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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Austin

1. Agave Club Austin

Agave Club

Agave Club Austin s a befitting place for you. The nights are lit here and everyone is happy. The ambiance provides you the perfect environment to cherish each passing moment of the night. Agave Club is situated on Dessau rd. If you want to light up your nights, take yourself along with your friends’ squad to Agave Club.

2. Lit Lounge Austin

Lit Lounge

Lit Lounge Austin is the charm of 6th Street of Austin. This is not just a nightclub but a complete feeling, a vibe, energy. If you consider yourself a fun-junkie, this place provides you the perfect dose of fun, thrill, and entertainment throughout the week except for Monday night. The fancy people from Austin have always loved Lit Lounge. Drinks, dancing, music, and the amazing ambiance are the highlighted features of this nightclub. And we bet, you won’t feel low for a single moment while you are at Lit Lounge nightclub. Text your homies now and tell them to be at Lit Lounge on your next night out plan. You all would experience a cherishable time at Lit Lounge.

3. Cheer Up Charlies Austin

Cheer Up Charlies

Cheer Up Charlies Austin give you a chance to be comfortable in a magical outdoor of ambiance amid the electrifying musical performance going on. The wonderful environment calms your nerves and makes you feel amazing at the same time. The vibe can not be described in words, one can only feel it by being there. The bar is inside while the music setup is outdoors. If you are in the need to have a drink/s, you’d have to go up to our fancy-looking bar. The bartenders always welcome you with a friendly smile and you’ll be served your drink with the same friendly smile. 

4. Club Carnaval Austin

Club Carnaval

Club Carnaval Austin brings you the spicy nights in Austin nightlife. If you want some spiciness in your nights, get off your couch and plan your next night out with us at Club Carnaval. Surrounded by music, amazing crowd, lighting, drinks, and great ambiance, you will certainly forget about your worries and hurries. We guarantee you fun and an amazing night out experience. This is the only nightclub in Austin which has the ultimate Mexican vibe. Get yourself some Mexican vibe and be at Club Carnaval any night from Friday till Monday. Never be afraid to bring your homies along, they are gonna totally love it.

5. Club Caribe Austin

Club Caribe

Club Caribe Austin a name that is close to the hearts of those who truly love partying. It is located at 4134 Felter Lane in South Austin. Not only is its location ideal but the ambiance, environment, and the vibe at Club Caribe are also unmatched. This nightclub is the greatest Latino fusion nightclub that is known for its best DJs and the best music across the town. if you have been looking for a night out spot which lets you experience an after-party thrill, then you have just found it. Bring your friends’ squad and grab the remarkable night of your life. We rise with the sun and stay up till 5 in the morning.

6. OK Corral Austin

OK Corral Austin

OK Corral Austin is a place for an outstanding experience. We have music, drinks, and a great ambiance. The atmosphere here is one of a kind. We warn you that our vibe is highly addictive. The visitors keep coming to enjoy the exclusive atmosphere. Situated on W Ben White Blvd, OK Corral welcomes everyone who wants to have a fun-filled time. We promise you the best music, classic ambiance, and beautiful crowd. Bring your friend/s, significant other, or your favorite sibling to have a rocking night.

7. Plush Austin

Plush Austin

Plush Austin is a place brings you the best kind of vibe you would ever get in the Austin nightlife. We have high standards for music and we have pledged to maintain these standards. Every visitor at Plush is valued and treated like VIPs. And the best part is that we don’t discriminate between weekend and weekdays when it comes to having a fun-filled night. Bring along your amigos to spend your next night out at Plush ATX. Embrace yourselves to have a rocking nightlife experience at Plush.

8. Lux Austin 

Lux Bar Austin

Lux Austin brings you the hottest Friday nights in west 6th street of Austin. The hype about this place is not in vain, come check it out for yourself. Over the years, we have worked to make this place amazing and introduce you to a new, revitalized nightlife experience. If you need the feel to experience something outstanding, incredible, and enthralling, we have got all for you! The drinks are amazing, professional bartenders, and you will get to hear diverse genres of music at Lux nightclub.

