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Rodeo Nightclub Austin


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Club Rodeo Austin welcomes everyone. Did you have a tough week? Now is the time to celebrate your courage to get through the week. Celebrate your strength, determination, or merely your existence at Club Rodeo Austin. We await you on Lamar Blvd, Austin. Drive your wheels this weekend and tell your friends to join you at the most incredible night club of this city. All your friends who rely on you to pick a place for a night out would commend you for choosing such a nice place as Club Rodeo Austin.

The DJ booth has the modern quality equipment and the expert DJs know how to play their fingers to bring the magic in the environment. Once the magic happens, nobody can keep from indulging in the reveling fun happening on the dance floor. So, step on your dance floor and show your dance moves. You may never know you might impress someone to be your date next Friday. The dance floor remains lit with the intensive lighting system installed and the numerous moving strobe lights. The sound system emits each sound wave of music separately which reverberates through the whole place and eventually hits your senses to encourage you to live in the moment.

Moreover, the elevated private booth is situated at a distance from the dance floor. It is an area specified for those who want to have a decent talk over drinks with their friends or merely enjoy by watching the dance floor entertainment from a distance. And the best part is that you can make a free reservation for your friend’s upcoming birthday. Besides that, ladies enter for free throughout the night on Sunday. Bring along your ladies and make your weekend the best this time. We await you every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 9 pm to 2 am.

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