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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Belgrade

1. Gradska Kafana Belgrade

Gradska Kafana Belgrade

Are you looking for an amazing venue for your stunning night out at Belgrade Serbia? Gradska Kafana nightclub is the place to be. Gradska kafana is one of the most popular nightclubs and taverns of its type located in Belgrade where you stay until the early morning hours with good song and quality company. The nightclub is known for the guest appearances of the great stars of the folk scene.

2. Klub Studenata Tehnike Belgrade

Klub Studenata Tehnike Belgrade

Get your dance shoes ready, and head to Klub Studenata Tehnike for an awesome experience. Klub studenata tehnike is a nightclub and it’s One of the oldest clubs in Belgrade, it is located in the basement of Technical Faculties building. All kinds of nerds and geeks on a low budget come here since it is cheap and conveniently located. Extremely low entrance fares for regular parties. It is conveniently located, within walking distance of the city center. If you want to party on a low budget this is a place for you. It is also nice for people who want to get a glimpse of geeky and not so fancy Belgrade.

3. Klub Magacin Belgrade

Klub Magacin Belgrade

Club “Magacin”, The No. 1 Belgrade nightclub, is open in the image of world trends, where industrial zones are transformed into galleries, concert halls, restaurants. They intertwine, collide or complement each other – raw and sophisticated, ascetic and luxurious, minimalist and eclectic, modernist and baroque, cheap and expensive, dark and light, as a symbolic illustration of the generation of mature young people for whom the club is intended.

4. Leto Belgrade

Leto Belgrade

Belgrade is the finest. In the most beautiful spot where Sava River meets the Danube, with a stunning view right on the Kalemegdan Fortress, there is a new summer club “Leto”. The name says it all – “leto” literally means “summer”, and this unique club has a mission to gather urban lovers of quality electronic beats and to give a completely new dimension to the summer in the city. This unique club has a mission to gather urban lovers of quality electronic beats and to give a completely new dimension to the summer in the city.

5. Drugstore Beograd Belgrade

Drugstore Beograd Belgrade

Drugstore Belgrade is a cultural space in Belgrade, set in the space with brutal interiors and intense industrial atmosphere. It all started in 2012 as a crazy unpretentious adventure by a group of like-minded enthusiasts, who wanted to make a place where art and fun will entangle. It’s been a melting pot of the city’s sub-cultural life, hosting a great number of names, from contemporary techno acts to indie bands and cutting edge experimental projects. It is also an oasis for local artists and trans-disciplinary art events. Super nice and gathering only open-minded people looking for a good time. Drugstore Belgrade is a Nightclub in Belgrade, Serbia.

6. The Tube Belgrade

The Tube Belgrade

Party like VIP, wherever, whenever. This club was for years synonymous with the best clubbing experience in Belgrade. With undiminished zeal The Tube continues to promote the best things coming both from foreign and domestic club scene. The Tube is one of the favorite places for fans of electro sound but also for all other members of an urban city crew. So no wonder, this club holds the title of ”successor” to sometimes cult Belgrade clubs- Soul Food and Basement. The Tube gathers people of different ages, but a slightly older crew prevails. The club was designed by Djordje Gec combining wood and concrete in its interior, for which Gec won the award of Salon Architecture for Interior Design. Club can accommodate 500 guests. This fall/winter season too, Tube repertoire is promising a great clubbing experience! Traditionally, Thursday is the day reserved for the performances of local bands in the series Live@Tube, Friday is the day for underground sounds, and on Saturday you can dance the whole night long with funky and disco rhythms, as well with the sounds of MTV hits and 80’s hits.

7. Gentlmen Club Belgrade

Gentlmen Club Belgrade

Looking for the best strip club in Belgrade, Serbia? Gentleman Club Belgrade is must visit. The best striptease in Belgrade city center! We can organise a free ride from your hotel to the Gentleman Club Belgrade. Here beautiful girls and fun are waiting for you. Interior project of the private club in a residential building in Belgrade, Serbia.

8. Lasta – Gradski splav Belgrade

Lasta - Gradski splav Belgrade

If you are ready for action four days a week, then Raft Lasta, also known as the city raft Lasta, is the right place for you! Lasta – Gradski splav is a Disco club in Belgrade, Serbia. Raft Lasta, as one of the most popular rafts in Belgrade, adorns the bank of the Sava and is the right choice for those who want to experience real Belgrade clubbing and entertainment.

