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Austin TexasAll tourists rush to 6th Street to experience the Austin nightlife, but there is more to the city than just clubs and bars. You can have an enjoyable evening in town by partaking in many budget activities. The city comes alive at sundown, and we will help you plan your itinerary for a night in Austin.

Enjoy Live Concerts at The Continental

Austin is known as The Live Music Capital, and one of the most popular venues that gave the city its reputation is The Continental. The demand for the venue has allowed the owners to expand to Houston. The music club on South Congress Avenue has been operational since 1957 and is one of the only venue of its kind in the area.

The interior is inspired by the patriotic Texan spirit and they have plenty of space to accommodate locals as well as visitors. You can enjoy a drink, catch a live performance and make new friends at The Continental.

Play a Game at Peter Pan Mini-Golf

Get your golf on and show everyone your mastery over the course at the Peter Pan Mini Golf. The venue has been serving the community since 1948 and has become a favorite amongst both young and old crowds. The family-owned company has adopted Austin’s laid-back attitude and incorporated it into their business ethic. 

They continue adding new fixtures, lights, and obstacles to the course to bring back old visitors. Peter Pan allows you to get your beer so you can take a cooler along and sip your draft of choice while playing the nine holes.

Swim Under the Full Moon at Barton Springs Pool

Austin’s iconic outdoor swimming pool featured in Hollywood movies hosts a monthly night swim for locals and visitors. Barton Springs Pool is located within Zilker Park and receives water from the natural springs nearby. The water’s temperature is always maintained at a refreshing 68-70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Illuminated by the full moon, Austinites beat the heat at the pool and howl like wolves. There is limited space, so make sure you arrive early to beat the local crowds.

Grab a Drink at the Firehouse Hostel

Around the corner from 6th Street is the Firehouse Hostel, which is Austin’s most lively joint. The firehouse is over a century old, and the building has been standing since 1885. It was abandoned and then turned into a living establishment for students and travelers.

The main attraction of the hostel is the hidden lounge that houses a speakeasy. Open the secret door behind the bookcase to enter into a room decorated in bold colors playing loud music and serving craft beers. Find yourself in another era at this underground bar with an intimate environment.

Amuse Yourself at the Museum of the Weird

Austin’s Museum of the Weirds has curated a collection of odd relics and artifacts for those who love the unexplainable. Their most prominent attraction is supposedly the body of a yeti, which brings in many visitors worldwide. 

The employees give entertaining tours sharing their own wild stories and wacky anecdotes to add another layer of pleasure to the experience. Another reason to visit is to see the apartment next door, which was once the home of Johnny Depp.

Stop for a Pint at The Mohawk

mohawk club austinThe Mohawk is an integral part of Austin’s indie music scene and has been since its inception in 2006. The old-fashioned bar offers beer on tap and happy hour on weekdays from 5 to 8 pm. You cannot find *more charming bartenders and table service anywhere else. 

Mohawk invites touring bands and independent artists to take the stage and entertain their patrons. You can enjoy a pint in the saloon-style bar or play arcade games and show-off your muscle at the arm-wrestling tables.

Laugh till Your Stomach Hurts at Esther’s Follies

From a small bar on 6th Street, Esther’s Follies has turned into a performance arena for all kinds of humorous entertainment. They have a stage that allows many improv groups, dancers, comedians, and singers to enjoy the spotlight and engage their audience.

The set opens up into the main Street, letting passers-by grab a peek into the night’s lineup. Esther’s Follies uses music, real-life situations, public encounters, and political satire to send the crowd in laughing fits night after night.

Get Cultured at The Elephant Room

If you are a jazz fan and want to sit in a bar with a sophisticated atmosphere, then The Elephant Room is the place to be. The bar has a live jazz performance on display every night and serves more than 20 different beers and wines by the glass. 

Relax in the inviting atmosphere and do not worry about ticket prices, usually under $10. It is one of the best live music bars in the Warehouse District, featuring talented musicians and artistic décor. Get a table early because it is undoubtedly a popular venue in Austin.

Chill Under the Open Sky at Summit Rooftop Lounge

Do you love to dance under the stars? Then the Summit Rooftop Lounge is the perfect place to go for a night out in Austin. The main area has a fantastic view of the skyline with award-winning DJs spinning records to pump up the crowd. 

Work up a sweat in the warm Texas evening at this exclusive location. The highly energetic group, fantastic service, and LED-illuminated interior will make you glad you chose the Summit.

Dig into Ribs at Franklin Barbecue

Franklin always has a line at the door, and their world-famous brisket is the culprit. They have earned awards and accolades from top magazines and authorities. Local Texans line up early to get their meaty dinner and often bring collapsible chairs to bear the wait. 

You can also pre-order, but bookings are full at least six weeks earlier. If you love barbecued meat, then do not miss out on this experience.


Austin offers world-class entertainment in the form of music, culture, arts, drinks, and food. The weather and bars attract many visitors every year, but their nightlife is what makes their vacation an unforgettable one. When you are planning a holiday in Austin, do not forget to book your evenings as well.