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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Los Angeles

1. Hyde Sunset Los Angeles

 Hyde Sunset Los Angeles

Hyde Sunset Los Angeles  is a luxurious, elegant, and classy restaurant/night club. A patio, dining room, VIP area, Lounge, and a bar are installed here. Each of the areas has been carefully designed and is gorgeous. Multiple beautiful paintings, Photobooth, fireplace, comfortable couches, state-of-the-art lighting, and sound system are available here. Take a step inside our place; it will leave you flabbergasted. Mostly Hip-Hop and Top 40 music is played here.

2. Avenue Los Angeles

Avenue Club Los Angeles

Avenue Los Angeles welcomes everyone. Partying is forte of Avenue and those who visit us would never feel dismayed with the fun we have to offer here. If you love music and dazzling interiors, don’t miss out on Avenue. Remember! You need to be 21+ years old to be at Avenue. The entrance is a glass greenhouse which also serves as the outdoor garden patio. Upon moving further you’d be descended to the club which portrays a lit scene. The interior of the club speaks for itself as it shines through your soul. The whole ambiance immersed in dull golden hues and the plush sofas to relax sounds excruciatingly inviting. If you prefer to be in a more serene and intimate atmosphere, Avenue has a VIP lounge to your taste.

3. Avalon Hollywood & Bardot Los Angeles

Avalon Hollywood & Bardot Los Angeles

Avalon Hollywood & Bardot Los Angeles is much more than a nightclub. It has been there since the 1960s and is still functioning with the enormous splendor. Avalon Hollywood has always been a source of happiness for the party revelers and all-nighters. If you haven’t visited this place yet, you are missing out on some serious fun which is only entitled to Avalon Hollywood. The environment at Avalon Hollywood does justice to its fame.

4. Bootsy Bellows Los Angeles

Bootsy Bellows Club Los Angeles

Bootsy Bellows Los Angeles has kept the legend of nightclubbing alive in all true manners. Bootsy Bellows has the secret recipe to the real fun. With all the necessary ingredients to the fun, ecstasy is being cooked t Bootsy Bellows every night. Fake fun is not allowed here because this place has the ambiance which pulls your genuine fun-loving side out from your within.

5. Boardner’s by La Belle Los Angeles

Boardner’s by La Belle Los Angeles

Boardner’s by La Belle Los Angeles have been lighting up the nights in Hollywood, LA. Boardner’s has now become a legend in the bars list in Hollywood. The be-yourself type of environment at Boardner’s helps you erase your weariness in no time. We empathize with those who are in constant search for fun. End your search at Boardner’s. As here, you’ll find all those things which one needs to light up the evenings.

6. Bar Sinister Los Angeles

Bar Sinister Club Los Angeles

Bar Sinister Los Angeles lets you enjoy an outwardly fun but within the confines of some rules. No jeans, shorts, khakis, or casual dresses are allowed. Yes, we encourage and admire if you wear your best fetish dress. Also, you are not allowed to take a photograph or selfie without consent; respect others’ personal space and also yours; yelling, heckling, or any other attempt to disturb the ongoing scene is strongly discouraged. Individuals above 21 years only are allowed to visit Bar Sinister. The huge dance floor is the place where you can summon your thrilling vibes and be yourself all night. The state-of-the-art sound systems installed and devilish hues of the dynamic lights play a major role in bringing the partying mood among the crowd. So, come grab a drink from our in-house bar and dance away your Saturday night with Bar Sinister. Talent/band can be booked by emailing at band booking. Situated on Cherokee Avenue Hollywood, Bar Sinister awaits you!

7. Arena Ktown Los Angeles

Arena Ktown Los Angeles

Arena Ktown Los Angeles  is not for the faint-hearted. Those who party all night and know how to party like an animal would find that this place has an energy which resonates with theirs. Music, lights, craziness, and your energy on the top of all creates a divine atmosphere at Arena Ktown which sounds astounding to those visiting for the first time. If you visit this place one time, you are gonna wanna come back again and again.

