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9. Round-Up Saloon, Dallas

Round-Up Saloon, Dallas

The LGBT bar with a western theme is one of the most popular bars in Dallas. The club hosts six different bars with different themes. At noon, The Parlor is a Round-Up lunch bar with a red, Victorian bronze-decorated bar. The Tequila Shack bar has 40 premium tequila, while the Horse Shield bar is a great place to get a quick drink with three feed stations. You can also find quick dance lessons here. Because of its fun-loving nature, even Lady Gaga comes to Round-Up when visiting Dallas.

This famous Cedar Springs venue has been hailed as the best gay country dance hall in the western nation– and with good reason. The saloon has multi-themed bars, a covered balcony, a solid wood dance floor with plenty of boot-scoot space, and disco dance at night. It also lists weekly events, from RuPaul’s Drag Race viewing parties to cooking chillies, poker tournaments, tournaments, and bachelor auctions. Not to mention, the venue hosts one of the best karaoke nights in town. As if that wasn’t enough, there are special drinks every day, as well as hours of daytime fun even at night. Not only is this place a favourite place for locals, but it also attracts celebrities like Lady Gaga. The crowd mostly travels with cowboys, but the girls who love to have fun and anyone who wants to do something across the border are made to feel welcome in the same way. And if you need to make a tone for your two steps, be sure to check out the free dance lessons. Held Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night – should be the best in town.

8. Alexandre Bar Dallas

Alexandre Bar Dallas

Alexandre’s is located in Cedar Springs in the heart of the Oak Lawn area of ​​Dallas. It specializes in classic cocktails, seasonal menus, and the best in local live music. Since 2004, Alexandre’s has worked hard and became a centre in the famous Cedar Springs area of ​​Oak Lawn. Celebrating 16 years of leading local, live music, Alexandre’s is proud to support the Dallas live music scene from rock, pop, R&B, jazz, acoustic, broadway, blues and much more. Alexandre is pleased to be the vocal advocate for the LGBTQ community and the ongoing causes for the city of Dallas. It’s a small bar that always has a big dream and sets the standard for cocktails, new designs, and atmosphere. Alexandre staff work hard and train hard on cocktail climbing and classic techniques and bring a premium cocktail feel to every glass. We are proud to serve not only Oak Lawn but also the fabulous Dallas. Currently being expanded to the surrounding area, this pocket-sized piano (now) continues to be one of the best live entertainment venues in the area, if not the city. Also, it is one of the few LGBTQ + places where you can get a professional art cocktail without paying the exorbitant prices of Uptown.

7. GrapeVine Bar Dallas

GrapeVine Bar Dallas

When you enter the dark front room of the Grapevine Bar, expectations are set. However, the experience often goes far beyond what is usually promised as a place for diving in general because of the genuine welcoming attitude that attracts sponsors from the nearby LGBTQ + entertainment district, as well as service industry staff, professionals, and anyone who wants to relax on the couch. the springs go out or on the balcony in the back after a game of hoops with total strangers. Pour in a crazy Tangarita, a frozen margarita made from Tang, according to Wikipedia, was founded by a food scientist back in the 1950s (about the same period that produced the wrong glass you drank from).

Kitsch controls Double Wide, a bar with a whole trailer theme with a tornado. Live music drops every Friday and Saturday, but mixed play nights will always put you in a fun place.

Take your place at the bar or have a drink inside one of the booths of a beer pot, a mixed drink (only two ingredients, please), and one of the best burgers in town accompanied by onion rings or loaded cheese fries. Filled with many locals, many of whom choose to pass in order to stumble upon the home over time, the bar exudes a sense of customer-friendliness and nonsense, a well-to-do salesman often pouring drinks alone in a crowded house.

However, during the day (except Sundays), you can go to the bath from 7 a.m. on what could be the coldest beer in town or gin and juice (because those are the morning hours, after all). Get up and smell anything except coffee.

