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Antone’s Nightclub Austin


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Antone’s Nightclub Austin, Guide & Review

Clifford Antone started this place in 1975. Antone’s Nightclub is all about elegance and music. If you love to listen to live performance or if you love the blues genre, this place is definitely for you. Bring your friends, family, or your special person to have a rocking night. And we don’t discriminate the weekdays from the weekend when it comes to having fun. We offer our services all nights throughout the week. Come any night and you will never be disappointed with any of our services. We have maintained a standard through all these years which has gained us the trust of our visitors.

Antone’s Nightclub is famous for its live performances of blues music. musicians from across the country including Muddy Waters, B.B. King, Ray Charles, Jimmy Reed, and James Brown were introduced through this very place. Besides them, many local artists who pursued the blues genre got the chance to express their talent through Antone’s Nightclub. The close association with blues has earned this place the title “Home of the Blues.” You can buy the tickets in advance from Or else collect the ticket from Big Henry’s Vinyl & Gifts between 12 pm to 10 pm daily.

The food and drinks are awesome at Antone’s Nightclub. Turkey and Swiss, Tuna, The iconic sandwiches, and other food options are available at Antone’s Nightclub. So, keep your tummy filled and enjoy the fullness of your tummy while you enjoy the live music and great ambiance. We empathize with you if you have lost anything at Antone’s Nightclub, contact us at Beware, we have limited seating. Come first and get first when it comes to seating availability. All our shows are for 21 years old individuals. Our doors are open till 2 in the morning. So, come and grab the night while it’s young.

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