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    About Miami

    With its subtropical weather all year round, protected harbor, and remarkable shores and beaches, Miami has conventionally been a sanctuary for vacationing, retiring, or partying, providing a good mix of solitude and entertainment. 

    First things first, here’s something you need to know about the nightlife in Miami: They never cool off. Although daytime in Miami can be breathtaking, it’s the night that really makes the city what it is. A hot, sticky, anything-can-happen playground ruled by hustlers, credit-card millionaires, and college-educated courtesans.

    Of course, our city has developed up from its party-all-night reputation. While you can definitely still have your rage-till-sunrise nights, you can also taste the wonderful different cocktails America has to offer, along with going to exclusive 5-star restaurants at midnight, which has magnificent food and is for people with different food palate. Whatever your flavor, Miami has it for you. And here’s where to find it.

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