Shenanigans Nightclub Austin

Shenanigans Nightclub Austin


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Shenanigans Nightclub Austin, Guide & Review

This is not just a place to hang out, Shenanigans Nightclub is like a box full of wonders. Are you ready to reveal what it’s got? This is no joke when it comes to the features this place possesses as there are countless. You will have several opportunities to have a cherishable time at Shenanigans Nightclub. Drink, dance, eat, play games, or just sit back and relax all night, you have plenty of options to kill your time. The most highlighted of all features is that our happy hour lasts the longest of all the clubs on Pond Springs Rd.

The intimate ambiance, great décor, spaciousness and many other features of this place ensure that your stay at Shenanigans Nightclub will be awesome. The DJs and live performers have some legendary talent. Everyone loves the live performances at Shenanigans Nightclub. Fridays are for live performances. Once the performers have taken the stage, not a single speck of dullness would stay in the environment. The drinks at Shenanigans Nightclub are of high quality. The bartenders are professionals and would never get you the wrong drink. Instead, you will always be served with a smile. Moreover, if you are fond of eating while between dancing along the beats, we have several food items in our menu you can choose from.

There are smoking areas for smokers. So, both smokers and non-smokers don’t have to worry about the smoke. The karaoke nights are everyone’s favorite. We have karaoke on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday nights. free pool games are offered every day. And listen up close! Our happy hour lasts the whole day on Monday. 8 ball tournaments are conducted every Saturday night. Ride the tides of fun at Shenanigans Nightclub every night. We open at 11 am and the fun goes on till 2 in the morning. On Sunday, we open at 12 noon.

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