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Citizen – as the name suggests, is a nightclub that suits people of diverse tastes. Whether you are a partying person or a non-partying person, it doesn’t matter when you are at Citizen nightclub. Because this nightclub is designed to please every citizen of Dallas. Don’t be afraid to be yourself at Citizen. You create your own vibes and live along these vibes to the fullest. Located in Uptown Dallas, Citizen awaits you to come and have your kind of fun in your own style.

The full-service bar showcases an extensive collection of drinks. you can order any drink or cocktail of your choice and be served with a generous smile from our expert bartender/s. The interior of Citizen nightclub is an ultimate modern décor. The neon signs lit with bright hues and the variegated lighting installed in the whole place brings tranquility and ecstasy at the same time. The DJ booth and the state-of-the-art sound system works well for those who love to dance and party. Each music beat exiting the sound system would lift the mood of the people dancing on the dance floor. The bar is the perfect place to sit and drink only if you are not in the mood to dance. Or else, you can take a leisurely stroll to our patio where you can sip your drink in peace.

Besides the drinks, music, perfectly lit environment, private rooms are also a highlighted feature of Citizen where you can have a more personalized experience. You can also avail of our table service by reserving one for you. Just go to our official website and put your credentials in the form available online. Our team will respond to your request shortly. Every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night, there is an event waiting for you. Come join on the weekend nights for the ultimate fun!

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