8. Academy Los Angeles 

Academy Club Los Angeles 

Academy Los Angeles is an expansive place which can turn into a place which can be served for any kind of event. This place is all about the exotic feels. Upon entering the Academy LA, visitors will be welcomed by the lobby which has its bar, lighting & sound system, and a mirrored wall as the focal point. The lobby accommodates as many as 150 guests while the main hall is spacious enough to contain 900 people at one time. With 55 dynamic lights and 154 LED panels light up this place which never fails to create a striking atmosphere.

9. 1 OAK Los Angeles

1 OAK Club Los Angeles

1 OAK Los Angeles one of a kind amongst the fabulous clubs of LA. 1 Oak is independent of all the today’s established trends. This place offers visitors to experience a new kind of vibe that won’t let go of your nerves soon after you leave 1 Oak. Those who thrive on new experiences and have a thirst for classic environments, this place is for you!! If you want to experience a New York nightlife in Los Angeles, visit 1 Oak tonight.

10. Station1640 Los Angeles

Station1640 Club Los Angeles

Station1640 Los Angeles is nightclub which has it all and stays open throughout the week is like a dream-come-true for fun-junkies. If you are also a fun-junkie, the Station1640 is what you always needed. The surplus dose of fun is only found at Station1640. Station1640 is situated on the Cahuenga Corridor in Los Angeles. Whether it’s the weekend or not, you can drive your vehicle to Station1640 any night of the week. Because we deeply empathize with all of you and keeps our gates open every night.

11. The Argyle Los Angeles 

The Argyle Club Los Angeles

The Argyle Los Angeles resides on 1600 Argyle Avenue of Los Angeles. This place is the true representative of the glamour. If you want to experience something out of the box, glitter, and covered in the wraps of glamour, visit The Argyle Nightclub. If you don’t get rocking weekend nights, you are clearly missing out on what we have at The Argyle. Do not pretend to have fun while you are wasting your bucks at someplace you don’t deserve to be. When, instead you can have much, much better at The Argyle.

12. Sound Nightclub Los Angeles

Sound Nightclub Los Angeles is a true picture of splendidness. Want the overdose of some ranging fun? Look nowhere else when there’s Sound Nightclub. You and your friends need to hear about this absolutely fabulous place. all those who are looking to have rocking weekend/s, Sound nightclub provides you with all the necessary elements to rock and sway your weekend nights.

13. The Belasco Theater Los Angeles

The Belasco Theater Los Angeles

The Belasco Theater Los Angeles  is one of the most spacious nightclubs and venues in Los Angeles. Each night, there’s an event happening around 6:30 pm to 7 pm. Tickets are available online for all events. Vintage bar and lounge on the mezzanine floor is the feature of this place, you certainly need to hear about. The Vintage Bar and lounge have a full-service bar, the classic table, and chairs to get seated. This place can accommodate  50 to 100 guests easily. The ballroom at The Belasco is the perfect venue to arrange parties, receptions, and award ceremonies. The ballroom has an atmosphere which is deeply immersed in blood red and golden hues, creating a calm, seducing ambiance. The basement lounge can accommodate 250 to 500 guests. Dance floor, crude-cum-nice-looking ceiling, and a full-service bar are the highlighted features of this place.

14. Sevilla Nightclub Los Angeles

Sevilla Nightclub Los Angeles

Sevilla Nightclub Los Angeles is also available for all kinds of events. To book your upcoming event/s at Sevilla Nightclub, visit our official website and fill in your credentials in the request form available online. Our team will confirm the reservation by calling you back. Our restaurant menu also entails many items to savor your taste buds. The fashionable and sophisticated dressing is advised to both men and women. We stay open on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. Rest of the week, we would host private events.

