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The Mayan Los Angeles, Guide & Review

The Mayan is a location-friendly spot to reach from anywhere in Los Angeles. To rock your nights with your loved one, The Mayan nightclub has every necessary element to bring on the party vibes. The potential this place expresses can only be experienced after you have stepped in through the entry door of The Mayan.

The huge LED display, the 2 huge dance floors, well-decorated ceiling, full-service bar, and many more features elevate the standard of this place. There are Green Rooms and Dressing Rooms to avail. The intelligent lighting system fills the whole place with variegated lighting, creating a party-like environment. Nobody can resist the strong happy-vibes The Mayan emanates. The exquisite ambiance with a touch of history sprinkled all over the place and the spaciousness of The Mayan makes it a perfect venue for several kinds of events. Whether it’s the fashion shows, concerts, film shooting events, corporate events, weddings, and so on, The Mayan can make it happen for you. The small events are arranged in an intimate environment of lounge setting while the public events or large-sized events are often arranged on dance floors, green rooms, and in whatever manner customer deems fine.

The technical staff at The Mayan would customize the whole place according to the needs of your event. The technical staff has some highly versatile capabilities to meet your requirements and specifications. To make reservations, you can call (213) 746-4674 between 10 am to 5 pm from Monday to Thursday. Or either you can fill in your credentials in our contact form.

On Thursday and Friday nights, we are open. Each night, there’s an event happening based on a unique idea. We recommend you to wear fashionable clothes and carry your best look. To experience something bigger and better, visit The Mayan this weekend.

Live away the nights at The Mayan!

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