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You need not watch out for the finest R&B clubs in Austin anymore, as we have found them for you! Our list of the top R&B clubs has got world-class live music clubs. Besides the eclectic music scene, other club amenities are on point! You can’t have one single flat moment out there! Peeps from all over the world visit Austin to enjoy its eclectic music scene in the nightclubs. All your worries and weariness will be toned down once you find yourself in these clubs. The world-renowned DJs and artists grace these venues to turn your gloomy nights into cheerful days. The live music goes on until the wee hours in the morning and keeps you arrested!

1. Lit Lounge

Lit Lounge

Lit Lounge is the charm of 6th Street of Austin. This is not just a nightclub but a complete feeling, a vibe, energy. If you consider yourself a fun-junkie, this place provides you the perfect dose of fun, thrill, and entertainment throughout the week except for Monday night. The fancy people from Austin have always loved Lit Lounge. Drinks, dancing, music, and the amazing ambiance are the highlighted features of this nightclub. And we bet, you won’t feel low for a single moment while you are at Lit Lounge nightclub. Text your homies now and tell them to be at Lit Lounge on your next night out plan. You all would experience a cherishable time at Lit Lounge.

2. Midtown Live

Midtown Live

Midtown Live has much more to offer, are you ready to explore? Midtown Live is a sports café, situated on Cameron road. This place is the best one to catch up with your friends. Midtown Live offers a perfect environment to have a good chit chat with your homies over food and drinks. This place gets visitors from all walks of life. The crowd is always wonderful and we make sure that they have a wonderful experience at Midtown Live. We are open throughout the week, bring your friends along to have a quality time.

3. C-Boy’s Heart & Soul

C-Boy's Heart & Soul Austin

C-Boy’s Heart & Soul is a place which has a blended vibe of classical times and the modern world. Situated on South Congress Avenue, C-Boy’s Heart & Soul was started on NYE 2014. If you and your friends’ squad has a taste for venues that has a classic old vibe, then this place is just right for you. We stay open all nights throughout the week. You can drop by any night you want to. You will realize that there’s more to this place than what meets the eye. But are you ready to explore it? If you are not keen enough, no problem. You will be, the moment you step in the C-Boy’s Heart & Soul.

4. Plush

Plush Austin

Nobody wants a dull night out. And we certainly empathize with all the fun-loving souls on a next level. This is why Plush brings you the best kind of vibe you would ever get in the Austin nightlife. We have high standards for music and we have pledged to maintain these standards. Every visitor at Plush is valued and treated like VIPs. And the best part is that we don’t discriminate between weekend and weekdays when it comes to having a fun-filled night. Bring along your amigos to spend your next night out at Plush ATX. Embrace yourselves to have a rocking nightlife experience at Plush.

5. Shenanigans Nightclub

Shenanigans Nightclub Austin

This is not just a place to hang out, Shenanigans Nightclub is like a box full of wonders. Are you ready to reveal what it’s got? This is no joke when it comes to the features this place possesses as there are countless. You will have several opportunities to have a cherishable time at Shenanigans Nightclub. Drink, dance, eat, play games, or just sit back and relax all night, you have plenty of options to kill your time. The most highlighted of all features is that our happy hour lasts the longest of all the clubs on Pond Springs Rd.

6. Barbarella

Barbarella Austin

Barbarella Austin is an extraordinary place for those who like to dress casually but entertain themselves to the fullest. This place represents the originality of music, ambiance, audience, and everything. Weekly parties with exclusive themes are a routine thing at Barbarella Austin. If you crave for some good time, hit this place at your first chance with your friends. There is so much to explore about this nightclub that one visit won’t be enough to satiate your curiosity about this place and its musical journey.

7. Antone’s Nightclub

Antone's Nightclub Austin

Clifford Antone started this place in 1975. Antone’s Nightclub is all about elegance and music. If you love to listen to live performance or if you love the blues genre, this place is definitely for you. Bring your friends, family, or your special person to have a rocking night. And we don’t discriminate the weekdays from the weekend when it comes to having fun. We offer our services all nights throughout the week. Come any night and you will never be disappointed with any of our services.

In Conclusion

Visit the finest R&B clubs in Austin to have the ultimate fun you are most deserving of! Do Not let your worries take over you! Forget about everything and go dance your worries off! Austin has got everything for every taste! So, waste no more time and rush to the most heavenly clubs on earth! The ultimate fun of your life is seeing your way in Austin’s clubs! We hope everything will work out for you out there! Wishing you All The Best! Cheerio!