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Located on Technology Blvd, PrymeBar Dallas is among one of the upscale nightclubs in Dallas. The great environment is necessary to have a great time. PrymeBar Dallas gives you that environment which is exclusively needed to have a rocking experience of night out. Drinks, food, and music create a unique sense of entertainment which entices everyone to let loose and enjoy to the fullest. Tell your friends and family about this amazing nightclub. Your friends are gonna love this place and your whole squad would insist on coming again to taste the same familiar flavor of fun which is exclusively found at PrymeBar Dallas.

This place empathizes with those who want to have fun in a personalized style on another level. As PrymeBar Dallas has more than 30 VIP areas. 2 level ultra lounges and 2 levels outside patios are also available. Our full-service kitchen brings delicious dishes to your table which please your taste buds to the ultimate level. Flavored hookahs are also there to enhance your partying experience. the crowd keeps dancing and the DJ keeps jamming. The DJs are of an exceptional talent which never let the crowd to be bored by music but amused all the time.

This place has enough space to accommodate any kind of event. The staff is amiable and professional. They know what they are doing. Our expert staff and this perfect venue are enough to make your event a successful one. So, feel free to hire us to accommodate your event. This nightclub stays open on Friday and Saturday night from 9 pm to 2 am. While Sundays are even more exciting. The Sunday’s day party is something you seriously need to experience at PrymeBar Dallas. The brunch and music make your Sunday complete. The doors open at 12:00.

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