Things to do in Miami At Night

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About Miami

With its subtropical weather all year round, protected harbor, and remarkable shores and beaches, Miami has conventionally been a sanctuary for vacationing, retiring, or partying, providing a good mix of solitude and entertainment. 

First things first, here’s something you need to know about the nightlife in Miami: They never cool off. Although daytime in Miami can be breathtaking, it’s the night that really makes the city what it is. A hot, sticky, anything-can-happen playground ruled by hustlers, credit-card millionaires, and college-educated courtesans.

Of course, our city has developed up from its party-all-night reputation. While you can definitely still have your rage-till-sunrise nights, you can also taste the wonderful different cocktails America has to offer, along with going to exclusive 5-star restaurants at midnight, which has magnificent food and is for people with different food palate. Whatever your flavor, Miami has it for you. And here’s where to find it.

Nightclubs in Miami

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Other things to do at night in Miami

Get lucky out in the casino.

The massive sea of slot machines, poker tables, and lively bars make it one of the most exciting and popular casinos in America, always crowded and busy. It also hosts frequent concerts, comedy shows, and boxing matches, and later this year will have a whole hotel shaped like a guitar, something people are looking forward to. 

Get “lit” at Laser light shows.

Nothing quite compares kicking off a lazy Friday night by relishing a fine, minty-tasting chocolate product and watching a bunch of lasers bounces in all directions “Dark Side of the Moon.” Our lustrous new Frost Museum of Science proposes part of that occasion every other Friday with its Laser Evenings. In accumulation to Pink, Floyd laser shows also features everything from laser Michael Jackson to laser Beyoncé.

Enjoy LED paddle boarding.

Combining the colorful, blinding lights of the city nights with the on-water recreation of the daylight, Miami Beach Paddleboard bargains a 90-minute SUP tour where your board comes equipped with LED lights. The tour takes place at sunset, and seeing the city convert from day to night as the turquoise water flows under you is a breathtaking and surreal sight one found himself to appreciate.

Take a walk down South Beach.

To experience the ultimate Miami experience is a public beach that’s available for all people. It’s also easily accessible by foot. You may feel nostalgic, almost as if you’ve been to this certain place before. That’s because this spot is famous for being used as a backdrop where you can rent lounge chairs and umbrellas. Even if you’re not big on sunbathing, it’s worth taking a stroll around the south beach to see the hype of it all, really is. Perhaps the best time to go is late afternoon because the crowds will have thinned out a bit and it will be more spacious and because the whole aesthetic of the beach will seem surreal.

Go Therapeutic IV Deep Sea Fishing.

Sure, the water in Miami is a sight to gawk at from your lounge chair. But spoil yourself and hop aboard Captain Stan Saffan’s 58-foot sportfish boat, with his crew for a day (or half-day) of deep-sea fishing. It’s not just any hoary tourist who decides that spending a day at sea fishing for marlin, sailfish, or hammerhead sharks indicates they’re having a good time.

Raise your glasses to the notorious criminals Black Market Miami

Whoever lived through Miami in its cocaine-and-Orange-Bowl heyday will be bawling by the interior at Black Market, where folder snapshots of every notorious criminal from Michael Irvin to Pablo Escobar decorate the area. And although this restaurant could easily pass as downtown’s second history museum, you’ll probably want to spend the majority of your time here viewing one of the massive flat screens showing sports all day long or enjoying cocktails like the E11eve. After this, a spicy tequila watermelon creation that’ll have you primed to make some regretful decisions.

Drink away at Club Deuce

Mac’s Club Deuce is the undoubted victor of Miami bars. No, there’s no outdoor seating. Yes, there’s smoking inside. But since when did anyone obsess with their health stop in for an 8 am happy hour at the Deuce? This South Beach landmark is easily Miami’s most historic and memorable bar, from the Miami Vice wrap party to its iconic horseshoe bar.  The Deuce is so legendary; you’ll regularly find bartenders at other bars wearing Deuce gear. But the fame hasn’t gotten to its head; drinks, even during non-happy hour times, are still some of the cheapest in South Beach while the Deuce is easily crowded by several people eager to enjoy.

Enjoy the comfort food at Over to Under.

Previously, in Miami’s iterations, a bar known as Over/Under that served a simple menu of just a glass of beer or some cold drinks in a small storefront. And although the bar area here looks like it could have been an old tote board at Hialeah Park, there’s no venturing at Over Under (that we know of). There’s just a sunny front patio perfect for appreciating the bartenders’ special drinks of the day while indulging in the menu of bar comfort food.


As most people know 1-800 Lucky as the go-to for poke, pho, ramen, and pretty much any other Asian invention, the breezy outdoor bar at Wynwood’s Far East food fall is just as much a reason to go. Enjoying the cool, creative cocktails in the large garden whilst the fans cool it down is also perhaps the only place in Miami where you can order from a half-dozen different Asian restaurants.

Relax at The Broken Shaker

Broken Shaker is, undoubtedly, the single-greatest youth hostel bar in history. Here, instead of sketchy, creepy dudes with backpacks, you’ll find herb gardens from which most of the ingredients for the cocktails are grown. Oversized chairs are really cozy up the large, shady courtyard full of trees and bushes. And after merging with the kitchen from 27 restaurants next door, it achieved to stay in business for much of this closed-down summer and notch a pretty impressive new bar menu in the process.

Enjoy VIP access at Sugar.

Perhaps the only downside of this Asian garden was the improbability of finding a suitable place to sit and enjoy the view from.  But instead of working from home, Sugar has yet another coronavirus silver lining, as the tables which were once reserved for rich individuals are now open for anyone who buys a cocktail. This tiny offer did not last once bars are allowed to run at full capacity, so not taking full advantage of this movement would be regretful.

Do Not Sit on the Furniture

Owned and run by the worldwide famous  DJ Behrouz and his wife, this bohemian house club is a far different scene than the rest of Miami. It’s a small, dimly lit room full of organic accents with three disco balls and having a welcoming and carefree environment. Largely inspired by Burning Man culture, the club warms up some marathon nights that begin with light yoga and meditation. The place is decorated with golden cassette tapes and fancy decorations, making the place even more enjoyable. There is only one rule in this nightclub, and it is simple to follow: Do not sit on the couches and chairs. Get up and dance. Enjoy yourself, forget about all the worldly problems and only focus on having a good time. Even if you decide you aren’t in the mood for dancing, the music will prove you otherwise, and you will find your body swaying to the music in no time. 

Coming Back to Life at Floyd

This little sibling club is hosted in the same building and run by the same management, but the vibe and feel is something else. Wall with brick arches and mood lighting give this small room an intimate cocktail-bar feel that’s rare in Miami. Renowned DJs fly in all the time to play sets perfectly suited for the room, and it’s said to enjoy yourself here. To let yourself go and bop to the music.


To conclude it all, from the looks of it, Miami has it all. The beaches, bars, cuisine, fashion, events, and whatnot. It really is the whole package deal for everyone, whether tourists or residences of that area. Not just that, but it is flourishing with blooming businesses and high-end brands. There is a luxury, but entertainment is available at little to no cost as well. 

All of the places mentioned above work together to ensure that your trip to Miami would be perfect. It really becomes the perfect balanced blend of the activities listed, which would really improve your experience and stay within this “Magic city” one you will never forget.