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Cicada Club Los Angeles, Guide & Review

Cicada club is the ultimate gateway to the super fun nights. those who love to experience some with a vintage style would find Cicada the most pleasing place in the town. If you feel the same about your sense of partying style, then you must gotta visit this place where you can time travel. Cicada Club is a place which gives off a sensation as if the time has been preserved from 1928. We bet that you’d forget that you are in the 21st century when you are surrounded by the art deco interior of Cicada club.

What could be better than if you get to eat while you’re clubbing and partying along? The Cicada restaurant provides a pleasant atmosphere where dining becomes even more delightful along with the mere pleasure of savoring our menu specials. The dinner menu ranges from appetizers, salads, and kinds of ravioli to our chef specials. Desserts are served to sweeten your mood to the core of your soul. Classic cocktails are served in the old style.

Live events, dance bands, and vintage elevator operator are the noticeable highlights of entertainment essentials of Cicada Club. Other amazing amenities entail the doorman, cigarette and coat check girls, and much more that can’t be wrapped in words. The elegant interior serves the eyes just right. The classic, magnificent staircase from the main hall leads to the upper floor where the seating has been arranged for dining purpose. The main hall which is also used as the dance floor is amid the dining area on the ground floor and can be viewed from the upper floor.

The venue is always available for weddings, celebrations, private events, and filming projects. To book your reservation for your upcoming event or your table, call on 213-488-9951. Party nights at Cicada are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. tickets can be bought online. Come party with Cicada club in another era of nightclubs.

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Worst service from the worst waiters

Rated 1.0 out of 5
September 19, 2022

I’m not the first to complain about the service, and I’m sure I won’t be the last. Prepaid gratuity at the restaurant means waiters will not clear your tables, or bring you bread unless told to do so. 3 hours to get our meals was unacceptable. 2 hrs to serve a salad that had no flavor, appalling.


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