth a breathtaking evening atmosphere. There is also an infinity pool overlooking the sea, with a fully stocked international bar just a few meters away. The music is very loud, and the DJ spins some great tunes as the night progresses for people to hit the dance floor.  

  1. Potato head beach club 

This beach club is the crown jewel of Semiyak. This beach club hosts the best local DJs. Their menu features some locally inspired cocktails like Asian spice fusion, Citrus husk vodka, and lemongrass gin. The food menu has excellent veg and non veg continental options, including lobsters. You will find many international tourists flocking here any time of the week. 

  1. La Brisa Bali 

It is a mid range spot with an earthy ambiance. Decorated with bamboo wood and hammocks, it is truly a paradise for easy going youngsters. The Balinese décor, pool side tanning beds, and fresh cocktails make La Brisa a good hangout spot. It is located on the famous Echo Beach in Canggu islands. This beach club is very popular among expats spending long months in Bali. It is a great place to meet like-minded people and make friends. 

  1. Cocoon Beach club

Cocoon beach club is an all-in-one diner, night club, and beach front lounge. Décor is clean, minimalistic, and bright. A clear view of the beach plus additional gardens adorn this property. This beach club hosts many music festivals, regular events as well as private parties. The place is reasonably priced considering its wide range of quality services. There are many things one can enjoy throughout the day here. 

  1. Ocean 360

Studded with cabanas and tan beds, this beach club is a seat at its price. It is located near the discovery shopping mall in Kuta district of Bali. The staff is warm and friendly. The ambiance is quite chill and fun. It’s the perfect place to relax while sipping cocktails in a bikini. The palm trees, colorful drinks, and blue ocean make a picture perfect holiday. 

  1. Sundays beach club

This is Bali’s most popular and spectacular beach front property. It is in the high price range compared to other places. Apart from dining, drinking, and partying, there are snorkeling and kayaking facilities. After dusk, you can enjoy bonfires, drinks at the bar, or a live music night. 

Best Nightclubs in Bali

Nightlife in Bali is incomplete without its happening clubbing scene. You must visit two or three of these places during your vacation stay. Bali offers a good mix of luxury dance clubs and laid back lounges. Some cost more than others, but all these clubs are valued for money. 

  1. Sky garden

This club features almost all travel websites. Open all nights till 4 am, this legendary club is a must visit in Bali. Many local and international DJs spin electronic beats here daily. If you love drinking and dancing you must come to the party like Sky. Along with festive parties, alcohol served is also not over priced. Surely visit sky garden to experience true Bali style night life. 

  1. Mirror Bali

Also located in Semiyak, Mirror holds a special place among the top clubs in Bali. The glass roof design and dazzling lights transport party goers to a new realm. When in Bali, you must party in style. There is no better place to do it than Bali’s finest, MIRROR. Since it opened in 2015, it has quickly become one of the top clubs in Indonesia. For a hefty price, you can also gain a full VIP private party experience at this exclusive nightclub. 

  1. OMNIA Dayclub

When in Bali, sometimes you want to get your party started early. Hence the concept of day clubs is getting more and more popular. You can start enjoying yourself at the OMNIA from as early as 11 am. It is located on a cliff top in Kuta and has a gorgeous view to top everything off. Aside from the club, you can also enjoy the infinity pools or book one of their private rooms for a full day. 

  1. Bounty Bali

Pocket friendly club Bounty is extremely popular among the young expat crowd in Bali. Anybody on a budget, who loves to drink and meet good people, must come here. The club is Ship themed decorated with blazing laser lights. You will find exotic dance girls and fire shows. The bar staff is very friendly, and they serve some of the cheapest yet best drinks on the island. Chugging competitions and body shots are a constant at this night club. 

  1. OPIVM Night Club

It is one of the upscale night clubs in Bali. You will find pole dancers, aerial performers, butlers entertaining the VIP guests all night. There is also a fantastic shisha service along with premium alcohol. Some of Bali’s most talented DJs play their techno tracks here every night. It is definitely pricey but worth it for the best nightlife experience in Bali. 

