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Catch One Los Angeles, Guide & Review

Located in the central neighborhood of Los Angeles, Catch one acts a safe place for those who need an escape from the tiring hustle of daily life. On the west coast side, Catch one remains the most famous when it comes to the true experience of nightlife for many decades now. Catch one has lived to keep its legend alive, this is why every week this place sees the world-class lineups. And what would one do at a bar or club, if there’s no quality music? Well, one couldn’t think of any better answer to this than ‘leave’.

Catch One has mastered the art of music in several genres. The talented DJs at Catch One would play soul, funk, hip hop, to heavy metal, jazz nights, EDM, and much more than that which covers musical and cultural events. This place has too much to explore. Disco, Noise Room, Jewel’s Room, and Underground are the different parts of Catch One with the capacity to contain 1200, 275, 350, and 350 people respectively. All these rooms are abundantly lit with the modern lighting system and state-of-the-art sound systems are installed as well. All these rooms have their bars except Noise Room. The biggest one of all the bars is in the Disco room.

Catch One has been the place to arrange countless events of almost every magnitude over the years. The sheer experience in hosting any level of the event makes this place a perfect venue for your upcoming event. To have Catch One booked for your event, contact us by filling the online form. If you are 21 or above and passionate about your fun life, you can visit any time at any weekday. While if you want to party, visit us on Saturday night to rock your senses and go into wildness as the night passes.

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