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Station1640 Los Angeles, Guide & Review

A nightclub which has it all and stays open throughout the week is like a dream-come-true for fun-junkies. If you are also a fun-junkie, the Station1640 is what you always needed. The surplus dose of fun is only found at Station1640. Station1640 is situated on the Cahuenga Corridor in Los Angeles. Whether it’s the weekend or not, you can drive your vehicle to Station1640 any night of the week. Because we deeply empathize with all of you and keeps our gates open every night.

The interior décor of the Station1640 is based on the theme of New York’s underground subways. The great graffiti artists have painted the walls of Station1640. Besides graffiti, the gleaming ball, the vibrant hues emanating from modern lighting system installed, and the stylish furniture are the highlighted features of Station1640. The full-service bar showcases an extensive collection of drinks. Besides that, the outdoor sitting option is also available where live musical performances are held. Our dine-in menu entails a broad range of options to eat; cocktails, salads, a bunch of brunch options, waffles, burgers, fries, wings, and much more to savor your taste buds.

The happy hour starts from 6pm to 10 pm every Tuesday till Thursday. Happy hour brings you many more which you can’t even imagine of such as the drinks, the video games, the great food, music, TVs, live streaming games, video gaming packages that come along with food and drinks. Every Tuesday to Friday, Station1640 stays open from 6 pm to 2 am while on Mondays and Saturday timings are from 9 pm to 2 am. The huge DJ booth has equipment of high tech quality which our inhouse talented DJs play to entertain you throughout the night. Excellent sound system and lighting system instills the whole place with powerful partying vibes and keeps the spirits high. Come experience some exotic fun and live away your nights at Station1640.

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