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Club Carnaval brings you the spicy nights in Austin nightlife. If you want some spiciness in your nights, get off your couch and plan your next night out with us at Club Carnaval. Surrounded by music, amazing crowd, lighting, drinks, and great ambiance, you will certainly forget about your worries and hurries. We guarantee you fun and an amazing night out experience. This is the only nightclub in Austin which has the ultimate Mexican vibe. Get yourself some Mexican vibe and be at Club Carnaval any night from Friday till Monday. Never be afraid to bring your homies along, they are gonna totally love it.

The bar serves you the finest collection of drinks and cocktails. Not only our bar is the finest but the whole crew of bartenders also have some finest expertise to let you have the best experience at our bar. Order your drink and receive it with a smile from the bartender. The holy sips add to your mood and you can’t keep from partying all night. There are private tables at a significant distance from the dance floor where you can have your drinks in peace while talking to your friend/s and watching over the entertainment gala happening on the dance floor.

The DJs possess higher skills and they know how to keep the spirits of the crowd high. We bet you will sway along the music beats leaving through the high-quality sound system installed. The dance floor is huge which is illuminated with intensive lighting. The lighting, the music, and your thirst to have fun together create a magical ambiance which keeps the party going till the end. We stay open every night except Tuesday and Wednesday from 8 pm till 2 am. On Sunday night, we open the doors an hour early, at 7 pm. It’s been two decades, we have been pouring the fun into Austin’s nights and we strive to so in the days to come.

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