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Boulevard3 Los Angeles, Guide & Review

Boulevard3 is a known name amongst the LA night clubs. Boulevard3 started in 2006 and it has been a hub of entertainment and joy since then. Keeping its splendor alive all these was only because Boulevard3 believes in fun and spreading it to others. And if you are also a fun-seeking soul, this is the very reason why you must visit Boulevard3 every weekend night.

The impressive interior of Boulevard3 portrays the scene of an English manor house with the sprinklings of modernity across the whole place. upon entering, visitors are welcomed with a striking view of English courtyards, with two pools placed side by side, and a fireplace at the end. A library is there which serves as the antechamber to the main ballroom. The library itself is a free-standing place with a bar. Its high ceiling and marble floor enhances the magnificence of its design.

The ballroom has three storeys with 7500 square feet area. Besides that, there’s a separate huge dance floor of 1500 square feet area. This much space makes it perfect for live performances, and every kind of event. The dance floor is the most attractive place for wild hearts, situated on the mezzanine floor. The modern kinetic LED lighting system, the elegant walls, high ceilings, and floors successfully create a unique ambiance which nobody can evade but get indulged into.

Besides DJs of exceptional talent, Boulevard3 has many other shocking entertainment services to present to its visitors. Along with the eclectic music, flamenco dancers, aerial performers, and other energizing and mood-refreshing performances are a routine thing for Boulevard3’s regular visitors. To have your event held at Boulevard3, you only have to fill out the form available online. To book your take or bottle service, fill the online form. Our cover charges are $20 but that is nothing compared to what you are going to experience at Boulevard3.

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