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1 OAK Los Angeles, Guide & Review

1 Oak, one of a kind amongst the fabulous clubs of LA. 1 Oak is independent of all the today’s established trends. This place offers visitors to experience a new kind of vibe that won’t let go of your nerves soon after you leave 1 Oak. Those who thrive on new experiences and have a thirst for classic environments, this place is for you!! If you want to experience a New York nightlife in Los Angeles, visit 1 Oak tonight.

The dimmed hues of the place, Da Vinci code walls, chevron tiled floors, and the wooden counters instill the feeling of serenity. The main ground floor has plush leather sofas placed across the whole place. On one end there is a huge bar booth facing the seating area. The mezzanine floor serves as the dance floor where the crowd goes wild when the music booms across the 1 Oak.

The Thursdays and Sundays mark the days when the music would be played of the open format while on Fridays, the crowd would enjoy the hip hop music. The state-of-the-art lighting and sound system create a partying environment. 1 Oak has the 9500 square feet area which is enough to accommodate 550 guests at one time. For private events, 1 Oak has the team whose hosting services are compared to none.

1 Oak is open for dinner reservations on Thursdays and Saturdays from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM. You just have to fill in the online registration form and we will get back to you for confirmation. At the dinner menu, we have tacos, fish, and fries which will not only be enough to satiate your hunger but also please your taste buds.

Wanna have some crazy wild experience in a classic style? Join us on our busy nights to have the fun you’ve ever had yet in your life.

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