The 9 Best Dating Apps & Sites in Miami

Looking for dating sites in Miami?

Then this article will help you find the best apps & sites to use in Miami. 

Dating websites and apps have taken over our love life and I can’t fault them, if you use the one that fits best to what you’re looking for, you stand a great chance of finding the perfect someone for some good times.

And that someone will make your nightlife just so much better.

Without further ado, 

What is the Best Dating Site?

Here are my 3 top picks for the best dating website to try this year. I’d mostly recommend using our #1.


Best for meeting hot singles ready for action. is a dating app for those who are looking for the one and only and not just a hookup. Users can choose between a 3-month, 6-month or 12-month plan, then start reviewing potential matches that may be compatible with them. The best part about this app is its algorithm, which has been designed to respond to both geographical preferences as well as personal preferences such as religion and sexuality.

It is one of the oldest and most popular dating sites out there with over 40 million people visiting every month. It has a very user-friendly interface that allows you to browse members by their interests, age, and location. The site also offers apps for those who want to take their search on the go.


Best for meeting single people looking for hookups.

Adultfriendfinder is a dating site for adults who are looking to have casual hookups with other people. The site offers a wide variety of features, including live webcams, chat rooms, forums, articles, county listings, personal ads, photo galleries, and more. Adultfriendfinder was created in 1995. It has grown steadily since then and hosts over 7 million members online. The site has an average of 100k visitors every day – the majority are male.

The site is not all about just hooking up. Yes, you can find that here if that is your particular flavor or fetish. But for most members, the site is more geared toward friends with benefits.


Best for couples looking to expand their horizons.

When it comes to dating apps, they are all about the same. 99flavors is no different. If you are looking for something more traditional, this app is not for you. But if you want to have a little fun with your love life, this app has some great features that will make it worth the download. It’s tailored especially for swingers, couples looking for extras, or singles looking for couples to play with. is a dating site founded in 2012 that’s designed to be fun, easy, and inclusive. It features a variety of different singles, couples and swingers from all over the world.

Dating Apps & Sites to use in Miami

Miami, or the Sunshine State, is known to be one of the hardest places to try and find love in. Plus, the fast-paced life and sheer population size in Miami, along with the culture geared more towards casual dating and flings than long-term relationships don’t exactly help with this. 

Luckily, though, the dating sites and apps in Miami are geared towards helping you find your person, and I’m going to be running through a list of the absolute best ones here today.

Here is the list:


tinder dating app

Anyone who is even slightly familiar with the world of online dating has heard about Tinder, arguably one of the most famous mainstream dating apps. I can even go as far as to say that the word ‘dating app’ is synonymous with ‘Tinder’! Founded in the year 2012, Tinder has grown into the most famous dating app used worldwide. Although it was intended to be an app used for casual dating or hookups, people started meeting their potential partners on Tinder!

No matter what device you are on, you can easily download the free app, sign up within minutes, and you’re set. It’s a completely hassle-free process that most people love. Fortunately, Tinder doesn’t allow users to send messages without first matching with someone. This is great, because who wants to open up their dating app and find a dozen creepy dudes lingering in their inbox, right? Tinder renders its excellent services to almost every country in the world, including Miami!


In this day and age, women’s empowerment and safety are paramount when it comes to online dating. Due to failed attempts to match authentic users or have their inboxes frequently penetrated by creepy, persistent men, women often find online dating experiences less than enjoyable. 

Thankfully, Bumble understands this all too natural problem and has decided to give women back the power. 

I applaud Bumble for its genuine efforts to make women feel safer on their dating app. On Bumble, women can make the first move, leaving men in a ‘losing position,’ but women feeling much more secure. 

Moreover, this app is LGBTQ-inclusive, which is another bonus. This app allows users to make healthy connections- not just in terms of relationships or hook-ups, but also friendships.


Hinge is the dating app made for millennials. Their tagline is “The dating app made to be deleted”, and that’s because the algorithm intends to find you someone so perfect that you won’t need the app anymore. Plus, the interface and user experience make Hinge a favorite among many young singles in Miami. Instead of swiping unendingly through profile after profile, Hinge offers a handful of matches per day that you scroll through like Instagram. Arguably the best part is that these profiles aren’t random –Hinge offers detailed profiles with sections about religion, political views, stance on weed, and more. The app isn’t just for sex, but there’s also no rush to commit if you’re not feeling it.

Adult Friend Finder

With a straightforward name that gets right to the point, I pretty much knew what to expect from this dating website. Adult Friend Finder has been around for a while now. Launched in 1996, this dating website was designed to help adults find each other for hookups, casual flings, meeting married individuals, swingers, and of course, just dating. 

Now, getting to the point. Adult Friend Finder is all about sex – and they are not ashamed to say it. From the ads to the users, profile pictures, embedded links. Gosh! The entire website has a too raunchy approach – which is what many people are looking for.

Seeking Arrangement

Although the idea of having a Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby isn’t too new, the concept coming into mainstream dating apps is a relatively new one. Seeking Arrangement, with its innocuous name, is a dating website that helps wealthy, successful men (Sugar Daddies) connect to young, willing singles (Sugar Babies). 

Whether you are just curious or want to connect with someone who may be ‘out of your league,’ this dating website helps you get in touch with them and pursue a ‘relationship’ of sorts. With over 20 million users worldwide, Seeking Arrangement is quite popular and worth giving it a shot.

