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Barbarella Austin, Guide & Review

Barbarella Austin is an extraordinary place for those who like to dress casually but entertain themselves to the fullest. This place represents the originality of music, ambiance, audience, and everything. Weekly parties with exclusive themes are a routine thing at Barbarella Austin. If you crave for some good time, hit this place at your first chance with your friends. There is so much to explore about this nightclub that one visit won’t be enough to satiate your curiosity about this place and its musical journey. To embrace the fun-loving side of your personality truly, visit Barbarella Austin!

Like everyone else, we also believe the drinks are a must-have at any party or a night out. This is why we have well drinks only for $3 until 11 pm. Show up before 11 pm and drink yourself crazy from our well drinks. Each night, there is a different scenario of music and ongoing fun. Tuesdays bring you Tuezgayz where you get to hear Diamond Dior, Mandy Quinn, Mars, and Zane Zena. Thursday nights bring you happy hour which lasts all night long and the music genres played on Thursday night are old hip-hop, jam, and sometimes modern music collection. Friday nights are about 80s era where Footloose 80s is recreated. Saturdays are all about New Noise.

Everyone can enter the nightclub for free until 11 pm. On Thursday, no cover charges are applied for anyone and the whole night is happy hour. The best thing about the music played at Barbarella Austin is that we have sheer respect for the music. We don’t mess up with the track’s original composition. This is the only nightclub where you get to listen to the music in its original composition with no drops and jams to cause the interruption. Anyone who is 21 or above is valid to enter Barbarella Austin. There is no strict dress code to follow. Dress as you want and hit Barbarella Austin to have a blast-like night.

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