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Lizard Lounge Dallas

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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Dallas

1. Medusa Dallas

Medusa Dallas

Medusa Dallas is located on Pacific Ave in Dallas city. This nightclub has brought innovation to the Dallas’ nightlife. The exotic fun happens at Medusa Dallas. Can’t decide where to go this weekend? Medusa Dallas is the answer. You will only appreciate your decision when you get to experience the wild experience happening at Medusa Dallas. Bring your homies along because fun becomes twice when you have friends by your side. The greatest minds behind FarWest Dallas, Ft. Worth and The Coliseum Austin OK Corral Dallas have now brought the Medusa Dallas to Dallas city.

2. Pink Lounge Dallas

Pink Lounge Dallas

Pink Lounge Dallas is the perfect partying destination in Dallas. If you’re 21 or above, you are free to experience the crazy fun happening at Pink Lounge. Partying, drinking, dancing, you will find these all here. Don’t keep yourself experiencing the best place in Dallas. Come along with your friends, coworkers, or your special person and have a quality time at Pink Lounge. It’s all about the positive vibes and your energy at Pink Lounge.

3. Lizard Lounge Dallas

Lizard Lounge Dallas

Lizard Lounge Dallas is the befitting place for you. Things only get brighter at Lizard Lounge when the nights travel into the darkness. Make your weekend nights glorious with Lizard Lounge. The fun awaits you, don’t keep it waiting long. Come, join it while the night is young. Each time there is a new event happening based on a new theme.

4. One Sette Dallas 

One Sette Dallas

One Sette Dallas is counted as one of the top-tier nightclub lounges in Dallas city. This is a perfect place for a friends’ night out. You and your friends must have been looking for some decent place to be. If that’s the case, One Sette needs to be on your priority listing. This is a promise that you will love every moment at One Sette. Music, drinks, and great atmosphere; that’s all you are gonna need to light up your night at One Sette.

5. New West Dallas

New West Dallas

New West Dallas is the right place for you to be. New West is not an only nightclub but more like a journey through the dimension of entertainment that you haven’t yet visited. If you feel deserved to familiarize with that dimension, doors are open for you. Come join the fun-ride any Friday or Saturday night. Call your friends’ squad to have a meet up at New West this weekend. You will never forget the fun you are going to experience here but only wanna come back again to taste that similar flavor.

6. Park Avenue Dallas

Park Avenue Dallas

Park Avenue Dallas is a place which lets you do all. You may eat, drink, or dance. Keep switching between these three activities while you’re at Park Avenue Dallas. There’s no stopping when you’re here. This place would bring your fun-loving side out front. You can not resist but indulge in the ongoing entertainment at Park Avenue Dallas. Situated in the heart of Dallas, Park Avenue Dallas is the true ultimacy of sophistication and entertainment. Allow yourself to be you and rock your nights at Park Avenue Dallas.

7. Murphys Mansion Dallas

Murphys Mansion Dallas

Murphys Mansion Dallas is a place that is favorite to people from all cultures. This place has been in the town since 1988. The three decades of serving Dallas’ citizens with awesome food and crazy fun. The customers have always loved everything about Murphys Mansion which consequently intrigued us to bring even better services to our customers. The food and fun is always the best combo. If you were missing out on this combo, then plan this very moment to taste this two-flavored experience exclusively found at Murphys Mansion. Bring your friends, family, co-workers, or your special person along and get commended for introducing them to such a fine place in the town.

8. PrymeBar Dallas 

PrymeBar Dallas

PrymeBar Dallas is among one of the upscale nightclubs in Dallas. The great environment is necessary to have a great time. PrymeBar Dallas gives you that environment which is exclusively needed to have a rocking experience of night out. Drinks, food, and music create a unique sense of entertainment which entices everyone to let loose and enjoy to the fullest. Tell your friends and family about this amazing nightclub. Your friends are gonna love this place and your whole squad would insist on coming again to taste the same familiar flavor of fun which is exclusively found at PrymeBar Dallas.

9. Round-Up Saloon Dallas

Round-Up Saloon Dallas

Round-Up Saloon Dallas is a nightclub which has been serving its visitors with the crazy fun since the day it started. 1980 was the year when Round-Up Saloon was established. It has been known as the Home of Good Times and Home of Good people. Round-Up Saloon is located on Cedar Springs Rd and you can drive any time or grab a cab to spend your night in a sophisticated environment. This place has undergone the evolution many times over the years to provide visitors with high-quality services and profound fun.

10. Level Dallas

Level Dallas

Level Dallas nightclub is popular among the party-revelers and fun-lovers. If you are also one of those precious people, Level Dallas is bringing the raging fun for you. Prepare yourselves to get an overdose of fun this week and Level Dallas in the first chance you get. If you bring your friends along, it’s going to be twice the fun. So, it is even better to bring your squad along. Have perfect friends’ night out this week! Your friends will commend you for suggesting such a perfect place as Level Dallas to spend a glorious night.

