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Club Dada Dallas, Guide & Review

Located on Elm St, Club Dada is the main hub of thrilling fun in Dallas city. If you are the one who thrives on a high dose of fun, then Club Dada is the right place for you to be. Plan to spend your nights at Club Dada and you would never regret your decision but only cherish every moment. So! Don’t hold back from lighting up your nights and join the rampant fun happening at Club Dada. Steer your squad towards Elm Street this weekend and dance in the room filled with electrifying music and vibrant lighting. You have to be 21 or more to garner all the fun Club Dada is offering. So, do bring your state-issued ID along.

This place throws events every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. each show brings the ultimate entertainment. If you have a crushing Monday and Tuesday came even harder on you. Do not feel blue as Tuesday nights are happening at Club Dada. You should not miss the chance to experience the reveling fun. Moreover, if you crave for Friday vibes before Friday arrives, we have got covered. Join us on Thursday night to have a mind-blowing episode of entertainment. Tickets can be bought online before the show. Buying the tickets in advance would guarantee your entry to the show. It is recommended to buy the tickets earlier because if the show is sold out, there’s nothing can be done about it.

There is an outside area reserved for smokers. Smoking is not allowed inside the club. Plus, no fighting, stealing, or bad attitude is tolerated at Club Dada. Club Dada is a perfect venue for all kinds of events such as private parties, weddings, birthdays, other celebratory parties, film premieres, and much more. To inquire about reservations policy and availability, contact us

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