Belgrade Nightlife • A Complete Guide

Welcome to Belgrade’s #1 nightlife guide.

On this page, you’ll discover the vibrant and varied nightlife scene in Belgrade. You’ll find the perfect venue for you and your preferred night out. Whether you want to go all-out clubbing or if you’d like a more laid back dinner and drinks with a view, we’ve got your covered.


Belgrade is the capital of the southeast European country of Serbia. It is locally known as Beograd, which means white city. ‘Beo’ means white, and ‘grad’ means city. It is named for its fortress that was built on the white ridge.

Little about Belgrade

Belgrade is an old place that has seen a lot of wars. The wars certainly burdened the people of the city with trauma. The city has seen more than 115 wars!

But the place is called a white phoenix as just like a phoenix bird, the city has been destroyed and built over.  

The place has around 100 caves, canals, and passages that were built during wartime. It is considered one of the unexplored places due to the continuous wars that occurred in the past. Thus, the place is grabbing the attention of tourists from all over the world.

The nightlife of Belgrade

The place is known for hundreds of wars, but the people of this place surely know how to party hard as soon as the sun sets! The place has some fantastic late-night Serbian food along with bars and nightclubs at the riverside

The people enjoy the crazy and wild nights, and they know how to shift from sober coffee evenings to wild alcohol nights!

Bars in Belgrade

The bars in Belgrade are not boring but come up with really amazing people and vibe. Moreover, they have scenic views where one can satisfy all the senses majorly!


CrveniRak, i.e., Red Crab, is a cozy and casual bar that offers a homey yet social atmosphere. In addition, the place has some great live music sessions that make it a perfect bar to chill and relax at the same time.

People strongly recommend the bar because the vibe and the interior will take you to a different time. Also, they have a great selection of beers which is a strong reason to visit this bar at least once.

Address: 14 Beogradska, 11080, Beograd (Zemun), Grad Beograd, Serbia

Timings: Monday-Sunday (10 AM-1 AM)

Phone number: +381 11 3731853

Monk’s Bar

Please don’t get confused by the name; Monk’s Bar is surely not a place for as it seems by the name. Instead, it is a beautiful little place in the middle of the buildings! Yes, you read that right.

This bar is situated on the street between the buildings with little lanterns and twinkle lights. It is nestled in a tiny, quiet place which is a perfect place for a bar. 

Not only its location but the cocktails that they serve are amazing. Also, if you are a chill jazz fan, then this is a paradise for you. The prices are also affordable. Is there anything else you want?

And the favorite part about this bar is that you can take your pets along! It is a pet-friendly bar, and thus, you can take your pet for a date!

Address: 71 KNJEGINJE ZORKE, 11104, Belgrade (Vracar), Belgrade County, Serbia

Phone number: +381 69 1185100

Timings: Sunday-Thursday (9AM-3AM)

Friday-Saturday (9AM-4AM)


Pivara is a bar in Belgrade where you can get something for everyone. They have live performances, big screens for sports freaks, pub quizzes, game nights, and craft beers!

It is a cozy place with long seats that can accommodate 8-10 people in a row. They have craft beers for booze lovers, and you can relax and have drinks. If you are confused, ask the bartender for help, and he will get you taster shots!

Also, before leaving the place, do not forget to check the alcohol level in your body as they have a set up near the restroom! 

Address: Cetinjska 15, Beograd 11000, Serbia

Phone number: +381 62 748272

Timings: Monday-Thursday (4 PM-1 AM)

Monkey Bar Belgrade

Monkey bar is a cocktail bar in Belgrade. It has some wild nights to offer to the guests. As the name suggests, it is a funky bar.

People often call it a warm-up place in Belgrade, perfect for starting your night out in Belgrade. Also, this place is for non-smokers.

Address: Deligradska 4, Beograd 11000, Serbia

Phone number: +381 60 0505830

Timings: Monday-Thursday (9AM-12AM)

Friday-Saturday (9AM-1AM)

Sunday (10AM-12AM)

Chillton Bar

Chillton bar is a place to chill. The place will remind you of your hostel days due to the interior and setup. They have casual hostel rooms and dorms with a bar and bunk beds.

This place was originally a hostel that was later converted into a bar. So, the place might look like a hostel but can be called an innovative and unique hostel bar. 

They have rock music and serve cheap bottled beers and draft ales. You can also play some bar games to bid adieu to boredom. 

Address: Katanićeva 7, Beograd 11111, Serbia

Phone number: +381 62 677004

Timings: Monday-Sunday (3 PM-1 AM)

Passengers Bar

Passengers Bar in Belgrade is a place for great cocktails. You can have booze and even do your work just like a coffee shop! It is a friendly place with wonderful gardens. Can anything be better than work, booze, relaxation, and enjoyment with a perfect view?

They serve craft beers and wine. It is a place that is quite isolated from the center, making it perfect for people who love to hang out in the silent parts of the city. 

You can also plan a date night here!

Address: Simina 5, Beograd 11000, Serbia

Phone number: +381 60 6464109

Timings: Monday-Thursday (8:30AM-12AM)

Friday (8:30AM-1AM)

Saturday (9:30AM-1AM)

Sunday (10AM-12AM)


Splav Office Pub

Splav Office Pub is a bar, not an office place. So, you can simply relax near the Danube River. They have indoor and outdoor seating.

This is a call for all the nature lovers; this place has a nearby river and gives a perfect view at night. Moreover, they don’t have loud music. Thus you can enjoy the calmness of the place.

They have also had weekend live music. Isn’t that lovely?

