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White Diamonds Dallas


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White Diamonds Dallas, Guide & Review

Located on 3906 W Camp Wisdom Rd, White Diamonds is listed among the top-tier nightclubs of Dallas. If you have been planning all day where to have your night out, then stop working your mind right now. Because White Diamonds is the very place which you need to be. Stop stressing and call your friends now to be at White Diamonds tonight. We have got all the essentials one would need to party at a nightclub.

The outside of the White Diamonds nightclub is simple yet classic. The inside is even more beautiful. The plain floor, the wallpapers portraying sceneries of famous parts of the world, LED lighting, comfortable and stylish seats, elevated stage, and much more make up the interior décor of this night club. The performers deliver their live performances to cheer up the crowd. the crowd responds with whooping, cheering, whistling, and dancing along the music beats.

If you are at a nightclub, do you crave for food? If you do, then here is the food news for you. White Diamonds has a meu for you to choose from. We have an extensive range of burgers, margaritas, wings, drumsticks, and fries are just a few to name in our menu. Another shocking feature of our menu is the fish basket containing 6 pieces, which is only worth $8.99. Our sauces are finger-licking good and once you’ve tasted our sauces, you are gonna ask for more to accompany your food.

The bartenders are tremendously expert. They make sure that you don’t run out of drinks or shots. And you will always be served with a friendly smile from our well-mannered bartenders. This nightclub stays open every night throughout the week. Cover charges are extremely reasonable. Ladies are charged only $5 while men would be charged $10. Join the fun tonight!

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Very ghetto wouldn't recommend

Rated 1 out of 5
May 19, 2021

Ghetto, Rude, Cheap liquor that they always run out off..Wait time on food almost always 40 mins and up ..8 $ shots 6 $ beers hot at that …Better drink before you go ….Never will they get my business again …

Fuck yall

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