Things to do in Los Angeles At Night

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About Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a megacity located in Southern California on the shores of Santa Monica, Malibu, and Long Beach. It is home to the Hollywood film and tv industry, with every aspiring actor moving to the city to fulfill their dreams. With the iconic Hollywood sign, downtown culture, and beautiful beaches, the City of Angels is an ideal tourist destination for foreigners and locals.

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Other things to do at night in Los Angeles

Whether it is a warm summer night or a crisp winter evening, there are plenty of sights to see. L.A. has an exciting nightlife because there is the prospect of running into famous people if you know where to go. Even if you don’t have the connections to get into exclusive clubs or restaurants, there is still a lot to do. You can catch a late-night show, explore the different districts in downtown L.A., and take a walking tour. There are many places open past midnight because the city of L.A. comes alive at night.

See the L.A Skyline from Griffith Observatory

The Griffith Observatory sits on Mount Hollywood, and it offers the best view of the city. You can see the city’s lights late at night on the observation deck. If you are early, you can witness the mesmerizing sight of the sun setting over the skyscrapers.

A night hike up Mount Hollywood is also worth checking out if you do not mind some exercise.

Have a Memorable Time at the Sound Nightclub

If you enjoy club music and thrive on the energy you receive from a group of enthusiastic partiers on the dance floor, then Sound is the place you should be. It is relatively new in the city but has met and exceeded the local clubber’s expectations. 

Their Funktion One sound system, curated playlist, and music-centered culture make it the perfect place to discover new artists and D.J.s. They host a club night on Monday, which is the week’s biggest attraction, and play anything from electronic, techno, and house.

Watch a Movie Under the Stars at Street Food Cinema

The Street Food Cinema combines open-air theaters and the best L.A. street food to create an excellent night time experience, especially for couples. 

You can buy sweet and savory snacks from the array of food trucks at the venue and then munch on them while you sit under the stars and enjoy a classic movie. If you have a car, they have a drive-in parking lot for colder nights as well. 

Take a Walk in the Downtown Arts District

Every second Thursday, a self-guided Downtown art walk includes many art studios, installations, galleries, and pop-up exhibits. It is an event many look forward to each month, with local restaurants, bars, food trucks, and cafes joining in and setting a special menu for the evening. 

Starting at the visitor’s center, you can get a complimentary map and explore the area at your own pace. The installations and artwork rotate every month, and new local artists get the opportunity to showcase their talent. There are many stops along the way where you can grab a quick bite to eat or a drink to quench your thirst.

Explore the Dazzling Signage All Over the City on a Neon Cruise

The Museum of Neon Art in Glendale offers a night-time Neon Cruise where guests sit in a convertible bus and drive through the Hollywood, Chinatown, and Downtown area. 

A guide narrates each neon sign’s significance giving historical context and taking you through the mega city’s central districts. The 3-hour tour takes two different routes that start from Downtown or Hollywood so that you can choose according to your convenience.

Hang Out with Ghost Hunters on a Haunted Tour

Every Summer and Fall, the Ghost Hunters of Urban Los Angeles give haunted tours along 13 unlucky stops on the Metro Red Line. They begin at Union Station and end at North Hollywood, exploring many abandoned buildings and mystery spots. There will be many ghost stories about the different stations and retelling about their spooky history by the guide storyteller extraordinaire during the underground railway ride. 

There are no tickets for the tour, and it is entirely donation-based, but you will need to purchase a Metro day pass so you can conveniently ride through the 3-hour long term. From 6 to 9 pm, spend an evening exploring the paranormal links to the glamorous city and see if you can spot a presence at any of the stops.

Laugh Your Heart Out at The Clubhouse

One of Los Angeles’ oldest independent theater is the Comedy Club, hidden in a strip mall and still hosts late-night shows. The club hosts improv theater, skits and offers classes for beginners as well. 

There is no admission fee to catch a performance since the establishment runs entirely on donations. Loyal patrons and dedicated volunteers keep this place running, and it welcomes visitors from abroad as well who want to enjoy a laugh well into the night.

Catch a Puppet Show at The Almighty Opp

A quirky yet entertaining activity for a night in L.A. is the puppet show at the Almighty Opp. It is hosted on the Western and Elmwood corner of Koreatown once a month. The show follows bizarre plots and offers many opportunities for the audience to interact. 

Regulars look forward to 9 pm on the last Saturday of every month to catch the funny, weird, and musical puppet show. It is a fun and unique experience and offers visitors the chance to explore Koreatown as well.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at California Donuts

Another gem hidden in Koreatown is a donut shop that is open 24-hours and perfect for late-night sweet cravings. The place opened up in the ’80s and has been a favorite amongst locals ever since. 

The family-run bakery often sees people lining up for baked goods. Their colorful donuts topped with delicious cereal, fruit, candy, and chocolate concoctions are a treat to the taste buds. You can select from other items such as croissants, pastries, fritters, and cinnamon rolls but their donuts are what bring people back.

Party Like a Star at the Academy

Academy is the late-night club in Hollywood where the music does not stop till dawn. They regularly host parties that feature different genres of music like bass, trance, and electronic. 

Academy is known for its Electric Daisy Carnival, which attracts many visitors from all over the country. The club is known to give famous D.J.s the spotlight, so you know the setlist will be worth the trip. They have a large dancefloor and a patio for cooling off. 


Make the best of your nights in Los Angeles by experiencing the culture, star power, and attraction the city holds. It is the best summer trip destination, and you can find plenty of activities to do other than dancing and drinking.