15. The Chapel At The Abbey Los Angeles

The Chapel At The Abbey Los Angeles is an excellent place for the LGBTQ community. In 2017 the LA weekly declared it the Best Gay Bar in Los Angeles. Our 5000 sq. feet venue has a comfortable and relaxing vibe. The interior is pretty similar to its sister place the Abbey. Pulpit styled DJ booth, various statues, blue couches, stained glass windows, and gothic-style chandeliers are installed in the club. Huge TV screens are also available here which are used to watch different broadcasts. A patio, two bars, a dancefloor, and multiple dancer stages are located here. We make use of first-class lighting and sound system. Sit, relax, and enjoy to your heart’s content.

16. Raspoutine Los Angeles 

Raspoutine Los Angeles

Raspoutine Los Angeles is a hub to the raging fun. If you along with your squad couldn’t decide on weekends where to look for spending a rocking night, Raspoutine is the best place for you to be. Come along your beloved people and live away your weekend at the best place in the town. What Raspoutine will bring won’t be found anywhere in the whole LA. Raspoutine brings the luminous nights to the town and anyone who visits Raspoutine knows that well. Do not shy away from the bold and outrageous fun, as Raspoutine doing so is only considered shame at Raspoutine.

17. Poppy Los Angeles

Poppy Club Los Angeles

Poppy Los Angeles stands with all its divine glory. All those out there who want to rock their Thursday nights, Poppy night club awaits you. To calm you’re your qualms and fill your souls with bold fun, drive your wheels to Sunset Blvd and visit Poppy. We believe you deserve better Thursday nights. It’s not only a vain claim, visit Poppy to see it yourself.

18. The Conga Room Los Angeles

The Conga Room Los Angeles

The Conga Room Los Angeles now has completed the journey of a decade. Through that time, The Conga Room has been the major hub for superfluous fun. This place has served the fun-seeking souls with what they rightly deserved. History always speaks the truth. In that decade of our journey, nobody has ever returned hoe regretting their decision to visit The Conga Room. History always speaks the truth. So, if you’re thinking about taking your squad to some fabulous place, visit The Conga Room situated at 800 West Olympic Blvd.

19. Playhouse Hollywood Los Angeles

Playhouse Hollywood Los Angeles

Playhouse Hollywood Los Angeles is exactly what you were looking for till now. No worries, if you are not so-hip-hop type, this place still has got plenty to offer. The busy nights at Playhouse Hollywood depict the perfect LA nightclubbing scenario. As the night travels into the darkness, things start to get brighter at the Playhouse. The diverse types of events are held at Playhouse regularly. Bring your friends, siblings, or coworkers to this place, if really want to rock your nights.

20. The Crocker Club Los Angeles

The Crocker Club Los Angeles

The Crocker Club Los Angeles is the perfect place to have all these things at your weekend. If you can’t decide where to go on your weekend night, then you need not think anymore and pick The Crocker Club. Your friends’ squad won’t be disappointed with what we have to offer here. The Crocker Club was built in 1920, it was originally the building of Crocker Citizens National Bank. Once there were bankers busy monitoring their safe deposit boxes.

21. Panamerican Night Club Los Angeles

Panamerican Night Club Los Angeles

Panamerican Night Club Los Angeles has been the hub of thrill, fun, and everything that is related to a party. From the days of our beginning, we have been partying in Latin American style. Music, drinks, food, and the great environment are some of the highlighted features of this place. If you yearn to have a great time at weekends, Panamerican Night Club is the place which can provide you with that.

22. The Reserve Los Angeles

 The Reserve Los Angeles

The Reserve Los Angeles has five portions; Billionaire’s room, the dance floor, lobby, teller’s room, and the vault. Each section has its own individual décor while keeping consistency with the signature taste of the whole place. The exquisite patterns of the ceilings, the expensive lights, plush banquette sofas, beautiful floors, and the dull hues encompassing the whole place; all together elevates the ambiance of The Reserve. Every eye that has a recognition of the aesthetic would praise the unique décor of this place and every fun-loving heart would admit that The Reserve has much more to offer besides its interior.