9. Splav TAG Belgrade Nightclub Belgrade

Splav TAG Belgrade Nightclub Belgrade

Experience the best nightlife in Belgrade. Splav TAG is a nightclub in Belgrade, Serbia.  It’s one of the best Belgrade summer floating clubs, famous for its position, great open view of the city lights and special energy at parties that you can not feel at any other place.

10. Shake’n’Shake Belgrade

Shake'n'Shake Belgrade

Are you looking for an amazing night out at Belgrade? Shake’n Shake nightclub is the place for unforgettable experiences. Shake’n Shake is a nightclub in Belgrade, Serbia.

11. Sindikat Klub Belgrade

Sindikat Klub Belgrade

Sindikat splav is a nightclub located in Belgrade, Serbia. Sindikat. Sindikat splav represents an entertainment endeavor where the most talented people from Belgrade’s nightlife club business. The guests here include politicians, sporting people, and the public in general.

12. Lafayette Cuisine Cabaret Club Belgrade

Lafayette Cuisine Cabaret Club Belgrade

Lafayette Cuisine Cabaret Club centrally located in the midst of the Old-town by the river. This place is perfect for business meetings. 

13. Freestyler Belgrade Night Club Belgrade

Freestyler Belgrade Night Club Belgrade

LIVE FREE BE FREE! Visit nightclub Freestyler is a MUST if you want to really experience Belgrade nightlife. Freestyler NightClub has made nightlife history as Belgrade’s oldest outdoor nightlife experience, since 2001. Freestyler offers an immersive, exciting & unique experience raising the bar on the global nightlife scene. Much more than a traditional nightlife venue, that can prove our guests from all over the world. Resident and International DJ guests entertain from around the globe for an ecstatic beautiful crowd keeping the dance floor on fire and the party going all night long. Freestyler offers you an unforgettable time and amazing memories.

14. Money Club Belgrade

Money Club Belgrade

Money Club is a nightclub in Belgrade.  Money Club is the First Summer RnB Club in Belgrade. Money club is reasonably the most luxurious club ever constructed in Belgrade, and the club was designed with comfort in mind.

15. Hype Belgrade Night Club Belgrade

Hype Belgrade Night Club Belgrade

Hype Belgrade night club is the first luxury and high class club in Belgrade. Club Hype is located at ex Mixer House, in the most popular nightlife area in Belgrade, at Savamala, in a building which represents gatherings of arty, popular and famous people. Club works on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Hype  is a club with the latest lighting and sound system, a place where you can enjoy the popular electronic music, surrounded by the urban crew. Music type: House, tech house, funky, disco, R’n’B and all time greatest hits from 80’s, 90’s RnB Pop House.

16. DOT Belgrade

DOT Belgrade

Be at Dot nightclub while in Tallahassee city for an amazing night out. The nightclub is located in a well-known to the true admirers of club life. Dot Club is a small urban club located in the very heart of Tallahassee city and offers freshness in the nightlife of the capital with innovative urban interiors and the positively driven program.

17. Klub 20/44 Belgrade

Klub 20/44 Belgrade

Klub 20/24 is a favorite dancing spot in Belgrade. Klub 20/44 is a nightclub in Belgrade, Serbia. Club 20/44 is one of the better known ones, located on the Sava river, right across the waterfront restaurant mile on the old town’s side of the river. During the summer months, the splav offers a wonderful view of the old city and bridge at night when all the lights are on. Over the winter, parties are held under the deck, where it’s warm and cozy no matter how cold it is outside.

18. Mr Stefan Braun Beograd Belgrade

Mr Stefan Braun Beograd Belgrade

Party people who are looking for an awesome night out at Tallahassee Mr Stefan Braun nightclub is the place to be.  Mr Stefan Braun nightclub was born in the year 2003, located on the ninth floor of a building in Nemanjina Street, above the boring reality. Good choice if you want to listen to mainstream dance music. A Club that for years proudly holds the title of a place to visit. The only nightclub on the ninth floor of the high-rise building, that you enter directly from the elevator.

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