9. Cielo Nightclub Austin

Cielo Nightclub

Cielo Nightclub Austin is a nightclub that plays several genres of music with an emphasis on Latin music. The musical vibe you will feel at this nightclub is not available anywhere else in the whole town. Located in the heart of Downtown Austin, Cielo nightclub has won heart across the town. If you are low on the fun-dose, you need to visit this nightclub and refill your soul with a refreshing experience. Socialize, mingle, drink, dance, and rock away your night at Cielo nightclub. There’s no stopping when it’s weekend night and you are at the Cielo nightclub.

10. Midtown Live Austin

Midtown Live

Midtown Live Austin nightclub  has much more to offer, are you ready to explore? Midtown Live is a sports café, situated on Cameron road. This place is the best one to catch up with your friends. Midtown Live offers a perfect environment to have a good chit chat with your homies over food and drinks. This place gets visitors from all walks of life. The crowd is always wonderful and we make sure that they have a wonderful experience at Midtown Live. We are open throughout the week, bring your friends along to have a quality time.

11. Boomerz Austin

Boomerz Austin

Boomerz Austin is the place for true fun-junkies. Never be afraid to tell your squad about this place, you can bring them any time and they would totally love it. If you and your friends can’t decide where to go for your next night out. This is your chance to try the Boomerz this time and introduce yourselves to a raging ride of fun that happens exclusively at Boomerz.

12. Speakeasy Austin

Speakeasy Austin

Speakeasy Austin brings you all the necessary elements you need to have a rocking night. This place is not just a nightclub but a feeling, a vibe that brings you an exclusive joy. And you would want to come again and again. Tell your friends about this place without having reservations about it. Speakeasy offers drinks, dance, live music, and much more to explore. If you are daring enough to experience an outstanding, raging fun night, this place is definitely for you!

13. Barcelona Austin

Barcelona Austin

Barcelona Austin is nightclub – lovingly known as The Basscave is enlisted among the top nightclubs with perfect sound systems. This place is the highlight of Downtown Austin. Barcelona nightclub resides on the 6th street of Austin. This place has an exclusive vibe that makes you dance and rock along the music beats all night long. If you haven’t yet decided where to spend your next night out, Barcelona nightclub is a recommended one. All our visitors enter with zest and leave fulfilled. Bring your squad along and have a rocking night amid a powerful ambiance.

14. C-Boy’s Heart & Soul Austin

C-Boy's Heart & Soul Austin

C-Boy’s Heart & Soul Austin nightclub is a place which has a blended vibe of classical times and the modern world. Situated on South Congress Avenue, C-Boy’s Heart & Soul was started on NYE 2014. If you and your friends’ squad has a taste for venues that has a classic old vibe, then this place is just right for you. We stay open all nights throughout the week. You can drop by any night you want to. You will realize that there’s more to this place than what meets the eye. But are you ready to explore it? If you are not keen enough, no problem. You will be, the moment you step in the C-Boy’s Heart & Soul.

15. Flamingo Cantina Austin

Flamingo Cantina Austin

Flamingo Cantina Austin has been spreading the fun-filled vibes across the city. If you are interested to listen to the new performers every night, visit us on your net night out. This is a place where you can laugh, drink, dance, and listen to the amazing collection of music. If you believe in vibes, this night club has a special vibe that resonates with those who love to have a rocking night out. We understand your need to have a perfect time whether it’s weekend yet or not. That’s why we are open from Tuesday night till Saturday. If you have had a crushing Monday, you can crash at Flamingo Cantina on Tuesday night to refill your soul with some fun-filled time.

16. Barbarella Austin

Barbarella Austin

Barbarella Austin nightclub is an extraordinary place for those who like to dress casually but entertain themselves to the fullest. This place represents the originality of music, ambiance, audience, and everything. Weekly parties with exclusive themes are a routine thing at Barbarella Austin. If you crave for some good time, hit this place at your first chance with your friends. There is so much to explore about this nightclub that one visit won’t be enough to satiate your curiosity about this place and its musical journey. To embrace the fun-loving side of your personality truly, visit Barbarella Austin!

17. Shenanigans Nightclub Austin

Shenanigans Nightclub Austin

Status NightClub Dallas nightclub is the answer to this specific question. Make your Saturday nights rocking with Status NightClub. Gather your friends this weekend and drive them to Status NightClub this Saturday night. We bet, they are gonna drool over the overflowing fun happening here. Get appreciated from friends to tell them about this amazing nightclub in Dallas. Drinks, music, dance floor, and an amazing crowd await you at the Status NightClub. Don’t keep it waiting for you and join the fun while the night is still young.

