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Music, drinks, food, and great good vibes. What else you must have to have a killing fun? Foundation Room nightclub has packed all these essentials in one place for you. If you have been looking for this combo, now your search has ended. Live away your nights at Foundation Room as it is absolutely worth it. You will only get to understand the kind of this place once you experience it for yourself. It’s indescribable in words. No experience is a bad experience if you are with your friends’ company. Come along with your homies squad to double the fun.

The full-service bar with lit showcases exhibiting a large collection of drinks. the mixers and bartenders are experts at what they do. If you ask them for a drink of your choice, you’ll get exactly what you asked for along with a heartwarming smile – a free service our staff provided tp all visitors without discrimination. Happy hour starts at 6 pm at Foundation Room and the cocktails start flowing without a halt.

The VIP lounge at Foundation Room is extraordinary. You would realize that you were missing out when you get to experience it. Premium menu, elevated seating, personal service, and priority access are the highlighted features of the VIP experience at Foundation Room. The dimly lit ambiance filled with vibrant hues emanating from the installed lighting system create a seductive and tranquil environment. Besides dance and fun, Foundation Room is also about taste and taste buds. The menu served at Foundation Room club is extensive, all-encompassing, and a must-try.

For Dining Room Reservation, call on 214.978.4868 or request it online. Only trendy clothing is allowed for whoever is to visit the Foundation Room. Doors open from Wednesday to Thursday at 6 pm and on Friday – Saturday at 5:30 pm.

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