  1. Red ruby club

Located in the center of Semiyak this club was opened very recently but is among the best party spots in Bali. It is inspired by the west in its décor as well as its musical taste. Manu-L, Michael Vagas are some noteworthy artists who have played here. So it has become very popular among young expats from Europe and America. The entry cost is about Rp 150,000, which comes with a complimentary drink. 

  1. Motel mexicola

This Mexican themed property is not just a nightclub. Located in Semiyak, along with a trendy nightclub, Motel Mexicola also has Bali’s best dining restaurants. Although the nightclub has a bright yellow and orange color scheme, it is not your usual dark club. Instead, the Mexican food and drinks in the middle of tropical Bali are a whole different experience. Entry is IDR 200.000 per adult that comes with complimentary welcome drinks.  

  1. Single Fin

This nightclub indeed sets itself apart from the rest on this list. It is located on a gorgeous rooftop in Kuta Pecatu. On Wednesday and Sunday, the terrace overlooking Uluwatu surf break is converted into a nightclub. So drink and dance away the night under the open sky of Bali. The ambience of this club cannot be compared to anywhere else. 

  1. Frankenstein’s Laboratory

This is not exactly a club but a quite a unique music show in Bali. It has two shows on a regular basis, the first one only being family friendly. It is located in Jalan Camplung Semiyak and opens till midnight. This American themed place features zombies, cowboys, burgers, and beer. It is like a home away from home for American party goers in Bali. The place is also quite reasonable prices and offers the experience of a crazy night. 

Best bars or restaurants

If you don’t want to party all night, there are more options to enjoy Balinese nightlife. Book a table at these exquisite bars to enjoy a nice conversation and drinks with friends. There are laid back options as well to enjoy the nightlife in Bali. 

  1. Moonlite Kitchen and Bar

A part of Anantara Seminyak Resort, this lounge cum bar is the perfect place to spend the evening. Sipping on the long list of spirits one after another, engrossed in interesting conversation, you won’t understand where time flew by. Lounging and dining here is a true delight. The astonishing three sixty beach view is best enjoyed with a glass of full bodied wine. On the food menu, you will find tacos, salads, and ribs. 

  1. Velvet & Hypnotized 

VH Bali is the popular name you will come across in Bali. It is one of the long standing popular bars to enjoy the Kuta sunset beach view. It’s a dining and drinking roof top spot hosting hundreds of customers every day. The best part about this lounge is its Asian inspired drinks and food menu. There are also American grill and Italian options for the less experimental people. Try out the special alcoholic shooter and big cocktails here. 

  1. Double six rooftop bar

An integral part of the famous double six hotels of Semiyak, this bar is for people who wish to tap into the luxury private nightlife of Bali. Not everyone is young or wants to go to sweaty, crowded nightclubs. For them, Double Six is a worthy choice. There are comfy oval sofas for seating with a clear view of the ocean in front. Seating is well designed for long conversations and company with friends. It’s a non miss for luxury travelers in Bali. 

  1. Mrs. Sippy

Mrs. Sippy makes up in friendly vibe that it lacks in terms of an oceanfront view. Surprisingly this bar is one of the most popular bars among travelers. There is an exceptional fifty percent off on select food items from Thursday to Saturday. The drinks menu features some truly creative drink options. The sparkling wine, fancy cocktails, and Rose are all equally good. It is located just next to potato head beach club in Semiyak. 

  1. La Favela

The list of good restaurants cum bars in Semiyak seems never-ending. La Favela, with its unique vintage and clock wall décor, is another good addition. It was started in 2013 has emerged as one of the Balis best. The South American touch is quite evident in its name as well as the vibe. The food menu features tacos, beef, Sea food, and chicken options. Blink, Sun Bath, Balinese Bite are some of their signatures must try cocktails. 