18. Foundation Room Dallas

Foundation Room Dallas

Shenanigans Nightclub Austin nightclub is like a box full of wonders. Are you ready to reveal what it’s got? This is no joke when it comes to the features this place possesses as there are countless. You will have several opportunities to have a cherishable time at Shenanigans Nightclub. Drink, dance, eat, play games, or just sit back and relax all night, you have plenty of options to kill your time. The most highlighted of all features is that our happy hour lasts the longest of all the clubs on Pond Springs Rd.

19. Elysium Austin

Elysium Austin

Elysium Austin is the nightclub which was established in a warehouse building that is centuries old. This fact also adds to its story and charm. The stage is a huge one where DJs and live performers express their talents and make you feel alive in the nights. the intensive lighting system and the fog machines fill the entire dance floor with a chaos-like scenario. The DJs and live performers burn the stage and warm your hearts with their raging talent.

20. Summit Austin

Summit Austin

Summit Austin nightclub place has an environment which is not found anywhere else in the whole town-wide. The music, the great outdoor ambiance, and the amazing crowd from across the town are only some of the outstanding features of this night club. But describing this place in words wouldn’t be fair, you’ll have to visit this place yourself. So, don’t delay it further to spend your night here. Bring your friends along to have a rocking experience!

21. Aquarium On Sixth Austin

Aquarium On Sixth Austin

Aquarium On Sixth Austin nightclub is only such a place that offers you plenty of fun at very reasonable prices. So, have you been planning your night out but couldn’t decide on a suitable place? If you haven’t already decided, pay a visit to The Aquarium on the Sixth. It is a fun-packed place where nobody feels dull. This place is all about drinks, live music, and fun all night long. Come create your own aquarium of fun and swim along with your friends’ squad through your fun-aquarium.

22. El Nocturno Nightclub Austin

El Nocturno Nightclub Austin

El Nocturno Nightclub Austin nightclub is for the nocturnal people of Austin. This Latin themed night has a classic ambiance which no one can resist but fall prey to it. If you have been waiting for the weekend to arrive, El Nocturno is the best place to give yourself a treat after a tiring week. Bring yourself along with your homies to have a rocking night. El Nocturno is located on Lamar Blvd. so, wait not and tell your cab driver to drive you here at El Nocturno.

23. The Rose Room Austin

The Rose Room Austin

The Rose Room Austin nightclub is a place has a voyeuristic environment where you would forget about your qualms and will be calm in a true manner. There’s no harm in indulging in a twisted every now and then. Make your night bright with the fun offered at The Rose Room. Situated on Rock Rose Ave, The Rose Room stands tall as one of the amazing places in Austin. Keep The Rose Room on top in your priority list if you are considering places to visit this weekend.

24. Antone’s Nightclub Austin

Antone's Nightclub Austin

Antone’s Nightclub Austin nightclub is famous for its live performances of blues music. musicians from across the country including Muddy Waters, B.B. King, Ray Charles, Jimmy Reed, and James Brown were introduced through this very place. Besides them, many local artists who pursued the blues genre got the chance to express their talent through Antone’s Nightclub. The close association with blues has earned this place the title “Home of the Blues.” You can buy the tickets in advance from Or else collect the ticket from Big Henry’s Vinyl & Gifts between 12 pm to 10 pm daily.

25. Rodeo Nightclub Austin

Rodeo Nightclub Austin

Rodeo Nightclub Austin nightclub welcomes everyone. Did you have a tough week? Now is the time to celebrate your courage to get through the week. Celebrate your strength, determination, or merely your existence at Club Rodeo Austin. We await you on Lamar Blvd, Austin. Drive your wheels this weekend and tell your friends to join you at the most incredible night club of this city. All your friends who rely on you to pick a place for a night out would commend you for choosing such a nice place as Club Rodeo Austin.

26. Vulcan Gas Company Austin

Vulcan Gas Company Austin

Vulcan Gas Company Austin nightclub is a place that has something bombastic to offer. This night club has redefined the meaning of nightlife in Austin. Everybody wants something new and outstanding that is different from the traditional nightlife in Austin. If you want to experience that novelty, Vulcan Gas Company has just brought it in town. So, gather your friends and hit this place to have a mind-blowing fun-dose. You are never going to forget the fun you would have at Vulcan Gas Company. We bet you will get what you deserve.