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The Virgil Los Angeles, Guide & Review

The Virgil is a 1920s saloon-style venue. It is split into two areas, i.e., the Stage and the B-Side. The Stage area is used for Live performances, comedy shows, and other events. While the B-Side serves delicious cocktails and beers. A jukebox is also located in this area. You can enjoy your drink and listen to fantastic music at the same time. An antiquated bar is also installed here which will remind you of Wild West movie scenes. Good lighting and sound system are also available here.

On August 11 we are hosting the La Women show. It is a woman only variety show during which LA’s most talented females will perform. Ladies, you do not want to miss this event at any cost. Every Tuesday, we host the Tiki Tuesdays event during everything, including music and cocktails, are Tiki styled. This event is organized on our B-side. This event is held on our B-side. On every month’s second Tuesday, we host the Everybody Go Go event. This month it will be on August 13. During which Avalon Primrose, Joey Orton, Bettina May, and Karl Herliner will live perform. Along with this, we will also host the Big Money Comedy, Truth or Dare, Picture This, Hot Tub and Fat Cat Comedy, etc.

We serve Cocktails such as Benedict Cucumberbatch, The Don Papi, Maiden Voyage, Maiden Voyage, B.D.E, Bartolini Besos and Summertime Fine, etc. All of them are outstanding and will result in you getting seconds. Along with this draught beer, bottles and cans are also available at the Virgil.

We remain open from Monday to Sunday. Our timings are from 7 pm to 2 am. We might end up closing on some Sundays; please refer to our calendar for further details.

If you ever in the LA then do come to the Virgil.

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