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Lit Lounge Austin, Guide & Review

Lit Lounge is the charm of 6th Street of Austin. This is not just a nightclub but a complete feeling, a vibe, energy. If you consider yourself a fun-junkie, this place provides you the perfect dose of fun, thrill, and entertainment throughout the week except for Monday night. The fancy people from Austin have always loved Lit Lounge. Drinks, dancing, music, and the amazing ambiance are the highlighted features of this nightclub. And we bet, you won’t feel low for a single moment while you are at Lit Lounge nightclub. Text your homies now and tell them to be at Lit Lounge on your next night out plan. You all would experience a cherishable time at Lit Lounge.

The drinks menu is elaborate and the bartenders are highly professional. You will never get the wrong drink as we have responsible staff here. The dance floor is the best part of Lit Lounge where you can let go of all your qualms and be a party animal with your friends’ squad. The entire place is always lit with a dynamic lighting system. The DJs play an eclectic collection of music which always pleases your ears. Confucius Jones and Manny Mo make the famous duo at Lit Lounge. The audience just loves how they handle the music at the DJ booth.

The conspicuous feature is our limo service which lets you come and leave in the lavish ride. 2 Piece Tuesdays are famous and offer you lemon drops and long islands for $3 and free popeyes. 2 Piece Tuesdays are a perfect treat for yourself after having a crushing Monday. On Friday and Saturday nights, long island iced tea is offered for $2 and bottle service is available at $100 until 11 pm. Group of 5 ladies or more are offered free entry all night. You can join us between 9 pm to 2 am.

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