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Can’t choose a place to spend your night out? Speakeasy brings you all the necessary elements you need to have a rocking night. This place is not just a nightclub but a feeling, a vibe that brings you an exclusive joy. And you would want to come again and again. Tell your friends about this place without having reservations about it. Speakeasy offers drinks, dance, live music, and much more to explore. If you are daring enough to experience an outstanding, raging fun night, this place is definitely for you!

Speakeasy is comprised of three levels; ground, mezzanine, and top floor. The ground floor has an elevated stage where bands perform live. The dance floor lies right in front of the stage where the crowd goes crazy and fun prevails everywhere. The mezzanine floor has comfortable couches, a pool table, and a bar. You can have the best leisurely time on our mezzanine floor while watching over the dance floor. And you can always step down from the mezzanine floor and join the reveling crowd on the dance floor. The music Lounge gives off the vibe of the 20s era. Its interior is classic yet simple. The wood finishings are amazing to behold. The rooftop Lounge Terrace59 is on the top floor which provides you an open-air experience. The candlelit tables are another feature to make your evening even brighter. You can enjoy the skyline view from there and sip on your drink/s while doing so.

In the Kabaret Room, DJ spins the music from the latest top 40s. Red couches serve as the best cozy spots to settle in and have a gossipy night with your friends or thing could escalate if you’re with your special one. On Wednesday nights, we bring you Salsa which begins at 8 pm. Come along your friends’ squad and elevate your moods together.

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