Address: BB, KejOslobođenja, Beograd, Serbia

Phone number:+381 62 8008713

Timings: Open 24 hours

Night Clubs in Belgrade

Can any night out be complete without flaunting out your dance moves? Belgrade has some amazing night clubs for one to enjoy. We are sure you won’t rest before the sun rise!

Hype Belgrade Night Club

Hype Belgrade Night Club is a centrally located night club. They have live performances and a disco place for all the dance lovers.

The interiors are really classy, and they have techno on point. Also, their happy hours offer really great deals. You can also grab their VIP package to pamper yourself and your friends.

Address: Karađorđeva 46, Beograd 11000, Serbia

Phone number:+381 65 4495555

Timings: Monday-Sunday (12 AM-5 AM)


Freestyler Belgrade Night Club

Freestyler Belgrade Night Club offers the oldest outdoor nightlife experience in Belgrade. They have western music all over the place with high level lights.

It is situated right on the river Sava that makes it a perfect place for a view. You can also get a glimpse of the old castle Kalemegdan. 

Visit this place for some dance and enjoy your night out.

Address: Ушће bb, Beograd 11000, Serbia

Phone number: +381 62 8002020

Timings: Tuesday-Sunday (10 PM-3 AM)


Klub 20/44

Klub 20/44 is another night club in Belgrade that offers an ultimate view of the river. The music and lights act as a cherry on the top.

They have an outdoor seating, and there are live performances. Unfortunately, you will have to go down the stairs to enter the beautiful night club.

Address: Klub 20/44 Ušće bb Beograd, 11000, Serbia

Phone number: +381 63 8317039

Timings: Tuesday-Thursday (10 PM-2 AM)

Friday-Saturday (10 PM-4 AM)


As the place name is Rush, you might find some crazy rush and crowd at the night club. However, this place is cozy, comfortable, and perfect for flaunting your dancing skills.

If you are a hip-hop lover, you must show your talent and move to some crazy dancing tunes. It is a dark place with dancers all over.

Address: Pariska 1a, Beograd 11000, Serbia

Phone number: +381 60 6710921

Timings: Friday-Saturday (12AM-5AM)

LetoSplav- Leto Belgrade Night Club

LetoSplav is a night club where the river Sava meets the Danube, and thus this place is perfect if you are a party & nature lover. However, if you crave for some party with a view, then you must visit this place. Not an only river, but you might hunt the Kalemegdon fortress on the right side of the night club. 

The night club offers some great daily-based activities. Usually, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday are DJ nights when the best DJs in the town are invited to play. The place gives a complete carnival vibe.

Address: BulevarvojvodeMišića bb, Beograd 11000, Serbia

Phone number: +381 65 4495555

Timings: Wednesday, Friday & Saturday (9PM-2AM)

Thursday (11:30PM-4:30AM)

Sunday (6PM-1AM)

Late night food in Belgrade

Belgrade’s food is like exploring a cave. They have a lot to offer with a perfect blend of flavors. One must try the authentic Serbian food that is pork and sauces. Belgrade is a heaven for foodies.

Goldy’s Gyros

For all the gyro lovers, this place is for you! Goldy’s Gyros is fast food joint that is open 24 hours. However, despite 24 hours working schedule, they do not compromise with the quality of the food.

You can simply grab the food anytime, and it is extremely pocket-friendly. The staff and services are top-notch. If you don’t want to get out in public, they also have a parking facility, and you can have your food in the car.

Address: bb, DžordžaVašingtona, Beograd 11000, Serbia

Phone number: +381 11 3224026

Timings: Open 24 hours


This is a place for a quick bite, and you can take your kids along with you. They are famous for their specialized dish- DedinaDjunta. 

Apart from this, they serve the best street burgers, and it feels like they have served heaven on the bun. 

Address: GoceDelčeva 11a, Beograd, Serbia

Phone number: +381 60 4126013

Timings: Open 24 hours


It is a barbecue restaurant that has an authentic representation of the finest Serbian fast food. Not the only authenticity, but they have a historical significance as well. The place had some connection with the Serbian military commanders.

It is considered the top 3 grill place in Belgrade and also serves alcohol. The place has an outdoor seating and is considered a legendary place.

Address: VojvodeStepe L 2, Beograd 11010, Serbia

Phone number: +381 11 2460564

Timings: Open 24 hours

Frequently Asked Questions

Do they speak English in Belgrade?

Yes, the younger generation speaks little English, whereas the old generation usually speaks German. They also use Russian French languages.

Is it safe in Belgrade?

Yes, Belgrade is entirely safe. The people in Belgrade are friendly, kind, and helpful. It is shocking to find a tourist place like Belgrade really safe. The place is safe for women.

But one must take all the precautions as there is a rise in the number of pick-pocketing and bag-snatching cases.

Is Belgrade expensive?

No, Belgrade is not expensive at all. It is the least expensive capital in Europe. It is budget-friendly as the food & drinks are very cheap when compared to other cities in Europe.

Is Belgrade beautiful?

Belgrade is one of the beautiful places to visit. It is a gem located in the middle of Europe with hospitable people. The bars and nightclubs are located near the fortress and river to give a perfect view.


Belgrade is a place that has not been explored on a large scale due to the constant wars. But not it has started to attracted tourists from all over the world. It is considered one of the safest city in Europe and the people in Belgrade knows how to party hard. 

The bars and night clubs offer mouth-watering food and some great views of the river & fortress. In addition, the place serves amazing Serbian food, and one must visit the place as soon as possible!

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