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Aquarium On Sixth Austin


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Aquarium On Sixth Austin, Guide & Review

Do you wanna know about a great night out place in Austin which doesn’t charge you extra? The Aquarium on the Sixth is only such a place that offers you plenty of fun at very reasonable prices. So, have you been planning your night out but couldn’t decide on a suitable place? If you haven’t already decided, pay a visit to The Aquarium on the Sixth. It is a fun-packed place where nobody feels dull. This place is all about drinks, live music, and fun all night long. Come create your own aquarium of fun and swim along with your friends’ squad through your fun-aquarium.

The bar is an extraordinarily elaborate one. The counter of the bar runs long. Aquariums are installed in the wall behind the bar. The bar showcases several types of drinks and cocktails. The bartenders are exceptionally amiable. They offer you drinks with the heartiest smile. An enormous feature this bar has to offer is that the cocktails are served in fish bowls with straws to drink from them. The low-lit ambiance is emphasized by the hanging lit chandeliers.

No nightclub is complete without the music. But if the music is presented live then the fun doubles. Every night, from 8 pm to 11 pm, there’s a new event with new performers awaiting you! The music performers perform alternately. The popular performers are Sunny Wolf, Nick Swift Duo, and The Bar Flys. If Austin is called the Live Music Capital of the World, Aquarium on the Sixth has lived up to this name.

Moreover, there are games like beer pong and Jenga to make the best out of your time at the Aquarium on the Sixth. The drinks at cheaper rates, live music, DJs, and games to play; what else one can wish to have a blast-like night out. Have your next night out with us and your night!

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