  1. Char Char Bali

This is a sophisticated, modern dining and drinking spot in Bali. The roof top restaurant has a unique menu designed by some very talented young chefs. Try out the oysters that are served from 3 to 7 pm. You will find imported vodkas, classic cocktails, and other non alcoholic options on the drinks menu. This bar relatively closes sooner, at 11 pm. 

  1. Ku De Ta

While on vacation in the tropical paradise of Bali, one must experience the best it has to offer. Ku De Ta is a fine dining spot with the most well thought out menu. It is part of a large beach club with many other facilities and activities. However, the main attraction in the restaurant is its soulful fool. The aburi, ceviche, dumplings, and gai tod chicken is particularly noteworthy. Ku De Ta dark & stormy, genetic, and berry bellini are the best of their handcraft cocktail menu. 

  1. Above eleven

Talk about the best rooftop spots in Bali, and this place will surely come up. It’s a fine dig space inspired by Japanese and Peruvian styles—indeed, this a unique find in the heart of Bali. The roof top has plenty of greenery and severs Nikkei cuisine. You will also find different varieties of sushi and sashimi. The cocktails are well mixed and nicely blended. This restaurant is a must try for experimental foodies. 

  1. Old Mans 

Hot favorite beach front bar in Canggu has a fun hipster vibe. Old Mans is excellent to catch up with friends over a drink while enjoying an ocean sunset. It remains packed from evenings, and the crowd is quite regular

  1. Bali Joe Bar

This is one of the very few gay bars in the Bali area. It is not very fancy looking but is one of the most fun places in town. Some of the best drag performances happen here every night. The lady boys here are great hostesses who will make sure you have a good time. The list of cocktails is long, and the friendly bartender keeps them coming. 

Night markets

The night market scene is popular culture in Bali as well. The night markets in Bali are as popular as their beaches. Explore these gems to find some of the best things this travel destination has to offer. 

  1. Nusa Dua night market

This is the most popular and busy night market in Bali. From shops to food stalls, you will find everything on this narrow street. Tucked away in the lanes of the BTDC complex area, you will find clothes, accessories, and souvenirs all in this one place. Bali collection, Hardys Plaza, O Vault, and pink eleven are some of the biggest stores. The best street food spot in the area includes Bakso BM, Jonny Tacos and Fat Tony’s. 

  1. Sanur night market

Popularly known as the textile market, this shopping street is located in Kota Denpasar because of its many fabric items. In addition, the street features shops selling spices, food, household appliances along side textile. It is the perfect place to try local Balinese street food. The street is open to visitors from 5 pm to 11 pm. 

  1. Kuta night market

Kuta is always bustling with tourists. The night market is one of the most crowded areas during the night. You will find it packed with tourists any time of the evening who are shopping from street vendors or enjoying meals at food stalls. There is a good number of local people as well who come here to have a good time. Kuta also has world famous art markets showcasing local talents. It is a must visit as you will find some priceless pieces here to take back home. 

  1. Gianyar night market

This night market is a favorite among locals and regular visitors of Bali. It is different from other markets and showcases a wide range of tropical fruits and vegetables. However, there are also subsections selling clothes and gadgets. Tourists can try some fantastic raw foods of Bali, like durian and dragon fruit. In addition, there are plenty of Asian food stalls serving non-vegetarian Thai and Balinese items. 

  1. Kereneng Night Market

Open till midnight, and it’s the second largest street market in Bali. Vendors will be selling utensils, groceries, handicrafts, and clothes at every corner of the street. This lane features some of the best street food in Bali. The most popular among all of them is the Nasi Babi, it is a specialty of this lane. 


There are more places to see in Bali than one can imagine. You will find stays, quality food and plenty of activities to do here. From pocket friendly options to high end luxuries, Bali is the perfect blend of everything. The night life of Bali, which begins from sundown, is what makes it a travels dream destination. So book your trip to Bali and don’t forget to visit all the fantastic sports mentioned.