Owned by Match Group, is a popular online dating website that dates back to 1995. If you have spent any time on online dating sites, then the Capitalized’M’ with a cute heart logo is all too common to you and millions of other users. has steadily gained popularity over the years and now serves over 50 countries worldwide. If you are someone who likes numbers and statistics, it would please you to know that 11% of married couples who met on report to have fallen in love on this website. 

With a free subscription and several other generous offers, is undoubtedly one of the most popular dating websites where you can find love. 


Launched in 2000, Eharmony is now two decades old and has provided reliable service with aplomb. Based in California, Los Angeles, the company is owned by ProSiebenSat.1 Media, a German mass media company. The website is easy to navigate, even for first-time users. Moreover, there are several options to choose from, depending on what you’re looking for. 

Although the sign-up process can be tedious and the overall pace of the website is slow, if you’re someone who is genuinely looking to make a connection- this is the place to go. 

Why Should You Choose It?

Are you tired of ‘playing the game’ and are just looking for something serious? Bored of the same old ‘sliding into my DMs’ conversations? Well, you’re not alone. 

Apparently so are 10 million other singles, who have decided to give up their fate to Eharmony. 

This dating website has been created for those who take dating seriously. So if you’re looking for someone whom you can skip the whole “What are we?” with, then this is probably the place to find them. In fact, the website claims to help eager singles find love every 14 minutes. Moreover, they attest to the fact that over 438 singles have married someone they found on the website!


OkCupid is not just another dating website- it’s what you’ve been looking for. You didn’t know it yet. Debuted in 2004, OkCupid is a popular name amongst those who frequent the online dating world. However, this online dating website isn’t like the others; or so it claims. So what makes it unique?

Okay, let’s cut to the chase. 

If you are tired of swiping left on Tinder and having to fill up tedious questionnaires on eHarmony, then OkCupid offers you a middle ground. With over 50 million users, OkCupid is a great dating website for those looking for just a fling, for marriage, or something in between. 

The majority of its users are millennials between 25 and 34 years of age. However, this doesn’t mean you won’t find older, younger, and LGBTQ crowds as well. Just give it a chance; it might be your lucky day. 

Plenty of Fish

There’s plenty of fish in the sea, right? Well, in the dating world, it might seem like there are, but they’re not all good fish. In this dating pool, you will find piranhas, sharks, and anchovies, all of which are best avoided. But on Plenty of Fish, this can be avoided.

I know that may sound too optimistic for most people, but I’ve given it a try, and I can honestly say I didn’t regret it. What I especially like about Plenty of Fish is how they’ve integrated millennial terms and structures into their dating app yet held on to traditional individual values.

Sure, you can find plenty of people looking for hook-ups, but you will also find people looking for a deeper connection if that’s what you want.

Quick Tips for using dating apps in Miami

Stand Out

Skip the overdone tropes and typical lines! With the saturation of dating apps, standing out is difficult, but the only way to do that is to be yourself. Avoid going for pictures the person on the other end will have seen a million times, and make your opener unique to you! The best way to increase the chances of a match is to be uniquely yourself.

Consider premium subscriptions 

Users of premium sites are more likely to be genuine about dating, plus you’ll get more features if you buy the subscriptions. Your findings aren’t assured in either approach, but spending a couple dollars may end up benefiting you in the long run!

Safety First

As fun as online dating is, you don’t want to end up exposing yourself to unpleasant or dangerous situations. Meet at public places until you feel safe with someone, and always have a few people who have your location. Better yet, virtual dates can be a fun, stress-free way to get to know someone!

Be Upfront

Being specific about what you want and clear from the get-go is the best way to guarantee success. You’re more likely to find people interested in the same thing as you, and you won’t waste your time going after fruitless conversations.

Keep Trying

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, matches, conversations, and even apps, just aren’t a good fit! The key, though, is to bounce back and keep trying, even if some attempts didn’t pan out the way you’d hoped. Be prepared for the reality that you may have to make the rounds a few times before you find what you set out looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions on Dating Apps in Miami

Which is the most popular dating site in Miami?

Hinge is the most popular dating app used in Miami. Hinge’s unique method of showcasing profiles, and their emphasis on not just pictures, make it a popular choice amongst many young single inhabitants in Miami. 

Where to date in Miami?

No matter your tastes, there’s something in Miami for everyone! From the campiest to the most laid back, from the weird to the cool, and the traditional to the unique, Miami is the ultimate city for fun dates. Apart from the natural beauty (which is present in heaps and bounds), Miami has a vibrant city and nightlife, and offers a wealth of unique activities to do with a partner.

How do I know which site is best for me?

Well, the only real way to know is to try! Going forth with an open mind and a willingness to experience is bound to bear fruit, and you’ll find your right fit in no time. However, looking at the specific demographic each app serves, and reading reviews and descriptions to better understand what to expect, can definitely help you make an informed decision.

Is Miami a good city for dating?

Miami has its difficulties with dating due to the lifestyle prevalent in most of the city but, with the advent of online apps and sites, dating in Miami shouldn’t be challenging at all! Simply decide what you’re looking for, and then you get to log on and pick whoever you desire.

In conclusion

There’s plenty to do in Miami, and a whole wealth of people to do it with! Although the world of dating apps and sites can be confusing initially, with our guides, you’ll be navigating it like a pro in no time, and will be able to find whatever connection you seek in Miami with ease and fun!

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