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Cielo Nightclub Austin


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Cielo Nightclub Austin, Guide & Review

Fan of Latin music? Here’s good news for you! Cielo nightclub is the place that plays several genres of music with an emphasis on Latin music. The musical vibe you will feel at this nightclub is not available anywhere else in the whole town. Located in the heart of Downtown Austin, Cielo nightclub has won heart across the town. If you are low on the fun-dose, you need to visit this nightclub and refill your soul with a refreshing experience. Socialize, mingle, drink, dance, and rock away your night at Cielo nightclub. There’s no stopping when it’s weekend night and you are at the Cielo nightclub.

The full-service bar serves you a large range of drinks and cocktails. You can order what you want and get on with your nightlife while sipping your drink. The bartenders are amiable and serve you with a warm smile. The interior emanates a strong vibe, the walls display the attractive optical patterns. The radiant disco ball emits the strong lighting which sways across the reveling crowd. The modern lighting system enhances the whole ambiance. There is also a mezzanine floor where seating is available for those who would like to sit, drink, and talk or either want a break from the dance floor. The DJ booth is of modern standard where our DJs plays some best of their music collection. You don’t need to worry about your taste in music, as here several types of genres are played, though Latin music is our specialty.

The best dress goes well with the best night out experience. We want our visitors to dress fashionably. So, dress your best and have the best fun in the whole town. Every Friday and Saturday night, we await you. Join us at 9 pm and cherish every moment till we close at 2 in the morning.

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