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Club Caribe – a name that is close to the hearts of those who truly love partying. It is located at 4134 Felter Lane in South Austin. Not only is its location ideal but the ambiance, environment, and the vibe at Club Caribe are also unmatched. This nightclub is the greatest Latino fusion nightclub that is known for its best DJs and the best music across the town. if you have been looking for a night out spot which lets you experience an after-party thrill, then you have just found it. Bring your friends’ squad and grab the remarkable night of your life. We rise with the sun and stay up till 5 in the morning.

The DJ booth resides on the focal point of the dance floor. The lighting system and the sound system rock the entire place and create a perfect environment that makes everyone get on their feet. The strobe lights and the fog machines create a dramatic situation where everyone feels compelled to rejoice every moment. The dance floor is huge enough where everyone has their personal space and our policy encourages to let others enjoy within their personal space. Our talented DJs are MC MARCY, DJ LAN2, DJ ECLIPSE, and DJ JAVILA. They play several genres of music including reggaeton, merengue, bachata, punta, salsa, EDM, 3 Ball, and much more.

Club Caribe is open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. And if you’re courageous enough to stay up until the night breaks into dawn, you gotta visit Club Caribe soon. This nightclub stays open until 5 am. The doors would open at 11 pm. The DJs don’t let you get bored even for a single moment at Club Caribe. Your zest, the music, and the ambiance together make the partying atmosphere. Bring your energy, we bring you the elements that let you enjoy your energy at the fullest.

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