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Medusa Dallas, Guide & Review

Medusa Dallas is located on Pacific Ave in Dallas city. This nightclub has brought innovation to the Dallas’ nightlife. The exotic fun happens at Medusa Dallas. Can’t decide where to go this weekend? Medusa Dallas is the answer. You will only appreciate your decision when you get to experience the wild experience happening at Medusa Dallas. Bring your homies along because fun becomes twice when you have friends by your side. The greatest minds behind FarWest Dallas, Ft. Worth and The Coliseum Austin OK Corral Dallas have now brought the Medusa Dallas to Dallas city.

Many DJ booths are scattered all over the place. The DJs play several genres throughout the night. The famous genres that are often played at Medusa Dallas are Latin, R&B, Country, and mainstream recording. American Idol winner Fantasia, One Twelve, Oscar De Leon, and reggaeton artist Don Omar are just a few to name. These are some of the best DJs in the down.

There are 5 bars, many dance floors, and modern lighting systems installed all over the place. no party or night out experience is complete without having a drink or two or even more. There are as many as 5 bars to keep the whole crowd entertained with drinks. The eclectic music played by our DJs elevates the mood of the entire crowd. The modern fog machines intensify the energy tempting everyone to stay on the dance floor.

The Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights are the party times at Medusa Dallas. The visitors are advised to wear the upclass and fashionable attires. The sporty clothing, ill-fitting dresses, crocs, tennis shoes, and baseball caps are not allowed at Medusa Dallas. Do not miss out on the major fun happening right now in Dallas city.

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