23. Los Globos Los Angeles

Los Globos Los Angeles

Los Globos Los Angeles has two floors and each one of these has its own dance floor. Four full-service bars are there to quench your thirst while you party or whether it’s time past partying. Moreover, there are patios used as smoking zones and plenty of private VIP sections. Therefore, you can spend your time in whatever way you’d like to. Smoke, drink, dance, or be luxurious in the VIP section, it’s your call. The modern DJ booth and the talented DJs are a perfect combo together to The state-of-the-art sound and lighting system along with the electrifying booming music create an ambiance which seduces your senses and you will lose yourself in the raging waves of fun.

24. Los Candiles Night Club Los Angeles

Los Candiles Night Club Los Angeles

Los Candiles Night Club Los Angeles catches the eye of every passerby. But the interior has much, much more to offer than just a nightclub. The full-service bar here has an extensive range of drinks which is enough to serve all kinds of tastes. The bar showcases an illuminated array of several kinds of drinks and the counter where high seats are placed to drink away your qualms and get lost in realms of fun.

25. Leonardos De Huntington Park Los Angeles

Leonardos De Huntington Park Los Angeles

Leonardos De Huntington Park Los Angeles has the perfect dose of fun to keep you high through your nights. If you are daring enough to try that dose, visit Leonardos De Huntington Park. Leonardos De Huntington Park resides with all its splendidness on Wilson Avenue awaiting you to visit. Well, if you’re crowd conscious. This place has some regular visiting beautiful people from around the town. So, you must not worry at all about the type of crowd. Been worrying about where to spend your weekend night? Not anymore you need to do that when you have Leonardos De Huntington Park.

26. Le Jardin Los Angeles

Le Jardin Los Angeles

Le Jardin Los Angeles a name which could have been the second name to elegance. If you are the one who likes to party with a sense of ultimate freedom, Le Jardin is calling you. Le Jardin has always strived to keep up with LA’s clubbing culture. Its open-air setup fills every soul with the pure, profound vibe of freedom and wildness. Le Jardin is all about drinks, music, leisure, style, and then of course You. So, what else you are gonna need to do the party? So, wait not and light up your weekends at Le Jardin.

27. La Cita Bar Los Angeles

La Cita Bar Los Angeles

La Cita Bar Los Angeles is a Latin bar/nightclub. It has been featured in various magazines such as the Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly. And Esquire, etc. La Cita has also won many awards, including the LA Weekly’s Best Bloody Mary and Best Michelada award. A stage which is used for live performances, Christmas lights, a dancefloor, and a disco ball are installed here. Flat-screen TVs are also installed here. They are used to watch major sporting events. An outdoor patio is also available here. It will provide you a change of scenery. This place has a laid-back vibe, which makes it easy for people to let loose and enjoy themselves.

28. The Sayers Club Los Angeles

The Sayers Club Los Angeles is a sophisticated and high-class place. It gives off a living room vibe, which creates a very comfortable and relaxing feeling. Leather couches, Afghani rugs, a stage and multiple TVs are installed here. An antique-style wooden bar is also available here, which provides quick service and excellent drinks.

29. King King Hollywood Los Angeles

King King Hollywood Los Angeles

King King Hollywood Los Angeles is just the right place for you! Words don’t justify what this place offers to the visitors. Visit King King Hollywood to experience it for yourself. you will get to see why our regular visitors are regular at King King Hollywood. Drinks, music, theatre, fun, and plenty of positive vibes are the highlighted features of this place. then again, you’ll have to see the rest of the wonders of this place for yourself. don’t wait up and visit this fabulous heaven-like nightclub next weekend.

30. The Viper Room Los Angeles

The Viper Room Los Angeles

The Viper Room Los Angeles is located. The Viper Room is located on Sunset Blvd of Los Angeles. This place has served plentiful to the fun-junkies over the two decades. Since its foundation was laid in 1993, The Viper Room has remained the major hub for musical amusements. The regular visitors have got addicted to the live musical performances that happen every night at The Viper Room. The history rock genre has seen many famous legendary events held at this place.