11. Silver City Cabaret Dallas

Silver City Cabaret Dallas

Silver City Cabaret Dallas is known to be the largest Gentlemen’s club in Texas where every guest is served as the VIP. The ambiance is simply great which soothes not only the eyes but also your senses. The mixologists at Silver City Cabaret are expert at their job. They prepare you the drink of your choice promptly and with perfection. You will always be served your drink with an amiable smile from our staff. The VIP sections are also available. You can always get a VIP section to have a more intimate and relaxed experience. the whole place emanates sophistication, the décor is modern. Each corner is lighted up with perfectly balanced lighting creating a great environment.

12. Kalua Discotheque Dallas

Kalua Discotheque Dallas

Kalua Discotheque Dallas is located on 2435 W Northwest Hwy, Dallas. This nightclub only brings positive vibes to the crowd. Those of you who prefer to have a nightclubbing experience other than Fridays and Saturdays, Kalua Discotheque is the good news for you all. As it stays open from Thursday to Sunday. So, don’t shy away from rocking your Thursday night. Instead, come and grab the fun while it’s happening at Kalua Discotheque. Because you deserve it even on Thursdays. Here, you will find the entertainment which works perfectly to wash all the weariness off of you.

13. Stars and Spirits Dallas

Stars and Spirits Dallas

Stars and Spirits Dallas is the hottest nightclub in Dallas. If you have been looking for some hot fun, then you have just landed on the right page. Stars and Spirits is the place which was established to build a connection with those who have a big appetite for fun. Believe us! We understand you on a deeper level. We know your thirst for fun and we also know how to quench your thirst. We have all the essential elements to bring you the perfect dose of fun. So, don’t wait for to light up your Saturdays with us! We stay open from 10 pm to 2 am.

14. Station 4 Dallas

Station 4 Dallas

Station 4 Dallas nightclub has only brought glory to Dallas’ nightlife. Those who have been yearning to experience the outraging fun have now found their safe place. this nightclub has all the essential elements which are needed to elevate your mood and erase the qualms from your mind. So, wait no more and plan your next night out with Station 4. Station 4 awaits you eagerly.

15. It’ll Do Club Dallas

It'll Do Club Dallas

It’ll Do Club Dallas is located on Elm Street in Dallas city. If you are looking to have some positive kind of vibes and electrifying fun, then you can come any weekend night to It’ll Do Club. This place has never disappointed those who really yearn for fun-dose. Every moment at It’ll Do Club is cherished. The traditional dancing atmosphere, happening music, drinks, lights, and the energetic vibes; all are found in one place – It’ll Do Club. Do not delay to visit this awesome place that keeps the crowd amazed and in high spirits all night long.

16. Hyena’s Comedy Nightclub Dallas

Hyena's Comedy Nightclub Dallas

Hyena’s Comedy Nightclub Dallas nightclub can still make you laugh. Life is better when there are peals of laughter. Laughter is known to be a natural stress reliever. If you are low on laughter, let the Hyena’s Comedy Nightclub give you the required dose of laughter when to make you feel better again. Feeling low or not, laughs are always better and never a bad idea. You will laugh naturally once you get to hear the comedians at Hyena’s Comedy Nightclub.

17. Status NightClub Dallas

Status NightClub Dallas

Status NightClub Dallas nightclub is the answer to this specific question. Make your Saturday nights rocking with Status NightClub. Gather your friends this weekend and drive them to Status NightClub this Saturday night. We bet, they are gonna drool over the overflowing fun happening here. Get appreciated from friends to tell them about this amazing nightclub in Dallas. Drinks, music, dance floor, and an amazing crowd await you at the Status NightClub. Don’t keep it waiting for you and join the fun while the night is still young.

18. Foundation Room Dallas

Foundation Room Dallas

Foundation Room Dallas nightclub has packed all these essentials in one place for you. If you have been looking for this combo, now your search has ended. Live away your nights at Foundation Room as it is absolutely worth it. You will only get to understand the kind of this place once you experience it for yourself. It’s indescribable in words. No experience is a bad experience if you are with your friends’ company. Come along with your homies squad to double the fun.

19. Taboo Lounge Dallas

Taboo Lounge Dallas

Taboo Lounge Dallas arranges art shows, karaoke, and live music which are scheduled to repeat one after another. You can have a different and completely new experience through our shows every week. The ambiance of Taboo Lounge is full of art. As the walls with exposed bricks, the art pieces placed across the place, and especially Grecian statues near the front entrance speak much for themselves. The heavily lit bar area catches your eye instantly when you enter the Taboo Lounge. You will find extensive storage of several kinds of drinks at the bar. If you feel your craving for a specific arising, walk to the bar counter and get a drink of your choice. You will find the friendliest bartenders at our bar.

20. Escapade 2001 Dallas

Escapade 2001 Dallas

Escapade 2001 Dallas nightclub has proven its standard as none less than any other top-tier nightclub in Dallas. Escapade 2001 is located in the heart of Dallas city. Not only its location is in the city’s heart but the nightclub itself now has gained a place in partier citizen’s hearts. If you weren’t familiar with this before, you were missing out on some major fun this nightclub has to offer. Come this weekend to experience the outraging entertainment happening exclusively at Escapade 2001.