6. Tipsy Alchemist Bar Dallas

Tipsy Alchemist Bar Dallas

Combine cocktails created from science, the eye of the artist, and the magic of the mixologist. Located in the heart of Uptown, this is not your typical nightlife scene. Watch as your favourite liquor is transformed into something you will never forget. Bonus: Tipsy Alchemist is a stopover for Margarita Mile, so be sure to check it out.

You can enjoy more than 100 ales, bottles, and recipes at Tipsy Alchemist. The drink menu has long pages and includes not only cold beer but also wines and cocktails. Located in one of Dallas’ best counties, the bar is a full-fledged restaurant open for brunch, lunch, and dinner. Other favorite menu items include mussels, tandoori lamb, risotto, and more, and you can eat your food in a warm leathery area inside or outside the balcony, surrounded by lush vegetation. This is a great place to meet friends or collaborate with colleagues and watch live music concerts from time to time.

The cocktail bar offers a rotating menu of cocktails featuring fresh herbs, flowers, and other garden ingredients. Add the swanky atmosphere of the restaurant and chic design and you will drink in style here.

5. Jettison Bar Dallas

Jettison Bar Dallas

If small, cozy bars are your thing, this is the right place for you. Jettison in West Dallas takes great pride in making old-fashioned cocktails emphasising mezcal and sherry. Ideal for a romantic night with that special someone or to relax after a long day. Take a closer look as this hideout is located inside the Houndstooth Coffee in Sylvan Thirty – easy to miss!

Why book a trip to Mexico where you can go to Yellow Rosa Cockteleria? The hidden speakeasy transports visitors to the beautiful beaches of Tulum and the cantinas of San Miguel de Allende. Cocktails feature agave-based spirits such as Sotol, Raicilla, mezcal, and tequila for true Mexican flavour. We love Frozen Blueberry Mojito with Frozen de Cana rum, lime juice, mint syrup, and blueberries. You can also make no mistake about the Coupe de Ville, made with Calamity Gin, ginger and simple syrup, lemon juice, and strawberries mixed with mud. Thursday, they do 5 Ritas, so stop and get your drink! Jettison opened in the Fall of 2016 as a small bar connected to Houndstooth Coffee.

Their goal is to bring a relaxed and hassle-free cocktail experience. Since  they opened, they have kept this, and after Covid-19, they are now “recommended bookings” to ensure that their philosophy is maintained.

4. HIDE Bar Dallas

HIDE Bar Dallas

Located in Deep Ellum, one of Dallas’ most artistic venues, HIDE is home to some of the most innovative drinks around. Their unique twist in the introduction will satisfy everyone, from the beer guzzler to the more selective. We like to make cocktails with bold flavour combinations that push the boundaries of cocktails, and combinations that people have never tasted before, and create a place for people to interact, make real interactions with other people and relax a bit.

Here is the deal: they are busy making their perfect ingredients. Their food has a homemade taste and sticks to their bones by memorising the recipes for grandparents. They make their cocktail spices, blends, and garnishes. They also prepare their ingredients in unusual ways (such as reducing their syrups, rising custom tinctures, checking extracts, and specifying new juices by centrifuges and so on) – but that is not really how they do it. It is about the quality of the experiences they discuss and setting their guests to really ENJOY their time here. It’s the ultimate cocktail bar in Dallas for the perfect night out. HIDE is also home to dynamite burgers, which you can get for only $ 6 on Sunday – Friday from 5-7 p.m.

3. Green Room Bar Dallas

Green Room Bar Dallas

In that Deep Ellum grungy, hipster vibe, check out the Green Room on Elm Street. It sits across from another Deep Ellum store, Wits End, and allows you to grab a vodka soda or beer while enjoying our downtown location. It also allows you guys to look down when things get hectic on a Friday or Saturday night.