31. Ibiza Nightclub Los Angeles

Ibiza Nightclub Los Angeles

Ibiza Nightclub Los Angeles is a stunningly designed place. A stage, multiple bars, two dance floors, and VIP seating are available here. Light shows combined with smoking machines and an outstanding sound system create a superb scene. LED Video panels, gorgeous chandeliers, and disco balls, etc. further enhance the beauty of this place.

32. The Study Hollywood Los Angeles

The Study Hollywood Los Angeles

The Study Hollywood Los Angeles is a building from the medieval era and with an added flavor of modernity, this place has become something worth-visiting. The live performances by musical bands are included in the long list of routine features of The Study Hollywood. The Study Hollywood knows the recipe to spice up the nights. If you want to forget your qualms and be relaxed, The Study Hollywood provides all those amenities one would need to do so.

33. Warwick Los Angeles

Warwick Los Angeles

Warwick Los Angeles is a place which helps you stay sane through the hustle and bustle of daily life. Situated on Sunset Blvd with all its grandeur, Warwick is a true manifestation of elegance. This place welcomes everyone with its warm and nice ambiance. Those who have been wishing to hit some nice fun-filled place as soon as the weekend arrives, they need to hear about Warwick. Come along with your friends, coworkers, or your significant other, Warwick never disappoints.

34. Florentine Gardens Los Angeles

Florentine Gardens Los Angeles

Florentine Gardens Los Angeles is a high-tech and gorgeous place. It is located on Hollywood Blvd and is focused on providing the ultimate nightlife experience. We can accommodate up to 1500 guests. Two dancefloors, an outside patio, and a loft are installed here. Take a step inside our main room, and you will encounter Radio DJs. Radio hits, Hip-Hop, and Top 40 music is played here. In our other room, you will hear Reggaeton, Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, and other Latin beats. Three full-service bars are also available at our place, and we have recently upgraded our lighting & sound system. You can now enjoy lighting show as well combine them with our smoke machines, and it creates a rocking atmosphere.

35. Exchange Los Angeles

Exchange Los Angeles

Exchange Los Angeles tops the list of vibrant nightclubs in LA. Another peculiar feature about Exchange LA is that its building was former Pacific Coast Stock Exchange enlisted as a Cultural Monument. Who knew that renovating this place into a nightclub would have turned out so amazing. The name itself speaks much about Exchange LA’s history. Till now, Exchange LA has been rendering the precious fun times to the party revelers of LA. To experience some heavenly fun, everybody looks at Exchange LA.

36. Elevate Lounge Los Angeles

Elevate Lounge Los Angeles

Elevate Lounge Los Angeles situated at the 21st floor amid Downtown LA is the main hub for all those who love elegance and fun going hand in hand. This place speaks for its elegance. Partying at this place would be entirely a different experience just as the environment at Elevate Lounge. This place gives off a strong vibe of uniqueness.

37. Das Bunker Los Angeles

Das Bunker Los Angeles

Das Bunker Los Angeles is a pure musical venue at Catch one Bar & Lounge. This intimate bar-cum-club is eccentric in its all aspects. The weirdos and those with twisted flavors of music, this place is for you! Beware. The faint-hearted are not meant for this place. The ultimate raw vibes of energy prevail over this place. If you feel courageous enough to go with these vibes, you are always welcome here at Das Bunker.

38. Catch One Los Angeles

Catch One Los Angeles

Catch One Los Angeles acts a safe place for those who need an escape from the tiring hustle of daily life. On the west coast side, Catch one remains the most famous when it comes to the true experience of nightlife for many decades now. Catch one has lived to keep its legend alive, this is why every week this place sees the world-class lineups. And what would one do at a bar or club, if there’s no quality music? Well, one couldn’t think of any better answer to this than ‘leave’.

39. El Dorado Los Angeles

El Dorado Los Angeles

El Dorado Los Angeles is a speakeasy-style bar with an Art Deco twist. It has a snug and welcoming vibe. Stained glass, gold ceiling tiles, murals and leather booths, etc. are installed here. The Stowaway area has an entirely different design. It preserves the industrial building look and adds in a marine twist. A glass ceiling is installed here which captures the sunlight. A private bar, restroom, and Audio/Visual equipment are installed here. Wooden furniture and comfortable seating are available here as well, which further enhances a person’s experience.