21. The Nines Dallas

Nines Dallas

The Nines Dallas nightclub is located on 2911 Main St of Dallas. This city has always been searching for some nightclub to rely on for a happy hour. Every day, we throw a happy hour which lasts for 3 hours maximum. Visitors enjoy every incentive this happy hour offers. Our in-house drinks and well drinks are only worth $3 during happy hour. Visit this nightclub during the happy hour and find your happiness.

22. Theory Nightclub Uptown Dallas

Theory Nightclub Uptown Dallas

Theory Nightclub Uptown Dallas nightclub can make your wish true. As this place empathizes with you on a deeper level. It has brought a specific nightclub vibe that is exclusive to this night club only. It is located in the heart of the Uptown Entertainment District. Everything is ultimately updated which is a promise to bring you nothing other than the best nightlife experience. bring your friends’ squad along and have a rocking night at Theory Nightclub Uptown which is the only true nightclub in Dallas.

23. TownHouse Dallas

TownHouse Dallas

TownHouse Dallas nightclub is a place that is all about style, elegance, and sophistication. Not only the venue emanates elegance from every corner but the crowd is also the most elegant crowd from the Dallas. This nightclub was established by getting inspiration from London city townhome which is located in the heart of the art district. Everything here speaks art and style. Grab your friends this weekend and hit this nightclub to have a new nightlife experience. We bet on this, your friends won’t nag about the quality of place.

24. Citizen Dallas

Citizen Dallas

Citizen Dallas nightclub as the name suggests, is a nightclub that suits people of diverse tastes. Whether you are a partying person or a non-partying person, it doesn’t matter when you are at Citizen nightclub. Because this nightclub is designed to please every citizen of Dallas. Don’t be afraid to be yourself at Citizen. You create your own vibes and live along these vibes to the fullest. Located in Uptown Dallas, Citizen awaits you to come and have your kind of fun in your own style.

25. White Diamonds Dallas

White Diamonds Dallas

White Diamonds Dallas nightclub is listed among the top-tier nightclubs of Dallas. If you have been planning all day where to have your night out, then stop working your mind right now. Because White Diamonds is the very place which you need to be. Stop stressing and call your friends now to be at White Diamonds tonight. We have got all the essentials one would need to party at a nightclub.

26. Candleroom Dallas

Candleroom Dallas

Candleroom Dallas nightclub located on Henderson Avenue is exactly that kind of place. your search has ended here with Candleroom. Don’t delay to visit Candleroom. This place was started in 2003. Since the day it was founded, this place has been filling souls with pure entertainment. Candlreroom believes in evolving to bring the best experience to the users. This is why this nightclub has been awarded for Best Trendy Bar several times.

27. The Church Dallas

The Church Dallas

The Church Dallas nightclub is exclusively open on Sunday nights. The Church is based on the theme of Carlos Menendez which opened in Miami. The Church has introduced an entirely new flavor of nightclubbing to Dallas. The citizens have always been searching for something that was crudely energetic and yet offered sophistication until The Church arrived in 1994. The regular visitors of The Church know what this place is about and they keep coming back for the specific flavor of fun that is exclusively found at The Church nightclub. if you haven’t been to The Church yet, you are missing out on something major this city has to offer. Located on 2424 Swiss Avenue, The Church nightclub awaits you eagerly.

28. Club Dreamz Dallas

Club Dreamz Dallas

Club Dreamz Dallas nightclub is one of the very fine nightclubs in Dallas. If you are near Greenville Avenue, then that’s the good news for you. As ClubDreamz nightclub is also located on Greenville Avenue. But even if you are not nearby Greenville Avenue, you sure would want to come to ClubDreamz; once you’ve heard about the kind of fun that happens in ClubDreamz nightclub. so if you have been thinking about where to go for this weekend, then consider ClubDreamz nightclub in your priorities. The real entertainment and enthralling fun are promised at this very nightclub of Dallas.

29. Club Dada Dallas

Club Dada Dallas

Club Dada Dallas nightclub is the main hub of thrilling fun in Dallas city. If you are the one who thrives on a high dose of fun, then Club Dada is the right place for you to be. Plan to spend your nights at Club Dada and you would never regret your decision but only cherish every moment. So! Don’t hold back from lighting up your nights and join the rampant fun happening at Club Dada. Steer your squad towards Elm Street this weekend and dance in the room filled with electrifying music and vibrant lighting. You have to be 21 or more to garner all the fun Club Dada is offering. So, do bring your state-issued ID along.

30. Sue Ellen’s Dallas

Sue Ellen's Dallas

Sue Ellen’s Dallas nightclub was established in January 1989. It was relocated in May 2008. Over the years, there have been lots of changes occurred during that journey which only brought the fun to Dallas citizens day and nightlife. Yes! You heard it right. Among all the hype about nightclubbing and nightlife, we care about your day life.