This Deep Ellum foundation has a long history of being a bar before any concert in the area. The space offers three restaurants and a rooftop terrace with plenty of seating to enjoy their weekly fun hour specials. The Green Room has been a base in Deep Ellum for many years. Our sponsors enjoy an amazing view of the Dallas sky from the Rooftop Patio, as well as some of the Best Damn Bar Foods in Deep Ellum! Our menu is a fresh take on old-fashioned pub food favourites, but we also have some of our special creations, such as Short Rib Texas Poutine and Blacktooth Burger.

The venue stands out as a special event centre due to the variety of options it offers to party organisers and guests. It has 3 full bars and three restaurants The Green Room has many nice features that you can use to create a fun event. The view is amazing, as well as calm. Their vendors offer unique cocktails, as well as wine in a glass or bottle and local beer. Dining inside still gives you a great view, but if you care about staying outside, you can relax until you reach their open wall of the fireplace and enjoy the amazing views of their rooftop restaurant in Dallas.

2. Chelsea Corner Bar Dallas

Chelsea Corner Bar Dallas

Located in the Knox-Henderson area, this state-of-the-art gastropub not only offers a solid menu of food and drink but is also an excellent place to watch the game. Expect to get 19 great HD screens that broadcast non-stop games inside and out on a large, dog-friendly balcony. Diet options include everything from poke tacos to gourmet burgers, artisan pizzas, and short ribbons. Libations run the gambit from wine, beer, and art cocktails to a wide range of American scotch and whiskeys. And if that is not enough to keep you happy, there are billiards, Jenga, and corn hole. It’s an ultimate place to hang out and destress. Of course, a star-studded food list includes seamless group food (think: Naro towers, 5 lb burgers, delicious winged buckets, and fries) as well as family-style cocktails, a wine tap, and over fifty beers only. Add to the complaint. Stop; there is more. They also run sports watch events, used exclusively for Jack Daniels when the Dallas Stars play at home, and give a fun hour from 4 to 6 pm Sunday to Friday.

An expert tip is that Happy Hour is Monday-Thursday from 4–6:30 pm and Fridays from 11 am – 6:30 pm and includes selected $ 7 shareable; $ 7. The bar has a wide array of speciality cocktails; Red, white, and rosé $ 6; $ 6 for Tito, Jack Daniels, Tanqueray, Bacardi, and Dulce Vida phones and $ 5 drafts and $ 3 home bottles.

1. Hero Bar Dallas

Hero Bar Dallas

At the spillway from the south entrance of the American Airlines Center, this 25,000-square-foot sports bar and restaurant has a 540-seat restaurant and an open-air / 5-seat courtyard with 660 seats and 6 bars. Different. And multiple TVs (including a 24-foot LED wall). Not only is the space huge, but the menu is, too. The restaurant caters to all Dallas Stars practices, so expect healthy options like your own homemade dishes next to burgers, sandwiches, tacos, and steak fries. With alcohol, there is a long list of wines, handmade beer, cocktails, and frozen beverages. Did we mention there is an 800-square-foot retro playground here too? The important thing is that this place is always full when there is a game.

This sports bar/restaurant has your game-day action covered with tons of flat screens that broadcast the entire sports network available. This means you can expect to see everything from football to live boxing and MMA events. But you don’t have to be a sports fan to get on the air here. As well as the Creole-fusion Ride Kitchen (think of andouille pizza and fried shrimp BLTs), the bar offers about 20 tap beers, wine, delicious tipples like mint juleps, and municipal mules. Home to a large rooftop terrace in Dallas, this great restaurant has a deadly sky view, a lower balcony with backyard games, and more than 15 flat-screen TVs for the final games.

The Hero will secure parking tickets in the area across from the W Hotel. Guests can also have a valet at the door for $ 5 per guarantee (three hours). Get signature cocktails, frozen drinks, wine, and beer brewed for $ 3- $ 7; and appetisers for $ 5.50- $ 8 during a fun hour, from 3-6 p.m.â €” Monday to Friday.

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