40. Club db Lounge Los Angeles

Club db Lounge Los Angeles

Club db Lounge Los Angeles  is 12000 sq. feet luxurious venue. It comes with two rooms, dancefloors, three full-service bars, a patio, multiple disco balls, and comfortable seating are installed here. We also make use of the advanced lighting and sound system, which creates an outstanding atmosphere. A stunning Lounge is also available here. It is a perfect place to catch your breath and relax. In our first dance room Top 40, Hip-Hop and EDM, etc. music is played while in our second room Latin music is played.

41. Cicada Club Los Angeles

Cicada Club Los Angeles

Cicada Club Los Angeles  is the ultimate gateway to the super fun nights. those who love to experience some with a vintage style would find Cicada the most pleasing place in the town. If you feel the same about your sense of partying style, then you must gotta visit this place where you can time travel. Cicada Club is a place which gives off a sensation as if the time has been preserved from 1928. We bet that you’d forget that you are in the 21st century when you are surrounded by the art deco interior of Cicada club.

42. Club 54 Lounge Los Angeles

Club 54 Lounge Los Angeles

Club 54 Lounge Los Angeles  has been voted the number 1 nightclub in South California. It is a beautifully designed place that has a modern look. Our club was recently renovated and has been become even more enchanting. It is split into three levels. Each of them is equipped with their own bar. Along with this various VIP booths, Go-Go dancers, a basement lounge, DJ booth, multiple flat-screen TVs and numerous images are available here. All of our floors have a unique design and will make you fall in love with them. Have a fun time exploring and finding your desired room. Hip-Hop, R & B and House music are played at our club. At Club 54, you will encounter both the guest and resident DJs. They will ensure that you have a good time at our place.

43. Boulevard3 Los Angeles

Boulevard3 Los Angeles

Boulevard3 Los Angeles is a known name amongst the LA night clubs. Boulevard3 started in 2006 and it has been a hub of entertainment and joy since then. Keeping its splendor alive all these was only because Boulevard3 believes in fun and spreading it to others. And if you are also a fun-seeking soul, this is the very reason why you must visit Boulevard3 every weekend night.

44. The Mayan Los Angeles

The Mayan Los Angeles

The Mayan Los Angeles is a location-friendly spot to reach from anywhere in Los Angeles. To rock your nights with your loved one, The Mayan nightclub has every necessary element to bring on the party vibes. The potential this place expresses can only be experienced after you have stepped in through the entry door of The Mayan.

45. La Boom Los Angeles

La Boom Los Angeles

La Boom Los Angeles is an ideal place for all Latin music lovers. Three dancefloors, a VIP area and a stage for live performances are installed here. The light show, combined with smoky rooms creates an excellent environment. We also host Live shows during which various DJs and musical artists perform. They will have you moving to the music in no time. An outstanding sound system is also installed here. It ensures that music reaches every corner of the club.

46. The Virgil Los Angeles

The Virgil Los Angeles

The Virgil Los Angeles is a 1920s saloon-style venue. It is split into two areas, i.e., the Stage and the B-Side. The Stage area is used for Live performances, comedy shows, and other events. While the B-Side serves delicious cocktails and beers. A jukebox is also located in this area. You can enjoy your drink and listen to fantastic music at the same time. An antiquated bar is also installed here which will remind you of Wild West movie scenes. Good lighting and sound system are also available here.

47. Candela La Brea Los Angeles

Candela La Brea Los Angeles

Candela La Brea Los Angeles a name that brings reviving fun to those who choose to be at Candela La Brea. Since 1920, the year it was built in, Candela La Brea has never disappointed the fun-seekers and party-revelers. Being situated in Miracle Mile, not only the location of Candela La Brea is ideal but it attracts the most amazing and sophisticated people from the city.

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